Below is a comprehensive list of all the save notepads, as well as where to find them.

Cafe 5to2 Convenience store
House on Levin Street School Bus – Night
Midwich Elementary – Infirmary Room Midwich – Infirmary Rm – Day
School Bus – Day K. Gordon House
Balkan Church Gas Station – Inside the Garage
Bridge Control Room Police Station – Small Office
Alchemilla Hospital – Reception Alchemilla Hospital – Rm 302, Alt
Alchemilla Hosp. – Director’s Office – Alt Green Lion Antique Shop
Green Lion Antique Shop – Alt Kazanian Jewellery Shop
Police Station – Alt Alchemilla Hosp. – Reception – Alt
Sewer A 1st Floor Sewer A 2nd Flr
Annie’s Bar – Counter Haerbey Inn – Motel Office
Boat Cabin Lighthouse
Lakeside Amusement Park Nowhere – Hospital Room
Nowhere – Green Lion Antique Shop Nowhere – Child’s Room

Map Locations

Residential Map (Old Silent Hill): Counter, Café 5to2, Old SH.
School Map: Counter, Lobby, Midwich Elementary School.
Shopping District Map (Central Silent Hill): Control Room desk, Drawbridge, Old SH or Wall, Police Station, Central SH.
Hospital Map: Wall, Reception, Alchemilla Hospital.
Hospital Basement Map: Desk, Directors Office, 1st Flr, Alchemilla Hospital.
Sewer Map (Sewer A): Desk, Sewer Office.
Resort Area Map: Notice Board, near Sewer Exit.
Sewer Map (Sewer B): Left-hand side wall after you descend the ladder.

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