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Alessa Article

Location: Nowhere

Investigation stalled. ‘PTV’ dealers still at large.

Suspicious deaths continue. Like the anti-drug mayor, a narcotics officer dies of a sudden heart failure of unknown origin.

Fire broke out in town. 6 homes destroyed.

Charred body of Alessa Gillespie (7) found in aftermath. Cause of fire currently under investigation.

Investigations show source as basement of Gillespie home. Blaze now believed caused by malfunction of antiquated boiler.

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Birds Note

Location: Written on wall, Music Room, Midwich

First flew the greedy Pelican / Eager for the reward / White wings flailing / Then came a silent Dove / Flying beyond the Pelican, / As far as he could.

A Raven flies in, / Flying higher than the Dove, / Just to show that he can.

A Swan glides in, / To find a peaceful spot, / Next to another bird. / Finally out comes a Crow, / Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way, / Who will be the key, / Who will lead to / The silver reward.

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Darkness Note

Location: Reception, Midwich

5:00 / Darkness that brings / the choking heat / Flames render the silence, / awakening the hungry beast. / Open time’s door to beckon prey.

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Doghouse Note

Location: On the ground, west Matheson St

Doghouse. Levin St.

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Gucci Note

Location: Police Station, Central Silent Hill

Coroner Seals called.
Officer Gucci is unlikely to be murdered. He apparently died naturally.
But, medical records show Officer Gucci had no prior symptoms of heart disease.

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Hunter Note

Location: Library, Alternate Midwich

Hearing this, the hunter armed with bow and arrow said, “I will kill the lizard.”
But upon meeting his opponent, he held back, taunting, “Who’s afraid of a reptile?”
At this, the furious lizard hissed, “I’ll swallow you up in a single bite!”
Then the huge creature attacked, jaws opened wide.
This was what the man wanted. Calmly drawing his bow, he shot into the lizard’s gaping mouth.
Effortlessly, the arrow flew, piercing the defenseless maw, and the lizard fell down dead.

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Indian Runner Diary

Location: Indian Runner, SH Resort Area

August 20: He came by. I handed over the package that the woman left here.
September 12: He showed up at Norman’s, too.
Don’t want to be involved with the likes of them anymore, but…
I’m getting creeped out even more than before.

Thought of leaving town, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I do.

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Laboratory Note

Location: Reception, Midwich

10:00 / Alchemy laboratory / Gold in an old man’s palm / The future hidden in his fist /Exchange for sage’s water.

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Lisa’s Diary

Location: In room where Lisa changes, Nowhere

Asked doctor to let me quit being in charge of that patient.

It’s too weird.

Still alive,but with wounds that won’t heal.

Told the doctor I quit. Won’t work at that hospital anymore.

The room is filled with insects.

Even with the doors and windows shut they get in to spite me.

To the hospital …

Feeling bad. Need to throw up. But nothing comes out. Vomiting only bile.

Blood and pus flow from the bathroom faucet.

I try to stop it, but it won’t turn off.

Need drug.

Help me…

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Locker Room Note

Location: Locker Room, Midwich

Warning. Don’t forget to
take all of your possessions
after using the lockers.

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Locker Room Note #2

Location: Locker Room, Midwich


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Monster Lurks Note

Location: Boys’ Bathroom, 1F, Midwich

Leonard Rhine
The Monster Lurks

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Monster Lurks Note #2

Location: Library Reserve Room, 2F, Midwich

Chapter 3: “Manifestation of Delusions”

… Poltergeists are among these. Negative emotions, like fear, worry or stress manifest into external energy with physical effects.

Nightmares have, in some cases, been shown to trigger them.

However, such phenomena do not appear to happen to just anyone.

Although it’s not clear why, adolescents, especially girls, are prone to such occurrences.

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Motel Diary

Location: Office, Norman’s Motel, SH Resort Area

September 10: Took package. Told to sit on it awhile.
Don’t want to get involved, but can’t disobey …
He’s probably linked to the death of the mayor and others.

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Newspaper Article

Location: Norman’s Motel, SH Resort Area

Investigation stalled. “PTV” dealers still at large.

Suspicious deaths continue. Like the anti-drug mayor, a narcotics officer dies of a sudden heart failure of unknown origin.

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Nurse Centre Note

Location: Nurse Centre Door, Alternate Hospital

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing
from a slashed wrist.

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Police Board Note

Location: Police Station, Central Silent Hill

Product only available in selected areas of Silent Hill.
Raw material is White Claudia, a plant peculiar to the region.
Manufactured here? Dealer = manufacturer?

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Possess Note

Location: Alessa’s door, Nowhere

thou possess them / to guard thy spirit / evoke five rites / unveil thy fate

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Reaper’s List

Location: Near puzzle door, Nowhere

35 Lydia Findly
60 Trevor F White
18 Albert Lords
45 Roberta T Morgan
38 Edward C Briggs.

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Reaper’s Note

Location: Ophiel corridor, Nowhere

Names engraved / on a lithograph. / The Grim Reaper’s List.

Yes, the headcount is set / Young and old lined up / In order of age.

Then, the pathway opens / awaiting them, the frenzied / uproar, the feast of death!

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Shopping List

Location: Indian Runner, SH Resort Area

3 loaves of bread. 3 cartons of milk. 2 dozen eggs.
Deliver to back door daily 8 a.m. Rear entrance code 0886
Norman Young

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Songs and Sound Note

Location: Reception, Midwich

12:00 / A place with songs and sound / A silver guidepost is / untapped in lost tongues. / Awakening at the ordained order.

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To School Note

Location: Alley at the end of Bachman Rd

To School

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White Claudia Note

Location: Nowhere


Perennial herb found near water. Reaches height of 10 to 15 in. Oblong leaves, white blossoms.

Seeds contain hallucinogen. Ancient records show it was used for religious ceremonies. The hallucinogenic effect
was key.

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