Although this is as spoiler-free guide to the puzzles and their solutions as we can manage, please know that reading this page before you’ve completed could well ruin the game for you.

Do yourself a favour; only read this if you’re really stuck and even then, only when you’re desperate. Silent Hill’s not Silent Hill without these puzzles!

Finding the three keys to open the Padlocked Door
Key of Scarecrow:
Head to Ellroy St. Before you get there, look out for a red fire hydrant. Turn to your right. At the end of the footpath, walk across the plank where you will find a letterbox. The first key is hidden there.

Key of Lion: Head to Finney St. At the end of the street you will find a police car – the second key is lying there.

Key of Woodman: Go to the alley behind the Café. Head back up to Finney St. When you get to the “Food and Liquor” store turn left into the alley. You will see a fence with two notices on it and then a basketball court – the key is in the court.

Clock Tower Riddle (school)
Go to the Lab Equipment room and grab the Chemical before heading to the Chemistry Lab. Use the Chemical on the stone hand and remove the Gold Medallion.

Go to the Music Room. Read the poem written on the blackboard and then examine the piano. Play the keys in the following order:

  • 1 – Second white key (D)
  • 2 – Sixth white key (A)
  • 3 – Last black key (Bb)
  • 4 – Fifth white key (G)
  • 5 – First black key (C#)

The Silver Medallion will fall from the wall above the blackboard. Get back to the Clock Tower and insert the Medallions at the correct spot.

The Classroom Key in the hole
Go to the school’s Second Floor and keep climbing the stairs until you reach the roof. Check for a drainage hole and use the Rubber Ball you’ve found in the Storage Room (1F). Open the water drainage valve. The water will make the key fall into the gutter. Go to the Courtyard and pick up the Classroom Key.

The Boiler Room Riddle
When you reach the Boiler Room you will find a path blocked by turnstiles. You will have to turn the two valves in the sequence below to unblock the path:

  • Turn the left-hand valve right once.
  • Turn the right-hand valve left twice.

The Plate Riddle

  • Plate of Turtle is located in the Men’s Toilet Room (3F).
  • Plate of Cat is located in Room 306 (3F).
  • Plate of Queen is located in the Director’s Office (1F).
  • Plate of Hatter is located in Room 204 (2F)

Go back to the Nurse’s Center and read the clue written on a piece of paper stuck to the wall.

  • Plate of Turtle (blue) – Top right
  • Plate of Hatter (green) – Bottom right
  • Plate of Queen (pink) – Top left
  • Plate of Cat (yellow) – Bottom left

Indian Runner entrance – Locked door
Check out Kaufmann’s receipt you’ve found at Annie’s Bar. The Numbers are 0473.

The Code
The code for the entrance is written in the delivery list, located near the cash register Indian Runner). The code is 0886.

The Hospital’s Closed Doors
Key of Hagith: There’s a room identical to the Antique Shop. Hidden in that room you can find the Key of Hagith. (Nowhere 1F)

Key of Ophiel: After taking the pliers and screwdriver located inside the Operating Room (Nowhere Basement) go up to the First Floor. Open the door close to the call button beside the elevator and examine the tap. Use the screwdriver. Take the Key of Ophiel.

Ophiel Hall Riddle
Check the gray slate on the wall.

The Grim Reaper’s list

  • 35 Lydia Findly
  • 60 Trevor F White
  • 18 Albert Lors
  • 45 Roberta T Morgan
  • 38 Edward C Briggs

All you have to do is check the initials of each name, starting from the youngest through the oldest. The final word is ALERT.

Amulet of Solomon
After entering the door you have unlocked with the previous riddle, take the Amulet of Solomon that is located on the wall at the other end of this new room.

The Astrological Puzzle
Go inside the door beyond the first set of doors. That is the Astrological Room. There are several symbols related to the signs of the Zodiac. To solve the next puzzle you will need to count all the limbs or extremities on each zodiac symbol on the pillar and enter it into the correspondent panel below (Example: for the zodiac symbol represented by a fish you would enter the number 0).

You first have to stand in front of the sign of Sagittarius to the left of the pillar. Press the number 6 after reading the illustration. Go to the panel above the green plate to find the Taurus sign and press 4. Go to the right of the pillar and under the sign of Gemini press 8. Take the Stone of Time.

You will find another key after you place the Stone of Time in the old clock.

Crest of Mercury
You will find the Crest of Mercury inside the room that looks like the Jewellery Shop.

On the Second Floor you will find a metal plate inside one of the rooms. Take it off using the Screwdriver. Since the key you want is electrified, you will need to cut the power off. Go through the pink doors and head back to the First Floor into the main corridor.

The Painting
After you find the room with the altar, turn off your flashlight and take a picture of the painting. Three symbols will appear and you will have to reproduce them on the door mechanism behind you to your left.

The Key of Phaleg
You can find this key inside the Bird Cage (First Floor).

Dagger of Melchior
Examine the refrigerator located in the room on your right, after you enter the Hall of Phaleg. Use the Ring of Contract (Jewellery Shop) on the refrigerator.

Go into the middle room on the other side of the Hall. Take the Ankh.

Key of Bethor
After leaving the room where you found the Ankh, go into the room just opposite you. Open the bag of beans and take the Key of Bethor.

Go into the Bethor Room. Flip the generator’s switch and go take the Key of Aratron. After a couple of scenes, take the Disc of Ouroboros from the life support machine near Alessa’s picture.

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