The game starts with the main character, Harry Mason, waking up in his Jeep. His Jeep has crashed in the resort town of Silent Hill after swerving to avoid a mysterious apparition in the highway. As Harry looks to the passenger seat he notices that the door is open, it then becomes clear that his daughter, Cheryl, is missing. You now see a non-FMV movie sequence where Harry talks. A figure of somebody who resembles Cheryl can bee seen through the fog, but she quickly runs away. At this point you must follow the paths she takes until you reach an alleyway. Go through the gate at the end of the first alley and continue down the next alley until you reach another gate. As you progress down this alley it will become increasingly darker, Harry will then light a lighter to see. You will eventually see a wheelchair resting on its side, with the wheel slowly spinning, shortly followed by a hospital gurney that has a body covered by a sheet and flies buzzing around. The end of this path has a mutilated body strewn up on the metal fencing. Harry will comment on the body and then you will be attacked by some Mumblers (Claw Finger – UK) that appear from nowhere. All exits are now blocked and the only thing you can do is let the Mumblers kill you …

Cafe 5to2

We see Harry wake up in Cafe 5to2, a Police officer named Cybil Bennett then introduces herself. After a brief conversation Cybil gives a handgun to you. You can then examine the inside of the Cafe and pick up some useful items. In the top part, near the pinball machine, you can find the first save point, Map of Old Silent Hill, Flashlight and a Health Drink. At the opposite end you can find another Health Drink and the Kitchen Knife. When you have collected all of the items go into the menu screen and equip the Handgun, then make your way to the front door and a short scene will commence in which the Radio on the table top begins to make loud static noises. As Harry goes over to pick the radio up an Air Screamer will come crashing through the front window and attack you. Shoot it to the ground with the gun and use Harry’s stomp attack to finish it off. Pick up the radio and exit the Cafe.

Items in area: Map of Old Silent Hill, x2 Health Drinks, Radio, Kitchen Knife, Flashlight, Handgun.

Convenience Store/Jeep

Whilst outside travel down Bachman Road and collect the Health Drink just outside Queen Burger, after getting this head back up Bachman Road towards the convenience store. On the way there pick up the x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets on the bench just after Cafe 5to2. When you reach the convenience store you will see that the main doors are slightly opened. Enter the store and once inside you will find a save point, x3 Health Drinks, and a First Aid Kit.

Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be found inside the convenience store on the Next Fear mode. When the stone is used in 5 places mentioned in the Endings Section you will obtain the UFO Ending.

Once you have collected these items leave the store and head up Bachman Road again, but keep on the left-hand side of the road, you will soon reach your wrecked Jeep. Examine the Jeep to get a Health Drink. After this, head toward the alleyway that should be highlighted on your map, which is located just off Finney Street.

Items in area: x5 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, Channelling Stone (Next Fear Mode).

Journey to Levin St. House

Head down the alleyway and go through the first gate, inside you will see the remains of a dog smeared on the floor. Continue down the alley where you will find some Handgun Bullets. Pick up the bullets and examine the pieces of paper on the ground. Here you will find the Note from Cheryl. Exit the alley and go back onto Finney Street. Travel west down Finney Street and you will reach the Levin Street junction. Go southbound on Levin Street until you reach Matheson Street, at this point head west again. You will now find a chasm where the road disappears, before the chasm papers are scattered on the ground. Examine them and you will find the Doghouse Note. Once you’ve done this head north up Levin Street (keeping on the right-hand side of the street) until you get to a doghouse. Stand in front of the doghouse and search it. Inside Harry will find the Levin St House Key. Use this key on the front door of the house that the doghouse belongs to and enter. Upon entering the house pick up the First Aid Kit from the top of the cabinet. You will see a door to your right that will be locked.

Items in area: Health Drink, First Aid Kit, x4 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, Steel Pipe, Note From Cheryl, Doghouse Note, Levin St. House Key, Katana (Next Fear Mode).

The Three Keys

Head north up Levin Street and onto Finney Street, continue east along Finney Street until you reach a Police car near the edge of a chasm in the road (the red cross on the map). Collect the Box of Handgun Bullets on the ground next to the car. Check the boot of the car to find the Key of Lion. Travel west back down Finney Street and you will find an alleyway to your left-hand side (the long red line on the map). Go down the alley. keeping to the right, and you will come to a metal fenced off area. Go through the gate and you will enter a basketball court. On the ground you will see what looks like the remains of an animal, check the small white looking object to get the Key of Woodsman. On the garbage bin you will also find a Health Drink. Exit back into alley and continue southward and onto Matheson Street, then east onto Ellroy Street and then head south again. You will eventually reach another chasm at this point go right toward the rear of the building and you will see a plank of wood bridging the hole in the ground. Walk across the plank and examine the mailbox, inside you will get the Key of Scarecrow. Next go to the steps and pick up the Health Drink. Now go back up Ellroy Street and then west on Matheson Street, keeping to the left, and you will come to an alley. At the bottom of the alley you will find x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets. Continue west along Matheson Street crossing over Bachman Street until you reach another alley to your left. Down this alleyway you will find a First Aid Kit. Exit the alley and head west again across Matheson Street and then south on Levin Street. The last house on the left (in relation to the camera) has a Health Drink on the doorstep. Finally, travel north up Levin Street and re-enter the house with the doghouse outside which will now be marked in red on the map.

Items in area: x3 Health Drinks, x3 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, Key Of Lion, Key Of Woodman, Key Of Scarecrow

Levin St. House pt2

Once inside go to the back door and use the three keys you collected to unlock it. When you exit the house into the back yard a short scene will start where it has become dark outside and Harry will turn the flashlight on. Pick up the x2 Health Drinks off the table, go to the rear of the yard and exit through the gate. Run north up the alley and onto Finney Street. Head west on Finney Street and then north on Midwich Street until you reach another chasm in the road where you will find a Health Drink and a Box of Handgun Bullets. Now go back down Midwich Street and east onto Matheson Street (keeping to the right hand side of the street), and you will come to an alley. Continue south down the alleyway and about halfway down there is a Box of Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink to the right hand side. Carry on down the alley and when you reach Bloch Street go west and back onto Midwich Street. Journey southward down Midwich Street and go past Midwich Elementary School until you see the school bus. Enter the bus and you will find a save point and x2 Health Drinks on the seats. Leave the bus and then make your way the schools entrance…

Items in area: x6 Health Drinks, x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets.

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