Green Lion Antiques

If you check your map Green Lion Antiques is in section A-7 (the top right corner). Leave Alchemilla Hospital by the main gates and travel east along Koontz Street then down the alley to your right (south on the map) to get a Box of Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink. Go back out of the alley and east until you reach Simmons Street. On the corner of these two streets get the Health Drink off the table and chairs outside the ‘Sun Cafe’. Now journey north up Simmons Street and go into the front door of Green Lion Antiques. Walk down the steps and use the Antique Shop Key on the door and go inside, there will be a save point on the side. Go to the cabinet and push it to reveal a hole, at this point a scene starts were Cybil comes in and says she saw Cheryl walking along Bachman Road toward Toluca Lake. After this is over make Harry go through the hole, down a corridor and into another room. This room appears to be a kind of altar for some strange occult. Get the Small Axe off the wall then examine the altar. Try to leave the room and the altar will ignite… Harry will then wake up back in Alchemilla Hospital with Lisa and she tells you it was a bad dream. She also tells Harry that the town used to have a cult that practiced occultism, but as more people started to arrive everyone ceased to talk about it. You will now wake up again, but this time you are in the Alternate Antique Shop. There will be a save point on the table to the side, after using this leave the shop.

Items in area: x2 Health Drinks, Box of Handgun Bullets, Small Axe

Alternate Central SH (Part 1)

You will find yourself on the streets of Alternate Central Silent Hill. Keeping to the side of the building you have just come out of, head south down Simmons Street and go into the Silent Hill Town Center through the hole in the fencing. When you go in here walk toward the escalators and a scene will commence with the TV screens. Go up the escalators, walk to the left and enter Kazanian Jewelry. Collect the x2 Boxes of Rifle Shells and the First Aid Kit from inside. Exit the shop and continue down the walkway you were on until you see a grub eating a corpse, as you walk toward the them the floor will fall from beneath you. At the bottom, run around the walls to find the Hunting Rifle as this will be very helpful later.

Boss: Larva
Move onto the metal grating in the room – this will stop the Larva surfacing close enough to hit you. As soon as you hear its telltale rumble, hit R1 or L1 to move to the side – you’ll be out of harm’s way, but close enough to inflict some damage with your firearm. Don’t forget to aim for the head – anywhere else is just a waste of valuable ammunition.

It will curl up into a ball eventually, stop shooting it as it will take now more harm. After it uncurls and breaks a hole into the glass, follow it out and back onto the streets of Alternate Central Silent Hill.

Items in area: First Aid Kit, x2 Boxes of Rifle Shells, Small Axe

Alternate Central SH (Part 2)

Now, turn to Harry’s right and run along the metal path until you reach Sagan Street, run along Sagan Street and head for the Police Station. Enter through the same door as last time and pick up the Box of Rifle Shells and the Box of Handgun Bullets on the counter. Exit the Police Station and journey south down Crichton Street, go through the main gates of Alchemilla Hospital and into the front doors. There will be a save point on the counter. Head to the Examination Room where you will see a long scene with Lisa. She will tell you to go to the waterworks over in Old Silent Hill. After this exit the Hospital.

Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be used in the courtyard of the Alternate Alchemilla Hospital to obtain the UFO Ending.

Go through the gates and run up the steps directly opposite, to get on the rooftop of the building.

Boss: Moth
This depends upon your supplies. If you have loads of ammo and health drinks to spare, just stand there and fire off shots as quickly and as accurately as you can and you’ll soon finish it off. If ammo supplies are low, keep moving until the Moth has let off its poison cloud. Turn immediately, fire off a couple of shots, then get moving again – only this time in the other direction. Although this is more time-consuming, it will save your supplies.

Items in area: Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Rifle Shells

Sewer A

After defeating the Moth Harry will be back in Normal Silent Hill. Go north up Crichton Street and west back across the bridge to Old Silent Hill. Go to the small pink square located on bridge on the Central Silent Hill map, to find a Health Drink on a barrel outside the building. Continue across the bridge. When the screen loads you will be outside the Waterworks Entrance near Midwich Elementary, walk toward the gate and examine the lock. If you equip a melee weapon (like the Emergency Hammer) hit the lock once or twice to break it. Open the gate, enter the next area and go down the open hatch into the Sewers.

Journey through the tunnel and turn left, down this path and then left again at the corner. Run down the pathway until you reach a dead end, here you can find a Health Drink, a Box of Handgun Bullets and some Shotgun Shells. Now go back across the passover onto the other side, turn left and to the end of this path to get a Box of Rifle Shells. Turn around and go down this path, cross over the metal, left and down then over the next metal crossover and through the gate marked ‘Keep Out’. In this room walk right around and get the Sewer A Map off the desk, there is also a save point here and the Sewer Key in the key cabinet. Leave this room via the gate to the right of the desk, then unlock and through the next gate. Travel down the path and at the end go across the metal passover, left and the down across the next passover. Run down this path (and past the tunnel where you came in) and you will reach a big metal fence with a gate to the left marked ‘Keep Out’. Use the Sewer Key to unlock this and open it. In this next area climb the ladders to get to Level 2 of the sewers.

Once up here go right on the blue platform to get a First Aid Kit. Now go south on the map and east into a tunnel, continue through here to find a small area, near one wall is a Health Drink and a Box of Handgun Bullets. Next head south again through the tunnels, then west through the gates until you reach a a dead end. Check the water, with the blood on the edge, to get the Sewer Exit Key. After collecting this head back the way you came and you will reach a locked gate marked ‘Keep Out’. Use the Sewer Exit Key to unlock it and go through. On the barrel next to the ladders is a save point, from here climb the ladder to go to the Resort Area…

Items in area: Sewer A Map, x4 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, x6 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, x3 Boxes of Shotgun Shells, Box of Rifle Shells, Sewer Key, Sewer Exit Key

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