Alternate Midwich pt1

Travel forwards and climb the ladders and you’ll find you’re back in the Courtyard, but in an alternate Midwich Elementary. You will see a short scene in which Harry sees the Seal Of Metraton on the floor. Enter the double doors to the north in the courtyard and then go through the doors directly in front of you. In this room are a Health Drink and a First Aid Kit to the left-hand side. Leave this room and enter the Storage Room the west of the corridor. The Storage Room contains a Rubber Ball, collect this and exit. Go east and go up through the door into the Hall Room, inside here exit via the other door and into the eastern corridor. Enter the northeastern Class Room and examine the cards on the table until Harry picks up the Picture Card Key. Head to the bottom of this room and enter the southeastern Class Room through the door linking the two together, then leave this room by the southern door. Once back in the corridor, travel north and you can get a Health Drink on a bench. Go back down the corridor and through the door (opposite the lower Class Room door) and into the main corridor. Enter the Infirmary to find a save point, get the First Aid Kit off the bed and the Health Drink out of the medical cabinet. Leave the Infirmary and go into the Lobby to find an Ampoule on the wheelchair, depart from the Lobby and make your way to the reception area and go through the door into the back. Collect the Box of Handgun Bullets lying on the sofa and examine the strange-looking door. Use the Picture Card Key to unlock the door and progress through it. Now head into the Girl’s Toilets and then exit them straight away, they act as a warp/elevator to the second floor. Go into the Boy’s Toilets and get the x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets and the Shotgun Shells off the floor. Repeat the Girl’s Toilet process to be back on the first floor. Enter the Boy’s Toilets and open the rear cubical, inside a short scene will commence where Harry sees a mutilated body strewn up on the wall and a bloody message written next to it. Inside the cubical examine the floor to acquire the Shotgun, next investigate the blood on the wall to see a strange message; “Leonard Rhine, The Monster Lurks”. Leave the toilets and travel back into the hall, from here go into the lower Teacher’s Room and continue up and through to the northern Teacher’s Room. Inside here a Box of Handgun Bullets on a chair and many blue phones on a table. As you try to exit this room one of the phones will ring and a scene will begin. After this just exit via the top door, go up the stairwell and onto the second floor.

Items in the area: x2 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, Ampoule, x4 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Shotgun, Rubber Ball, Picture Card Key.

Alternate Midwich pt2

On the second floor go into the northern Class Room and get the Box of Handgun Bullets from the school chair. Leave the room by the same door then head south down the corridor and collect the Health Drink off the bench, now go through the bottom door of the northern Class Room then straight through the door joining the north and south Class Rooms together. In here there will be some Shotgun Shells on a chair in the lower part of the room. Exit by the lower door and head through the double doors and into the next corridor, go directly to the Locker Room and enter. Examine the shaking locker door and then go to leave. After a short scene obtain the Library Reserve Key next to the body. Once back in the corridor head into the western corridor and up to the stairwell, from here go up to the Roof. On the rooftop walk over to the water tank and follow the drain/gutter until you see a hole, examine the hole and then use the rubber ball to plug it, continue to follow the drain/gutter until you reach the end hole and investigate this to see a key. Now go back to the water tank and check the valve, Harry should be able to turn it. Watch the short scene.

(Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be used on the roof of the school, near the ledge, to obtain the UFO Ending.)

Now leave the Roof, go down both stairwells and back to the first floor, from here head through the double doors facing you and exit the double doors to your right and into the Courtyard. The Classroom Key can be found in the drain to the immediate left of the doors and around the corner (north east corner next to doors on map).

Items in area: Health Drink, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Library Reserve Key, Classroom Key.

Alternate Midwich pt3

Once you have the key, journey back up to the second floor and go through the northern double doors. Travel east in this corridor and use the Library Reserve Key to unlock the door and go inside. Collect the First Aid Kit from the shelf on the side, then on the same shelf examine the open book (Note: this will only work if the blood in the toilets was checked).

“The Monster Lurks” Chapter 3: “Manifestation of Delusions”…Poltergeists are among these. Negative emotions, like fear, worry or stress manifest into external energy with physical effects. Nightmares have, in some cases, been shown to trigger them. However, such phenomena do not appear to happen to just anyone. Although it’s not clear why, adolescents, especially girls, are prone to such occurrences.

Go through the door and into the Library, in here get the Box of Handgun Bullets off the table, make Harry look at the open book on the same table, which will read;

Hearing this, the hunter armed with bow and arrow said, “I will kill the lizard.” But upon meeting his opponent, he held back, taunting. “Who’s afraid of a reptile?” At this, the furious lizard hissed, “I’ll swallow you up in a single bite!” Then the huge creature attacked, jaws opened wide. This was what the man wanted. Calmly drawing his bow, he shot into the lizard’s gaping mouth. Effortlessly, the arrow flew, piercing the defenceless maw, and the lizard fell down dead.

After viewing the book, exit the Library and into the eastern corridor. Use the Classroom Key on the north Class Room door to unlock it and continue through the adjoining door into the southern Class Room. Pick up the Health Drink on the chair then leave the room via the bottom door and get the Health Drink off the bench in the corridor. Next go down the stairwell to the Basement. Enter the Storage Room to find x2 Shotgun Shells and an Ampoule. After doing this head into the Boiler Room.

Items in area: x2 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, Ampoule, Box of Handgun Bullets, x2 Boxes of Shotgun Shells.

Alternate Midwich pt4

In the Boiler Room you will come to two valves on either side of the entrance, these need to be turned in the correct sequence to progress. The correct combination is;

Left Valve: One turn to the right.
Right Valve: Two turn to the left.

When this has been done correctly the passage will be open, go through and the lift will take Harry down and into the first boss’ arena.

Boss: Lizard
The storybook that Harry read earlier gives you a clue on how to defeat this monster. The lizard has two main attack methods – firstly, it’ll try and knock you off balance with its head. Then, once injured, it’ll get aggressive and start moving with more speed in an attempt to devour you. So, run around the room and wait for the lizard to start coming towards you. Shoot it several times in the head before running off and repeating the technique again. When it begins to open its mouth to devour you, fire off some shots into the lizard’s mouth. If you have room behind you, avoid being eaten by walking backwards, making sure to keep your finger on that trigger.

When you have successfully defeated the Lizard you will see a short FMW scene with a mysterious girl. You are now back in the Boiler Room in the normal Midwich Elementary School. Pick up the K. Gordon Key off the floor near the red switch and leave the room, Harry will hear the bells of Balkan Church ringing faintly in the background. Head back over to the Reception area and examine the list of teachers. Harry will now mark the K. Gordon House in red on your map . . .

Items in area: K. Gordon Key.

Move onto Part 4 . . .

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