We’d Like To Thank …

This site would not be as comprehensive as it is without the hard work and support of a whole bunch of people, but the following have gone above and beyond duty and as such, are listed here (alphabetically) in our hall of fame …

Special thanks go to Amy, Arielle, Badass Cyborg, Chris, Crucifix, Droo, Krist, Ratiocinator, Scarlet, and Todd who have all given their time to building various sections of the section. This site, literally, wouldn’t be here without them.

Much love to Phantomness and Fudgestix for helping proof the site during its 2015 relaunch.

Special, special thanks go the guy who started it all with me, YatesFox. <3

AngelofROOM302 – for the Silent Hill Origins Walkthrough
Badass Cyborg – for grabbing and processing the OST Previews
Chelsea for the Silent Hill 2 Transcript
Darren – for the greatest interactive map the world has ever seen
Heartless for making our YouTube page all smexy
Jonipoon for his awesome Silent Hill Heaven teaser trailer
Krist. – for the script for Silent Hill 1
knw|ss– for letting me yoink a gazillion images from SHM.net – thanks!
Loadx for helping me out with the Age Verification snippet
Our link button artists – AitT, ControlFreak, Eileen, Jonipoon, Nurse
Naomi (et al!) – for collating the Quick SH Guides
Scarlet – for the many screencaps and scans
The SHHF Cult Subscribers without whom I couldn’t afford to run this place
Whitney – for the collectible photos and numerous contributions
YatesFox – for EVERYTHING that makes SHH great. Best. Guy. Ever.
Youtube and the numerous YT users who provide the media videos

… And last but certainly not least, EVERYONE who has donated their FanFics and FanArt!

(Psst … did we miss someone? Drop us a line and correct us!)

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