Balkan Church

When you leave Midwich Elementary you can enter the school bus again to find another save point. Now, travel east along Bradbury Street until you reach an alleyway that heads north, go up this alley and keep to the right. About halfway up you will reach the rear gate of the K. Gordon House, there will be a sign outside to confirm this. Open the gate and enter the back yard, use the K. Gordon Key to unlock the door and journey into the house. Once inside collect the Box of Handgun Bullets off the cooker in the kitchen, next get the Box of Handgun Bullets off the table and you will see a save point.

Leave the house and head south down Levin Street and then east along Bradbury Street, pick up the Health Drink from the bench just before you reach an alleyway. Go north up the alley and collect a Box of Handgun Bullets roughly halfway up on the right, and then continue north onto Bloch Street.

Next Fear Mode: The Chainsaw can be found inside the broken window of ‘Cut-Rite Chainsaws’, which is located to the west of Bloch Street as you come out of the alleyway.

Now head east to Balkan Church and enter through the main doors, a short scene will take place where Harry meets Dahlia Gillespie. After Dahlia has left go to the altar and pick up the Flauros and the Drawbridge Key. Look to the left of the altar to find a Health Drink then go to the entrance and there will be a save point on a desk. Leave Balkan Church and continue east and you will come to a gas/service station, look for the door that is slightly ajar and enter. You will find a Box of Handgun Bullets inside behind the car.

Next Fear Mode:
The Gasoline Tank can be found inside the gas/service station, the gasoline can is needed to fuel the Chainsaw and the Rock Drill.

Exit the gas/service station and go east along Bloch Street and then south on Ellroy Street until you reach a white truck. Travel down the side of this truck to get a Box of Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells. Upon getting these make your way back up Ellroy Street and east on Bloch Street crossing the bridge, keeping to the right and heading for the Bridge Control Room.

Next Fear Mode: The Rock Drill can be found inside the lower room of the Bridge Control Room.

Walk up the stairs and open the door, inside here pick up the Map of Central Silent Hill off the desk, now head to the other end of the room to acquire a Health Drink and use the Drawbridge Key on the control panel. The bridge will now lower and meet the other side.

Items in area: Map of Central Silent Hill, x2 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, Ampoule, x5 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, x2 Boxes of Shotgun Shells, Flauros, Drawbridge Key, Gasoline Can (Next Fear Mode), Chainsaw (Next Fear Mode), Rockdrill (Next Fear Mode)

Central Silent Hill

Cross the bridge, keeping to the right-hand side, and you will see some steps leading down into nothing, at the bottom you can find Box of Handgun Bullets. Now head back along Sagan Street, staying to the left, until you reach the Police Station. Look for the main doors, which will be slightly ajar and enter. Inside the main reception collect the Shotgun Shells on the bench and x2 Box of Handgun Bullets off the counter. NOTE: If you didn’t collect the shotgun in Midwich Elementary then it will be available to collect here. Go into the room to the left of the counter, pick up the Box of Handgun Bullets on the desk and there will also be a save point too. Now turn around and examine the chalkboard;

Product only available in selected areas of Silent Hill. Raw material is White Claudia, a plant peculiar to this region. Manufactured here? Dealer = manufacturer?

Pick up the Shotgun Shells on the desk, walk around the chair and read the memo on the same desk;

Coroner Seals called. Officer Gucci is unlikely to be murdered. He apparently died naturally. But, medical records show Officer Gucci had no prior symptoms of heart disease.

After reading this leave the Police Station and travel south down Crichton Street. On the corner of Koontz Street and Crichton Street you will see the gates to Alchemilla Hospital, go through them and into the courtyard entrance. Enter the Hospital through the door to the right (the other door is locked).

Items in area: x4 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, x2 Boxes of Shotgun Shells

Alchemilla Hospital (Part 1)

Inside Alchemilla Hospital there will be a save point on the counter, carry on into the room and Harry will hear a gunshot. Around the corner go through the first door to your left and a short scene will start in which you will meet Dr. Michael Kaufmann for the first time. After the scene you will both part for your separate journeys, Harry will be facing the door you came in through. Turn to your right and go through the office door, continue through the office and into the reception door. Once behind the reception counter collect the Hospital Map from the board and pick up the First Aid Kit on the box. Head back to the room where you met Dr. Kaufmann and this time go through the door to your left (the door to the Medicine Room). In this room will be a newspaper on a desk, examine this and Harry will note that an article has been clipped out. Proceed out of the Medicine Room and into the main hallway.

Go to the Doctor’s Office. Inside here you will find the Hospital Basement Map on the table next to the door to the Conference Room. Go into the Conference Room and collect the Hospital Basement Key, which is on the conference table. Now make your way back to the main hallway. Enter the Kitchen and get the Health Drink off the counter, then search the bottles in this room to acquire the Plastic Bottle. Exit here and go into the Director’s Office, once in go to the director’s desk and examine the red liquid on the floor. Now use the Plastic Bottle on this to obtain the Unknown Liquid. Head back to the main hallway and then open the door to the stairs. Travel down to the Basement Floor and go into the Generator Room, which will be the first door on your left. Walk toward the generator and examine the power switch, Harry can then turn the generator on. Leave this room and go into the elevator. In the elevator make Harry try to use the buttons inside; you will now see a screen will the buttons for each floor. Choose the second floor, exit the lift and try to open the door you come to, it will be locked so go back into the elevator and repeat this process for the third floor. After doing this, you will be presented with an extra floor – the 4th floor. Choose the 4th floor and you’ll see a short scene in which a person enters the ‘Green Lion Antiques Shop’, when you regain control you will be in the Alternate Alchemilla Hospital.

Items in area: Hospital Map, Hospital Basement Map, Health Drink, First Aid Kit, Plastic Bottle, Unknown Liquid, Hospital Basement Key

Alternative Alchemilla Hospital (Part 1)

After you vacate the elevator onto the 4th floor go through the only door you can see, then continue straight through the next corridor and into another corridor. As you start to walk forward the door you came in through will lock behind you. All the doors in this hallway will be locked so progress down the stairs and onto the third floor. Now refer to your map for the room numbers. Go into Room 302 and there will be a save point on the gurney near the front and Shotgun Shells on the other gurney. There is also a TV and video player in this room, which are old but ‘usable’. Now go to Room 304 and at the back of the room examine the area that is lit up, you will be told that a ‘steel plate is screwed to the wall’. On the right side of this room between the gurneys will be a Health Drink. Next head back through the hall and into the next hall, from here enter the Storage Room. Inside on the shelves collect the First Aid Kit, Box of Handgun Bullets and the Blood Pack. Exit here and go to Room 306, on the back wall pick up the Plate of ‘Cat’. After leaving make sure you unlock the door that leads to the elevator for later ease. Journey to the Boy’s Toilets and collect the Plate of ‘Turtle’ from the window ledge. Now go back to the stairs and continue down to the second floor.

Head to Room 201 and get the Lighter on the gurney, leave and go into Room 204. In here you will see a Blood Sucker blocking your way. Use the Blood Pack to distract this and acquire the Plate of ‘Hatter’ in the wall. Now go back to the stairs again and down to the first floor, through the only unlocked door and into the next corridor. From here go into the Medicine Room, now try to enter the Examination Room. You will not be able to open this door, but you will hear a sound on the other side. Next go into the Office and collect the Box of Handgun Bullets on the back desk. Leave here and go into the Kitchen to pick up the Health Drink from the rear counter. After this go into the Director’s Office to get the Plate of ‘Queen’ on the desk and there is a save point in this room too. Exit here and use the vending machines next to the elevator to acquire x3 Health Drinks.

Journey back to the stairs and back up to the second floor, go to the Nurses Centre and examine the white sheet with writing on it;

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

This poem is a clue for the order in which you need to place the four plates on the door to unlock it. If you try to leave the Nurses Centre via the other door than the one you came in from, you will be presented with a picture with four square indents that need the plates inserting into. To see the correct order in which to place them visit the Silent Hill puzzles solution section – or put red in the upper left, blue in the upper right, green in the lower right and yellow in the lower left. The door will now click and unlock.

Items in area: x5 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, x2 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Blood Pack, Lighter
Plate of ‘Cat’, Plate of ‘Turtle’, Plate of ‘Hatter’, Plate of ‘Queen’

Alternative Alchemilla Hospital (Part 2)

Once in this corridor, go into the Operating Prep Room through the next door and into the Operating Room. Pick up the Basement Storeroom Key, leave the rooms and go to the Intensive Care Unit room. Examine the bottles in here to obtain the Disinfecting Alcohol, there is also a First Aid Kit on a chair in Room 206. Exit and use the elevator to go down to the Basement floor. Enter the Morgue and get the Health Drink and Ampoule off the gurneys. Leave and go to the Generator Room and pick up the Emergency Hammer. After this it’s onto the Store Room, use the Hospital Basement Key to unlock the door. Inside will be a Box of Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells, collect these. In the corner of the room will be a cabinet with two white lines on the floor next to it, making it look like it has been previously moved. Go to the opposite side and use the action button to make Harry push it to reveal a door. Go through into the next room and on the floor you will see a grate with vines covering it. Use the Disinfecting Alcohol on the vines first then ignite them with the Lighter. This will burn them and allow Harry to open the grate and go down.

Journey down this corridor and through the first door, continue until you see a door on the left hand side about halfway down, go through and into the first door on the right. Pick up the Video Tape on the gurney and exit. Enter the last door on the left and you will see a short scene, when this is over get the Examination Room Key off the desk (next to the picture of Alessa). Head back to the elevator and up to the third floor, from here go to Room 302 and use the Video Tape on the video player to watch it. A short scene will commence. After this journey back to the first floor (via the elevator), go to the Medicine Room and use the Examination Room Key on the door. Another scene will happen where Harry meets Lisa Garland. When Harry wakes up he will be back in the Normal Alchemilla Hospital and there will be another scene with Dahlia Gillespie. When you have watched this she will have told you to go to the ‘Other Church’ and that the Mark of Samael was on the courtyard floor in the Alternate Midwich Elementary School. Now, pick up the Antique Shop Key on the desk behind where Dahlia was. On your way out of the Hospital, check the payphones in the reception area and Harry will mark the location of ‘Green Lion Antiques’ onto your map in red, this is where you need to go next…

Items in area: Health Drink, First Aid Kit, Ampoule, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Emergency Hammer
Disinfecting Alcohol, Video Tape, Basement Store Room Key, Examination Room Key, Antique Shop Key

Move onto Part 5 . . .

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