Once again, Silent Hill Shattered Memories Producer Tomm Hulett invited your questions and comments about the game, and my GOD did you all come forward and tell him what you thought!

The full Post-Mortem interview – in its entire epic-length glory – can be read right here. Just be warned – the interview is full of unmarked spoilers, so PLEASE make sure you’ve completed the game before you proceed! We don’t wanna ruin those surprises for you.

A massive thank you again to Tomm (and Jay!) for their time and patience in trawling through our loooong list of queries, and, of course, thanks also to all of the forum members who took the time to submit such challenging, interesting questions. You all thoroughly rock.

Do Tomm’s answers just throw up more questions? Want to talk with other Silent Hill fans? Visit us at the SHHF forum and join the discussion!

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