Offering a huge array of sounds, from rock to classical and everything in-between, the haunting, dark melancholy music of Silent Hill is as infamous as the games themselves.

Below are thirty seconds samples from the entire Silent Hill Origins/Zero original soundtrack for your delectation.

If you love these samples, please go out and buy the official soundtrack yourself. There are still plenty of places to find the original soundtrack, including good ‘ole eBay, so be a good panda and don’t download the full tracks online. Music piracy is bad, mmkay.

01. Shot Down in Flames [audio:]
02. Meltdown [audio: – Meltdown.mp3]
03. Evil Appetite [audio: – Evil Appetite.mp3]
04. Wrong Is Right [audio: – Wrong Is Right.mp3]
05. Not Tomorrow 3 [audio: – Not Tomorrow 3.mp3]
06. Monster Daddy [audio: – Monster Daddy.mp3]
07. King of Adiemus [audio: – King of Adiemus.mp3]
08. Don’t Abuse Me [audio: – Don’t Abuse Me.mp3]
09. Underworld 4 [audio: – Underworld 4.mp3]
10. Acid Horse [audio: – Acid Horse.mp3]
11. O.R.T. [audio: – O.R.T.mp3]
12. Insecticide [audio: – Insecticide.mp3]
13. Raw Power [audio: – Raw Power.mp3]
14. A Million Miles [audio: – A Million Miles.mp3]
15. Battle Drums [audio: – Battle Drums.mp3]
16. The Wicked End [audio: – The Wicked End.mp3]
17. Blow Back [audio: – Blow Back.mp3]
18. Real Solution [audio: – Real Solution.mp3]
19. The Healer [audio: – The Healer.mp3]
20. Snow Blind [audio: – Snowblind.mp3]
21. Behind the Wall of Sleep [audio: – Behind the Wall of Sleep.mp3]
22. Drowning [audio: – Drowning.mp3]
23. Murder Song ‘S’ [audio: – Murder Song S.mp3]
24. Not Tomorrow 4 [audio: – Not Tomorrow 4.mp3]
25. Theme of Sabre Dance [audio: – Theme of Sabre Dance.mp3]
26. Hole in the Sky [audio: – Hole in the Sky.mp3]

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