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Public Notice

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Lobby)

Currently the second and third floors of the hospital are undergoing renovations. At this time they are closed to patients and
visitors. Work continues in earnest and the hospital management thanks you for your continued cooperation as we try to minimize the disruption.

We estimate the construction will be completed within six months.

The restructuring of the third floor will almost double our capacity for inpatients and introduce cleaner, more modern facilities.

Here at Alchemilla, the quality of care we provide to you, our valued patient, is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Philips
Chairman of Alchemilla Board

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Doctor’s Diagnosis

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Room 205)

Preliminary Diagnosis:

Third degree burns, patient is unconscious… Something has prevented damage spreading to the internal organs… Tissue damage is limited to the epidermis and extremeties of limbs…

How is this possible?
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Hurried Note

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Room 202)

(Parts of this note are obscured.)

Worry not. ——————
————. I have used
the ——— to contain her power.
No one will come to her aid.
———– one of the five —–.
Hide them. Protect them.
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Bloody Note

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Room 204)

This heart of mine troubles me with its trembling! To still it I have put it on ice and locked it away. (Remember, the three beauties who cause it to pump so are the key, ‘age before beauty’).
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Student’s Mnemonic

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Women’s Lavatory)

Having trouble with your anatomy class? Find that getting them out is much easier than putting them back in? Just remember this easy mnemonic:

Inside Stevie, little Henry lurks.
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Staff Notice

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Staff Lounge)

As you know, the renovations to the upper floors have run into problems! The plumbing leak and substandard materials used have forced us to close off the third floor until further notice. We are reminded of the familiar adage: ‘you get what you pay for!’ We now face six more months of work, reducing our capacity for the coming year. We will have to cut spending on inpatient care and consultancy fees by 50%.

Therefore we ask doctors to refrain from committing patients and encourage home stays instead. Unless they’re dying in your arms, don’t book ’em in!

Worry not! The staff party is still on (our recreation budget is locked away where no one can tamper!) Everyone meet at Annie’s Bar at 8pm on Friday. Alcohol (medicinal of course!) and food will be free. Arrive early to grab a trainee
nurse: they go quick!
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Staff Memo

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Exam Room

To all staff,

It is forbidden to enter my office unaccompanied until further notice.

Dr. Kaufmann.
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Parking Ticket

Location: Central Silent Hill (Toluca Avenue, found on the bonnet of a car)

(Someone has written on the ticket.)

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‘Magpie’ Note

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (under the door of the Doctor’s Office)


Dr. Harris,

Our ‘magpies’ have been at it again. This time they SWALLOWED the damn keys for Archives and the Basement.

Don’t worry… Gary has taken Mr. Magpie to the TB Ward and I’m taking Mrs. Magpie to hydrotherapy. We’ll make them spit
the keys out!

This job would be great if it weren’t for the patients!

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STATUS REPORT, 3/12/1960

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (East Solarium)

Status Report, 3/12/1960
Patient: Mrs. —–
Age: 34
Examining Doctor: Dr. Harris

Notes: Patient continues to harbor strong fantasies and a violent persecution complex. Her moods can swing from calm to violent aggression in a short time, which has led to her being moved to the seclusion wing. She becomes particularly violent during the occasional visits from her husband, demanding that she be allowed to see their child.

We have taken the precautionary step of adding Epolineum to Mrs. ——– medication to prevent her violent outbursts. I don’t like having to sedate patients, but when she is aggressive, —— is as much of a danger herself as to her visiting
husband and the staff.
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Iron Lung Warning

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (TB Ward)


In light of the recent accident I am barring the use of the iron lung equipment. This applies to all staff, including senior nurses. Patient deaths during therapy are not to be treated lightly. I find it hard to believe that someone could ‘accidentally’ overload every valve on the equipment and so, until the enquiry has concluded, I must assume the equipment itself is at
fault. These precautions are essential — we owe a duty of care to all of our patients, even the difficult ones.

>Dr. Harris
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Duty Log, Female Seclusion

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Female Dorm 5)

9:30am: Administered medication to the seclusion patients. There were no incidents.

11:46am: Accompanied Dr. Harris on his morning rounds. No incidents of note.

3pm: Visit for Mrs. —— from her husband. Took her into the empty dorm room so she would feel more comfortable.

3:46pm: Mrs. —– has attacked her husband. During the visit she had a violent episode and attempted to throttle Mr. ——-. She was heard screaming by myself and the attending orderly and we managed to restrain her–though it took
three of us, despite her being female of slight build.

After we sedated her and took her back to her room, Dr. Harris examined her and decided to reinstate her dose of Epolineum.

5:12pm: After the incident with Mrs. —— the other patients have become agitated and restless. Harris has ordered a lock-down.
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Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Patient Belongings)

Status Report, 2/7/1961
Patient: Mrs. —–
Age: 35
Examining Doctor: Dr. Harris

Notes: Mrs. ——– condition has degraded dramatically in the last few months. Her fantasies of a “mirror world” have become more acute, and she spends more and more time in an apparent catatonic state. She claims that during this
time she is in the “other world.”

She now has full recollection of her attack on her son, but shows no remorse for the incident. Indeed she seems proud, almost smug of her attempted filicide! I am worried that this behavior could be a side effect of the increased doses of
Epolineum that the patient has been prescribed. I have asked for her dose to be halved and hope to see positive results shortly.
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Police Report

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Laundry)

Attending Officer’s Report
11/4/1959. INo: VA4545-10.

When I arrived at the House, the ambulance was already at the scene. The neighbor Mr.Bryant (who first called in the incident) had restrained Mrs. and the paramedics were tending to the child. The husband, Mr. had not yet arrived back from his place of work.

Thanks to Bryant’s intervention, the gas had been turned off and the house ventilated — however, there was still a strong smell and I deemed it necessary to call the fire department as a precaution.

It appeared that Mrs. had attempted to gas herself and her child. When I spoke to the suspect, Mrs. , she was uncooperative and seemed enraged. She demanded I release her so she could “kill the devil child.” She was clearly not in control of her mind.

Mr. Bryant commented that several times in the previous weeks, he had heard loud arguments and screams from the house. He said “Helen has not been well for a while.”
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Medication Note

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Male Seclusion)

medications (do not mess up!)

room 1: trizanthium
room 2: natium
room 3: oporium
room 4: salorium
room 5: natium

(remember, pills only for patients!)
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Amber Incident Report

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Storage)

Reporting Staff Member: Simons

Incident Description: A male child entered into the sanitarium unchallenged and got through into female seclusion (doors were left unlocked). He entered Female Seclusion Room 5, at which point Orderly Michaels observed him and alerted me. The boy was the child of a visitor and was taken away by his father.

Failures: The doors to Female Seclusion were left unlocked by the orderly, and the staff in the lobby failed to notice the boy when he arrived in the mezzanine area.

Recommendation: All staff to be reminded of the importance of locking ward doors. Review of staff to be conducted by duty managers.
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Patient Notes

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Doctor’s Office)

The new patient, Helen Grady arrive today. I was surprised to see how calm and well behaved she was.

After reading her notes, I was worried that she might be something of a handful.

The woman is in complete denial and claims no recollection of the incident which saw her committed. Indeed, she has asked repeatedly to be allowed to see her son! I have agreed with her husband that it is best that the boy be kept away from his mother.

While there seems little hope for any long term recovery, I look forward to spending some time with Mrs. Grady — her condition is most fascinating.
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Child’s Drawing

Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Lobby)

Daddy, Momma & Travis
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Bloody Cap

Location: Central Silent Hill (Butcher’s Shop)

(Someone has written on the cap).

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Location: Central Silent Hill (Lumber Yard)

(Someone has written on the newspaper.)

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Location: Greenfield Apartments

(Someone has written on the napkin.)

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Theatre Program Page

Location: Artaud Theatre (Lobby)

…folk legends. Take the costume for Caliban. The designer Bill Ortega has taken a native buffalo spirit, fusing it with the stark, iconic images seen in the ancient local cult of Valtiel. His set design for its dark, cavernous cave was inspired by ‘Owl Cave‘, a local historical–
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Technician’s Warning

Location: Artaud Theater (Curtain Control)

Peter, Good luck getting ANYTHING to work. This place was wired by IDIOTS! The safety curtain is on the same circuit as the spotlights. If a light blows, the whole thing fuses and you can’t move the safety curtain, IDIOTS. Safety inspectors would blow a fuse (literally!) if they saw this stuff. Wouldn’t happen in the city! See you when I get back. Eric
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Handwritten Diary Page

Location: Artaud Theater (Director’s Office)

Monday: Rehearsals — fantastic. New costumes — fantastic. All in all — fantastic! Tuesday: Strange day. Girl snuck into theater today. Playing hooky no doubt! Took pity, let her sit and watch the run through. Very useful feedback — terrified by Caliban (good job costume dept!)! Seemed to dislike Prospero intensely. Proceedings brought to premature end by poor Tony getting a shocking nosebleed during Act I, Scene 2. Will continue tomorrow!
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Production Notes

Location: Artaud Theater (Men’s Dressing Room)

Jack says the town is located on old “spiritual ground”… hopefully we will be blessed!!! Prospero = Shaman Feathers, smoke, totemic magic. Ariel = Air spirit. Flight? Projection? Puppets? Caliban = Buffalo spirit. Skin + Berkoffian performance. On all fours. Poor actor!
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Wiring Notes

Location: Artaud Theater (Lighting Box)

Peter, As expected, the spotlights are as SCREWY as the rest of this place. Finally got them working. My trusty voltmeter saved the day again! Remember, you need ALL the lights working, otherwise the circuit blows. Throwing the circuit breaker gets old FAST. Here are my notes:B has to be half the wattage of D. A + B must not exceed C. Wattage of D must not exceed A.Break a leg!! Eric
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Location: Artaud Theater (Costume Storage)
Since what happened to Tony, I’ve dreamt about HIM more and more! THE BUTCHER! He looks just like that monster, the executioner! Now I’ve seen him when I’m awake. He’s at my motel! It’s HIM I swear it!
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“Repression and Coercion”

Location: Artaud Theater (Library Area)

Chapter 2: Repression & Coercion. It is a fact well known to intelligence services and military agents: the more controlled a mind, the more a mind censors itself, the easier it is for outside influences to take hold and piggyback such mental programming. This is why these agencies choose for their pawns those individuals most compromised by their own mental issues.
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Astral Projection: The Perfect Assassin?

Location: Artaud Theatre (Library Area)

…amongst the tribes who have developed the ability to control and focus their projections, there exists one that is feared throughout the whole community. Their shaman claims to have the ability to kill with thought alone, projecting his desire to kill into the body of the victim…
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An Id Torn In Two

Location: Artaud Theatre (Library Area)

Throughout these case studies, we see the victims’ brains struggling to cope with the conflict caused by abuse at the hands of a loved one. In many of the cases, the abused child’s self appears to split in two. One personality continues to love the abuser and seeks their approval. The other personality contains all the rage and anger of the abused and in many ways becomes a mirror of the abuser, seeking to inflict its pain on others. Sadly, it is often this self that becomes dominant.
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“Manifestations of Delusions”

Location: Artaud Theatre (Library Area)

CHAPTER 3: MANIFESTATIONS OF DELUSIONS …phenomena such as telekinesis (“poltergeists” to use a popular term) often occur. These seem frequent alongside negative emotions (fear, worry, or stress) suggesting it is these emotions which are manifesting as external energy with physical effects. Nightmares are especially strong triggers. In all cases, these phenomena arise from children or adolescents and the overwhelming majority of subjects are female.
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Altered Police Report

Location: Public Records Office

Looks like the fire started on the first floor and spread to the rest of the house. Circumstances are suspicious.(Someone has ruled through this text and added a new paragraph.) Seems there was an accident in the basement. An old boiler caused a fire that spread to the rest of the building. The cause would appear to be accidental. (The report continues, unaltered.) Despite fire fighter’s best efforts, it spread to the surrounding houses. Alessa Gillespie was declared dead at the scene by Dr.Kaufmann. Her body was identified by her mother. Death Certificate and coroner’s report will be forthcoming.
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Closed Case

Location: Public Records Office

…because of the concerns expressed by her teacher, it was important to fully look into the matter. The officer spoke with Mrs. Gillespie and her daughter and saw no evidence of any neglect or abuse. He felt that Mrs. Gillespie seemed a model parent, bringing her daughter up in a strict, religious household. Further, in order to satisfy the complainant’s request, we had Dr. Kaufmann from Alchemilla speak with the girl alone. He said that any talk of rituals or cults were simple “childish fantasies.” Mrs. Gillespie’s only crime, in his eyes, was having read her daughter too many fairy tales. We have closed the complaint.
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Shop Note

Location: Andy’s Books

Andy, Everything is fine. Sold lots of books! Have locked your keys in the cash register (the combination is your Greenfield apartment number). Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Dharma
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Till Receipt

Location: General Store

(Someone has written on the receipt.)

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Guest Register

Location: Riverside Motel (Reception)

(The pages are torn out, leaving only one entry.)

Room 500
Name: Mr. R Grady
Other occupants: Son
Reason for visit? Business/Pleasure.
Check in Date: —–
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“To My Beloved Wife”

Location: Riverside Motel (Room 306)

To my beloved wife,

I miss you so intensely. Watching them take you away was like a dagger through my heart. It had to be done, but now I am so alone.

At the doctor’s advice, I told Travis you were dead. Maybe it would be better if you were… Helen, will you ever come back to me?

Yours forever, Richard
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Note on the Ritual

Location: Riverside Motel (Room 503)

…it is believed a being of tremendous mental energy may become a vessel capable of giving birth to Samael, the God
worshipped by this cult.

>Samael’s arrival will bring forth Paradise on Earth.

(Something has been added in the margin.)

Given that this vessel is to be molded with “suffering and pain.” just what kind of God and what kind of ‘paradise’ would result?
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Janitor’s Note

Location: Riverside Motel (Maintenance Room)


One of the laundry machines is busted again. The weird guy in Cleopatra was shouting at me, wanted me to go fix it but I
couldn’t leave the reception.

Anyhow, after getting all red in the face, the fella just ran off. Hasn’t been back since–up and drove off.

Could you take a look at the machine when you get a minute? Stick a token in it and do the reset thing (Set it to low spin, 60
wash, drain then pre-rinse).

Put anything you find inside in the lost and found.

Thanks, Ed
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“Shotgun” Photo

Location: Riverside Motel (Maintenance Corridor)

Cause of death SHOTGUN.
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Duty Log

Location: Riverside Motel (Manager’s Office, First Floor)

Christ alive. One of the cleaners called me
over, said there was something wrong with
room 500.

Door was open. Inside, sweet Jesus! Stench
made me puke. The kid, man. The kid! Just
stood there. They said he’d been there for ten
hours! I ended up crying my eyes out. Shit
like this shouldn’t happen. The police have got
the room locked up for now, I’m going home.
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“To My Absent Wife”

Location: Riverside Motel (Diner)

To my absent wife,

I know that whatever hell I am enduring, yours is worse. But dammit, this is so hard. It’s like you’re dead but you’re not. The
Helen I loved is gone, but your body is still here! I have slept alone for the last two years. I’ve become so bitter, so sleazy! I’m no father to Travis. I can’t even look at him some days. What is it going to take to bring you back?

Yours forever, Richard
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Washing Machine Manual

Location: Riverside Motel (Laundry)

Guide to symbols:

# Pre-Rinse
# Soak
# 30 degree wash
# 60 degree wash
# 90 degree wash
# Low Spin
# Heavy Spin
# Drain
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“Snakebite” Photo

Location: Riverside Motel, Cleopatra Room

Cause of death SNAKEBITE.
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Location: Riverside Motel, Rose Suite


We are almost ready, but must hurry! I sense our hold on her power weakening. I worry that she draws strength from the core I
hold. I will leave it behind, hidden in this darkness. It will be safe.

Grady is unlikely to return here, he is still running around town chasing after ghosts. He is ignorant of the bigger picture

I will wait for you here. Finish your business and join me soon!

The time approaches, the Flauros is shattered, thrown to the wind, and her will is still buried deep in a sleeping mind. This time the ritual WILL succeed!

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“Overdose” Photo

Location: Riverside Motel, Rose Suite

Cause of death OVERDOSE.
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“Stabbing” Photo

Location: Riverside Motel, Nero Suite

Cause of death STABBING.
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“Broken Heart” Photo

Location: Riverside Motel, Maintenance Corridor

Cause of death BROKEN HEART.
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“To a Ghost”

Location: Riverside Motel, Maintenance Room

To a ghost,

There’s no pretending now is there? We both know that thing at Cedar Grove isn’t you. You died the day you tried to kill our son.

When I brought your gift today, when you smashed it, I finally woke up.

I’ve been dreaming all these years, kidding myself that you’ll be right one day. The Helen I loved is dead.

I try to remember how it was, all those years ago today when we got married. I can’t remember anymore. I’m tired. I know Travis will be fine on his own. I’m going to see you again, Helen.

Yours in forever, Richard
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Yellowed Page

Location: Green Lion Antiques

Flauros Device: Origin unknown.

The device is first mentioned in the poetry of Chang Ch’ien, an advisor to members of the early Han dynasty. In one of his tracts, Chang Ch’ien jokes he trapped a demon inside his ‘three sided box’.

When Chang Ch’ien died in a terrible fire at the imperial palace in 115 BC, the device appeared lost.

It was later rumored to be in possession of Lutheran monk M. G. Lewis, who in 1796 spoke of its ability to control and amplify
thought. It was Lewis who linked it not to a demon, but to God himself, claiming it was a weapon left by angels as a force for good.

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