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Way back when this site was first created in 2002, we – Vixx and YatesFox, who were then two administrators at one of the world’s biggest Silent Hill Forums – created a small web page to keep us and our friends updated on the upcoming Silent Hill 3. Neither of us were professional web developers or writers, and with all that wonky coding and cringeworthy writing, we reckon it probably showed, too… but we were too excited about another Silent Hill game to care much about that at the time. 

 The more we added, though, the higher that hit counter kept rising (remember hit counters?), and we realised our site was getting enough interest to warrant branching out to cover the other games, too. Silent Hill Heaven – a pun on one of the tracks on the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, Silent Heaven – was born and together, we set about gathering together as much information as we could about the series. Along with its sister site, SilentHillForum.com, SHH swiftly became the biggest Silent Hill website around,  and is today still the world’s longest-running and most comprehensive Silent Hill resource online.

Back in 2012, we got a shock when we saw our site thanked in the credits of all three Silent Hill games that released that year; the controversial HD Collection, Book of Memories, and Downpour. Our proudest achievement is seeing the hard work of our forum members and site contributors thanked in the credits… and Vixx unexpectedly seeing her real name included as a NPC on an in-game note found in Book of Memories!

It’s hard to believe it, really, but yes, twenty years on,  we’re still here! Vixx runs SHH alone now, and the baby bump she took to an (terrifyingly exciting) interview with the developers of Silent Hill 3 back when she was heavily pregnant in 2003 is now studying in university. But her love for Silent Hill has never wavered, and while the site has gone through various periods of change and activity – including a “brief” hiatus circa 2005-2009 while she struggled with parenthood! – she promises she’ll try to keep SHH here for another 20 years, too! 

So however you found your way to our Special Place here at SHH, thanks so much for stopping by.  If you think you can help us, please let us know, especially if we’re lacking information you can help us put together! Get in touch with your ideas, suggestions, and error reports, and feel free to drop by our forum – it’s now the longest-running Silent Hill discussion board in the world! – or our super-friendly Discord community.  

V xx

(Last updated: October 2022)


The Site

This site is powered entirely by the utterly incredible WordPress that – along with a gazillion fabulous plugins to help tweak functionality – does everything that we need. The main design – and the sub-section ones – were all designed by Vixx.

Today, the site uses Elegant Theme’s Divi template to build our custom pages, which responds fluidly and dynamically across all browsers, resolutions, including mobile devices. It’s also a lot easier to update these days, too! 

We hope that no matter your set-up, you’re able to use our website without difficulty. If you are having trouble, though, just drop us a line at silenthillheaven @ gmail.com and let us know.

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Psst … Did you ever see the old SHH site before it was taken offline? It’s still there for those of you who know where to look… Enjoy!



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