Progress to date!

28 July 2015
We hope you’ve been enjoying reacquainting yourself with everyone’s favourite little resort town…;)

Feedback to date has been wonderful and universally positive, so I really hope you too have enjoyed looking around. If there are any problems – with the content, the site or both! – just let us know.

Even since the relaunch, we’ve been busy in the background, trying to tidy up all sections, apply the new design (the site theme is dynamic, so each section boasts it’s own unique theme!) to all the sub-sections, and making sure everything is up-to-date and working properly.

Since launch, we’ve now opened the Art of Silent Hill DVD, Lost Memories DVD, Silent Hill Arcade, Silent Hill Escape, Silent Hill Experience and comic book sections, all of which were initially closed on the weekend!

Next up, we’ll be tackling the outstanding Silent Hill sections – starting with Shattered Memories – and the moving onto the movies. There’s also some functionality issues to tackle (which is a fancy way of saying “how the site works”) but those are on the back burner whilst we get the content up-to-date.

If you have some spare time, excellent written skills and a love of all things Silent Hill and want to help out, let us know, particularly if you know your stuff about any of the sections we’ve yet to launch. :)

Before I finish, don’t forget to enter our competition! Over a hundred people already have, so if you fancy it, you have up to four chances to win! Good luck!


V. xx

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