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Silent Hill Collectibles
There are, obviously, dozens of different Silent Hill game versions. The Silent Hill franchise offers a selection of games from loads of different countries over a range of consoles and often in many different languages. So whilst we won’t be featuring all the individual games and cover art here (check out the individual game sections for that!), below is just a selection of the best Silent Hill-related collectibles we’ve found to date.

Did we miss something? If you have a kickass Silent Hill collectible that we don’t feature here, tell us about it! We’d love to know more.

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These images are here for everyone to enjoy, but please don’t download them and take credit for them yourself. If you’d like to download and keep something, please contact us and ask for permission first – it’s only polite. We’re usually pretty happy to share our screencaps and images providing you link back to us with proper credit!

Silent Hill 1 Collectibles


Silent Hill 2 Collectibles


Silent Hill 3 Collectibles


Silent Hill The Room Collectibles


Silent Hill Homecoming Collectibles


Silent Hill Origins/Zero Collectibles


Silent Hill Movie Collectibles


Silent Hill Miscellaneous Collectibles


Looking for more details? Visit the fantastic for full, detailed descriptions of most of the items you see here!

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