Although this is as spoiler-free guide to the puzzles and their solutions as we can manage, please know that reading this page before completion could well ruin the game for you. Do yourself a favour: only read this if you’re really stuck and even then, only when you’re desperate. Silent Hill’s not Silent Hill without these puzzles!

Icebox Puzzle | Plastic Organs Puzzle | Iron Lung Puzzle | Medication Puzzle | Stage Light Puzzle | Control Panel Puzzle | Cash Register Puzzle | Laundry Puzzle | Calendar Puzzle | Flauros Puzzle

Icebox Puzzle

Hint(s): Bloody Note, wall scrawlings (Women’s Restroom, Exam Room, Staff Lounge).

Solution:The order of the women’s ages from oldest to youngest (Amy – 31, Lucy – 23, Sarah – 19) forms the combination for the icebox: 312319.

Plastic Organs Puzzle

Hint(s): Student’s Mnemonic.

Solution: The first two letters of each word in the Student’s Mnemonic corresponds to the first two letters of each plastic organ, therefore revealing the order in which they must be placed into the plastic figure:

Inside (Intestines)

Stevie (Stomach)

little (Liver)

Henry (Heart)

lurks (Lungs).

Iron Lung Puzzle

Hint(s): None provided.

Solution: There are multiple solutions to this puzzle, as it is comprised solely of trial and error. The most straightforward solution, with ‘1’ being the dial furthest to the left and ‘5’ being the dial furthest to the right, is: 1-1-3-3-5-5.

Medication Puzzle

Hint(s): Clipboard, Male Seclusion rooms 1-5.

Solution: Match the appearance of the dolls with the appearance and contents of the Male Seclusion rooms, then proceed to match the different types of medicine with the dolls using the room numbers and pill colours from the clipboard memo. From left to right:

Patient #1 – Psychotic patient – Room #4 – Salorium

Patient #2 – Burnt patient – Room #2 – Natium

Patient #3 – Anorexic patient – Room #5 – Natium

Patient #4 – Self-harming patient – Room #1 – Trizanthium

Patient #5 – Crossdressing patient – Room #3  –Oporium

Stage Light Puzzle

Hint(s): Wiring Notes.

Solution: B has to be half the wattage of D. A + B must not exceed C. Wattage of D must not exceed A. The only possible solution, therefore, is:

A = 500W
B = 125W
C = 750W
D = 250W

Control Panel Puzzle

Hint(s): None provided.

Solution: Match the levers as listed below to gain access to the desired area (note: you will need to acquire the Control Lever before you are able to gain access to the Cave area):

2        |        1
3        |        2
1        |        3

1 – Forest area
2 – Library area
3 – Cave area

Cash Register Puzzle

Hint(s): Shop note.

Solution: The number required for the cash register matches the number of the locker that is full of mail in the Greenfield Apartments building: 213.

Laundry Puzzle

Hint(s): Janitor’s Note, Washing Machine Guide.

Solution: Use the Washing Machine Guide to match the symbols on the washing machine with the desired options. Activate the following functions in the following order:

1) Low Spin

2) 60° Wash

3) Drain

4) Pre-rinse

Calendar Puzzle

Hint(s): Room 500 (Maintenance Corridor), Wedding Ring, Lucky Coin.

Solution: Examine Room 500 by looking through the peephole in the Maintenance Corridor to discover the day number of the calendar date. Proceed, then, to examine the Wedding Ring to discover the month of the calendar date. Finally, examine Travis’ Lucky Coin for the year of the calendar date. Combine all three to complete the date for the puzzle: 6/12/1961.

Flauros Puzzle

Hint(s): None provided

Solution: The key here is to match up the symbols on the different Flauros pieces. Not all of the symbols look exactly the same as one another, but they are similar enough to combine without a problem. Following this rule, the solution is as follows (with Piece #1 being the Flauros Piece furthest to the left and Piece #4 being the Flauros Piece furthest to the right):

1) Select Piece #3 and rotate it twice.
2) Rotate the Flauros.
3) Select Piece #1 and rotate it twice.
4) Rotate the Flauros.
5) Select Piece #2 and rotate it twice.
6) Rotate the Flauros.
7) Select Piece #4 and rotate it once.

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