How come there are scenes in the opening titles that I can’t access in the game? Am I missing something?
No, not at all. The opening sequence acts as something of a prologue, introducing you to the characters and telling you a little about them before you start the game. Many of the scenes – eg. the (alleged) Gillespie house – do not appear in the game at all, so don’t waste your time searching for them!

How do I get the chainsaw and Rock Drill?
You need to complete the game first, save it, and then reload a Next Fear game. Unfortunately it doesn’t automatically appear in your inventory, so pay a visit to Cut-Rite Chainsaws on Bloch St, and the Rock Drill can be found in the Control Room at the Drawbridge.However, you’ll need fuel to use these weapons, so drop by the Gas Station (also on Bloch Street) and pick up the Gas Tank. Be warned though – you have to decide which weapon you want to use, as it can only be used once.

What is the plastic bottle for?
This is used to save Cybil during the battle at the Amusement Park. Read the FAQ about Cybil for further details.

Can I save Lisa?
This is possibly the most asked FAQ, and unfortunately the answer is no. Don’t worry though – nothing you did or could have done would have made any difference… The pretty nurse is destined to “change” no matter what actions you take during the game. *sniff*

Can I save Cybil?
This time, we have good news – yes, it is possible to save the curious cop.

There are two steps you must take in order to do this; firstly, remember to pick up the Plastic Bottle from the kitchen on the first floor of the hospital. Then head to the Director’s Office, where you’ll find some Unknown Liquid on the floor. Use the Bottle to scoop some up.During the battle itself, you’ll need to use the liquid on Cybil in order to free her from the parasite that appears to have attached itself to her. The best technique is to keep moving until Cybil has emptied her gun, and then while she reloads, step up to her and use the bottle. It may take a couple of attempts, but keep trying until you get it right.

How do I solve the Astrology puzzle?
This has to be one of the trickiest puzzles of any game known to man, and yet the answer is so simple, it’s going to annoy the hell out of you. Throw all thoughts of astrology from your mind – it’s not even slightly relevant.To solve this puzzle, merely count the number of legs that you can see on each tablet – yep, it’s as easy as that. Irritating, isn’t it?

Argh! I forgot to watch the videotape! Will I have to start again?
Nope. The videotape does offer interesting information about Lisa’s role in the weird happenings in town, but it’s perfectly possible to complete the game without looking at the video at all.

What the hell is the channelling stone?

The channelling stone is used to unlock the fifth ending, but you need to complete the game first. Pick it up from Convenience Store and then use it in the following five locations:

  • On the Roof of the Alternate School, after you’ve opened the valve;
  • At the entrance to Alchemilla Hospital in front of the gates – before the Moth battle;
  • In the Motel Car Park before you visit Room 3;
  • In the Boathouse after the meeting with Dahlia and Cybil;
  • On the roof of the lighthouse after Alessa has appeared. Enjoy the secret ending!

I’ve heard that you can meet Kaufmann later on in the game, but I only saw him once at the hospital. What have I missed?
You haven’t missed much – and you can complete the game without seeing Kaufmann again, so don’t panic. But if you’re trying to get all the endings, you will need to pay a visit to the good doctor again. Once you’ve emerged from the sewers, you need to take a trip to Annie’s Bar.

This will lead to a small sub-scenario where you visit Kaufmann’s Motel room and learn a little more about his recreational habits. Complete all this – including the trips to the Indian Runner store and the Motel – and you’ll access either the Good or Good+ Endings. For full details on the endings, click here.

Where can I find the soundtrack?
This really depends upon where in the world you are. If you live in Japan or have a good record/games store nearby that specialises in imports, you should be fine. If, however, like most people your local store doesn’t seem to stock it, your best bet is to look around online. Both soundtracks make regular appearances on eBay; however be wary of copies – not all suppliers are reputable, so check before you buy. 

If you just want to hear it rather than own it, though, there’s good news – it’s on Spotify! Check out the Music page. 

Why are there different monsters on some sites?
Although the reasons behind the switch are pure speculation, it seems that the “demon children” that appeared in the US version were removed for the European/Australian audience. Instead, in their place were “Mumblers” – a headless teddy bear monster that sounds cuter than it actually is. The different demons do not affect the game-play in any way.

Help! I can’t find the map for Nowhere!
Sorry to disappoint you, but there isn’t one to be found. However, we have our own homemade maps here – hope that helps!

Help! I’m running around in circles at the Amusement Park!
This part can be very tedious if you get lost. Again, there’s no map, but – again! – Silent Hill Heaven has come to the rescue. Click here for our own version.

What is this “Alessa Article” that I’ve heard about?
This is a somewhat controversial additional document that was excluded from the US version. It offers great insight into Alessa and Dahlia’s history, but many SH theorists refuse to accept its validity due to its exclusion in some versions of the game.

If you have the European version of the game, you can find the article in the last room on the third floor of Nowhere.

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