Straight Jacket Boss

Straight Jacket

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Doctor’s Office) (Otherworld)

Attack Method: The Straight-Jacket will initiate Travis in a grapple, should it get too close to him. When at a distance, it will charge at Travis and attempt to inflict damage by spitting projectiles at him..

Weakness: Everything

Best Tactics: This is more of a personal introduction to your next enemy rather than a boss, but since you earn yourself a flauros piece for defeating this particular creature, we shall call it a “boss” for now. Tactics are fairly unnecessary here, as the Straight-Jacket makes for a pitiful boss, endurance-wise. Whether you have Travis smash it with a hammer or simply punch it to death, any attack method will work. Just stay on your feet and be sure to dodge any projectiles thrown your way!


Memory of Helen Grady

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Female Seclusion #5) (Otherworld)

Attack Method: Helen will attempt to harm Travis by releasing a cloud of poisonous gas when up close. She also attacks by use of a spiked wheel which emerges, again, when Travis is nearby.

Weakness: Helen is quite slow, and fairly easy to avoid

Best Tactics: Circling is the way to go here. Due to the fact that Helen has to be near Travis to perform any of her attacks, you can make short work of this boss by simply sticking to the walls of the room and discharging your Target Pistol from the corners. Alternatively, if you would rather conserve your ammunition, you could try using throwable weapons such as the toaster and portable TV. Avoid using short-distance melee weapons such as the razor and scalpel, as you are just asking for trouble by doing so.

Caliban Boss


Location: Artaud Theatre (Cave area)

Attack Method: Caliban will attempt to charge and crush Travis, should he get too close

Weakness: Caliban is very slow, and takes a while to prepare his attack

Best Tactics: Similar to your fight with the Memory of Helen Grady, scaling the edge of the room and discharging your desired firearm at opportune moments is the easiest way to eliminate this boss. Again, throwable objects work well, as do long-distance melee weapons. Short-distance weapons can be used but — although Caliban is slow to prepare his attack — you’ll want to be well out of the way before he strikes.



Location: Riverside Motel (Kitchen)

Attack Method: The Butcher will attempt to choke Travis when at a point-blank distance. When at a slightly greater distance, the Butcher will relentlessly pursue Travis, wielding his Great Cleaver whenever a hit is possible.

Weakness: Slow moving

Best Tactics: A familiar tactic here: scaling and shooting. The Butcher, while lethal up close, is far less dangerous when tackled from a distance. Firearms are your friend here, the Hunting Rifle in particular. Feel free to try melee weapons, but do so at your own risk, as the Butcher’s attacks are very powerful.


Memory of Richard Grady

Location: Riverside Motel (Room 500) (Otherworld)

Attack Method: Richard will attack by vomiting projectiles at Travis when mid-distance. When close, Richard will attempt to bite and lunge his head at Travis. Richard also has a long-distance attack, in which he will use tentacles to strangle Travis

Weakness: Rapid-fire

Best Tactics: The Memory of Richard Grady is, arguably, the most challenging boss in Silent Hill: Origins. The main problem you will face here is the claustrophobic room vs. the large size of Richard, as this leaves very little room for Travis to run in order to avoid attacks. Your best method of elimination here is to immediately equip the Assault Rifle and fire rounds directly into Richard’s head, as you will want to end this battle as quickly as possible. If you missed the Assault Rifle earlier in the game or have run out of ammunition for it, then equip another firearm, as melee weapons will do very little to help you here. Richard attacks with great speed, so keep an eye out at all times. Be wary, in particular, of his tentacles attack, which he will initiate when Travis is too far away from him.

Flauros Demon

Flauros Demon

Location: Central Silent Hill (Green Lion Antiques) (Otherworld)

Attack Method: The Flauros Demon will fire great energy blasts at you when mid-distance. When far away from Travis, the Flauros Demon will call upon a rain of fire, which can be avoided with some accurate running. When close, the Flauros demon will attempt to pummel Travis.

Weakness: Its attacks are long, creating a large opportunity for retaliation when evaded.

Best Tactics: It’s time to use the Redeemer. If you failed to collect the Redeemer or have run out of ammunition, then other powerful firearms will help you. It is possible to defeat this creature with melee weapons, but unless you are talented in the art of evasion, it is not recommended. Your best time for attack is when the Flauros Demon is firing an energy blast, as he is extremely vulnerable at this time, and the attack can easily be avoided.

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