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Konami’s Silent Hill franchise first debuted on the PlayStation in 1999, and established the series’ reputation for unsettling psychological horror. The series has now sold over eight million copies worldwide and is now considered one of the most influential horror franchises of all time.

The follow-up sequel – seminal masterpiece Silent Hill 2 – was equally well received due to its unsettling atmosphere and masterful creature designs. Silent Hill 3 arrived in 2003, then came the utterly unique premise of Silent Hill: The Room just a year later.

A prequel, Silent Hill Origins, hit the handheld PSP in 2007, closely followed by the global release of Silent Hill Homecoming in 2008, Shattered Memories in 2009, and then Silent Hill HD Collection, Book of Memories and Downpour released in 2012.

Oh, and then there was that little playable teaser from Kojima Productions in 2014 entitled P.T., which is now widely regarded as one of the most terrifying horror games of all time… even if it didn’t quite ever become a full video game (yes, we’re still grumpy about it).

The Silent Hill franchise has also since expanded with two major motion pictures and a comic series.

And now, Silent Hill is back! 2023 saw the launch of Genvid’s Silent Hill Ascension interactive series, and an all-new playable teaser,ropped at January 2024’s State of Play presentation exclusively for PS5 players… and that’s not including the Silent Hill 2 Remake, which is set to release on PS5 and PC on October 8, 2024.

With two new entirely new Silent Hill games still on the way Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill f – as well as new movie Return to Silent Hill, there’s never been a better time to be a pay a visit to Silent Hill…

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