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Harold ‘Harry’ Mason

Age: 32
Background: Protagonist
Information: The protagonist of the game. Lost his wife to an illness and has yet to come to terms with her death. Their daughter Cheryl is his only comfort. He was about to start his vacation in Silent Hill with Cheryl when they were swept into a shadowy chain of events. Whether their arrival started it all or was a predetermined fact, he has no way of knowing.

Cheryl Mason

Age: 7
Background:Harry’s Daughter
Information: Just a normal, sweet-natured girl who lives with her father after losing her mother at a young age. Chooses Silent Hill as the place to spend their vacation, but awaiting her there was an experience far more bizarre then anything she could ever imagine.



Age: 28
Background: Police Officer
Information: A law enforcement officer in one of Silent Hill’s neighbouring communities comes to Silent Hill to check on the town after all communication ceases. A conscientious investigator, she decides to look around by herself in order to find out the truth behind the town’s disturbance.

Dahlia Gillespie

Age: 46
Background: Antique Store Proprieter
Information: Operates a slightly suspect antique shop in the suburb of Silent Hill. Rumour also has it that she has a secret side business in fortune-telling and magic spells, with more than a whiff of the occult about it. Looks much older than her actual age, with singularly piercing eyes. Her enigmatic words and behaviour show Harry the course to follow.


Michael Kaufmann

Age: 50
Background: Physician
Information: The head of Silent Hill’s oldest hospital, the Alchemilla General. Seemingly imperturbable and shows a gentleman’s calm, but appears to have a nervous streak and a short fuse as well. Plunges into the fray with a gun in hand, determined to escape from the town.

Lisa Garland

Age: 23
Background: Nurse
Information: A nurse on duty at Alchemilla General Hospital. Ordinarily a cheerful woman, but is obviously terrified of something at the moment. However, even she herself seems not to know what the source of that fear is.


Alessa Gillespie

Age: 14
Background: Unknown
Information: Alessa is the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie the strange, if not slightly eccentric, lady known through out Silent Hill for her dealing in magic and other strange occult doings. She’s an enigmatic young girl who makes appearances throughout Harry’s quest.

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