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Silent Hill: Origins Endings


What happens?: Travis returns to his truck and, seeing that Alessa is fine, escapes from Silent Hill safe in the knowledge that he has finally conquered his personal demons.

How do I get it?: Complete the game. It really is as simple as that.

What do I get for completing it?: The Moon Gauntlets, the Savior accolade and costume, some extra options, and a happy ending for the story of Travis Grady.


What happens?: Travis awakens to find himself restrained and isolated in a dimly lit room. Turns out the Butcher wasn’t the serial killer of Silent Hill after all…

How do I get it?: Kill over 130 enemies (on your second playthrough).

What do I get for completing it?: The Great Cleaver, the Butcher accolade and costume, and a reputation for being a monster (killer)!


What happens?: Travis experiences a Close Encounter of the Third Kind™!

How do I get it?: Grab the Room 502 key from the staircase of the Post Office in Central Silent Hill (during your second playthrough) and use it on Room 502 once you reach the Riverside Motel.

What do I get for completing it?: The Tesla Rifle, the Ambassador accolade and costume, and – above all else – a time-honoured, humorous ending!

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