Released in 2001, the Art of Silent Hill DVD was the first multimedia release with music videos, trailers, marketing materials, art and renders from Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.
Publisher: Konami
Region: Japan / R2 NTSC
Audio format: English Dolby Digital
Picture format: 4:3
Release date: 11/22/2001
Release: Japan
Catalog number: NM075
The DVD comes with an insert poster of Fukuro.


A music video with a sepia tone color palette and strange subject matter. You can see images of pulsating mushrooms, a twirling hall of lights, James standing in a hospital room, various close-ups of human eyes and mouths, two legs stretching out and three save squares flying above the streets of Silent Hill.


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A music video with a green, red, yellow monochromatic color palette. Silent Hill 2 game creatures, rooms, notes, and characters, etc. flash into one another set to a techno beat. Hard to get a good look at anything in particular since all the images shake, twist, overlap and turn with the music very quickly.


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A music video starring everyone’s favorite bad dude… Pyramid Head! With appearances by Lying Figures, Mannequin and the mysterious “Fukuro,” a female creature that rides on the back of a Lying Figure. Another strange music video that’s a fan-favorite.


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Picture Gallery

32 creature pictures from Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, including some Silent Hill 2 creature concept art.


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Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn Trailer

The first Silent Hill 2 trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show in Autumn 2000. The trailer features the temporary Silent Hill 2 logo and can hear an acoustic version of the game’s main theme, Theme of Laura (which was never put on the soundtrack). Another cool fact: Takayoshi Sato purchased the rendering server needed to prepare the cut scenes featured in this trailer with his own personal savings, prior to gaining corporate budget approval.


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Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring Trailer

The second, much longer Silent Hill 2 trailer premiered at the Tokyo Game Spring 2001 shows various in-game cut scenes as well as an interesting feature not seen in the final version of the game – Pyramid Head wandering the Wood Side and Blue Creek apartments!


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E3 2001

This is the third Silent Hill 2 trailer shown at E3 in 2001. The video features the final Silent Hill 2 logo design, more detailed cut-scenes (many from the opening movie) and in-games fight scenes. The music again featured changes/revisions to Theme of Laura not heard on the original recording.


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Collection Sub-Menu

Marketing Materials: Images or the various Japanese marketing materials for Silent Hill 2. Includes 6 Silent Hill 2 packaging designs, 9 Silent Hill 2 poster designs, and the design for the Silent Hill 2 promotional mousepad.

Pictures: a collection of pictures from Silent Hill 2 with 6 character renders, 4 drawings found in the prison, 10 indoor renders and 6 outdoor renders.


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