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When does Silent Hill: Origins take place?

Chronologically, SH:0 is the first game of the series. It is set seven years before Harry’s fateful crash into the streets of Silent Hill.

Do the original voice actors reprise their roles in SH:0?

No. A new team of voice actors was put together for SH:0.

I’ve seen some pictures of certain monsters from SH:0, but they are nowhere to be found in my copy of the game. What gives?

SH:0 underwent a huge transformation when game development was passed over from Climax U.S. to Climax U.K. midway through production. Many changes were made, and as such, many pre-existing monsters were scrapped.

Where can I find the soundtrack?

This really depends upon where in the world you are. If you live in Japan or have a good record/games store nearby that specialises in imports, you should be fine. If, however, like most people your local store doesn’t seem to stock it, your best bet is to look around online. Both soundtracks make regular appearances on eBay, however be wary of copies – not all suppliers are reputable, so check before you buy. If you want to sample the soundtrack before you buy it, click here – but trust us, it’s worth every penny.

Help! How do I get out of the sanitarium?

The Cedar Grove Sanitarium is one BIG location. It’s very easy to get lost, but SHH is here to help! Just head over to our ‘walkthrough’ section to find your escape route.

How the heck do I get the ‘Fireman’ accolade!?

This particular accolade appears to have caused a bit of controversy. The general concensus is that, to earn this accolade, you need to have Travis save Alessa from the burning Gillespie house in under 80 seconds (the clock supposedly starts ticking once Travis is holding Alessa). However, there has been word of certain individuals who have completed the task well within the required time frame but have not received the award. As such, the exact requirements for this accolade are still subject to debate.

I heard that Pyramid Head from SH2 makes an appearance in this game. Is this true?

Nope, you heard wrong. While SH:0 does feature a creature – the Butcher –  that bears a startling similarity to its SH2 counterpart in many ways, Pyramid Head himself does not appear at any point during the game. He does, however, feature on the artwork for the SH:0 OST.

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