**Please note: Some of the following content will affect the outcome of your game ending rank. Depending on whether you do the Dr. Kaufmann part will gain you the ‘GOOD’ ending, not doing it will get the ‘BAD’ ending.**

Resort Area

You are now in the Silent Hill Resort Area. Now head around and in to the derelict building to get the Box of Handgun Bullets and the Box of Rifle Shells. After getting these go over to the other corner of the building and pick up the First Aid Kit. Now, go onto the road, keeping to the right, until you see the tourist information board, collect the Resort Area Map. Travel down Bachman Street and go to Annie’s Bar. As you enter through the front door a short scene with Dr. Kaufmann will begin. When this is over go to where the monster was that attacked him, here you will find a packet/envelope on the floor. Pick this up to gain the Kaufmann Key and the Receipt. If you examine the Kaufmann Key you will see that it is for ‘Room 3’, examining the receipt will reveal a code written in red pen – 0473. Over to the left hand corner of the bar will be x2 Health Drinks and to the right is a save point. Leave Annie’s Bar and journey to Indian Runner by heading back up Bachman Street, east along Craig Street and then just off Weaver Street (refer to your map for directions).

At Indian Runner, check the front door to be shown a combination lock. The code on the receipt is the clue to open this – so turn each number to the code 0473 to unlock it. Once inside collect the Box of Rifle Shells off the counter. Go around the counter and get the Health Drink next to the till point. Examine the diary next to the till to read the following;

August 20
He came by. I handed over the package that the woman left here.

September 12
He showed up at Norman’s too. Don’t want to be involved with the likes of them anymore, but… I’m getting creeped out even more than before. Thought of leaving town, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I do.

Next look at the note on the wall directly behind the till point, you will then read;

3 loaves of bread.
3 cartons of milk.
2 dozen eggs.

Deliver to back door daily 8a.m. Rear entrance code 0886 – Norman Young.

Examining the picture next to this will show you a photo of Norman at the grand opening of his motel. Go to leave the counter and open the drawer opposite the end, inside here is the Safe Key. Use this key to open the safe near the till to reveal some white bags that Harry suspects are drugs. Exit Indian Runner and journey down Craig Street to Haerbey Motel (on the junction of Craig Street and Sandford Street, the southeast corner of the map).

Items in area: Resort Area Map, x3 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, x3 Boxes of Handgun Bullets, x2 Boxes of Rifle Shells, Receipt
Kaufmann Key, Safe Key

Haerby Motel

Go to the side entrance of the motel (which is on Craig Street), next to the entrance is a keypad lock. Enter the code 0886 to unlock the door, then go inside. Firstly collect the Magnet off the sofa, which will be right next to you, now examine the newspaper that is on the table in-between the sofas. Harry will note that this is the same newspaper as the one in Alchemilla Hospital, except this still hasn’t had the article clipped out, which will read:

Investigation stalled.
“PTV” dealers still at large.

Suspicious deaths continue. First the anti-drug Mayor, now a narcotics officer dies of a sudden heart failure of unknown cause.

Go to the other side of the room and look at the diary on the table with the calendar on the wall in front of it, to read;

September 10
Took package. Told to sit on it a while. Don’t want to get involved, but can’t disobey… He’s probably linked to the death of the Mayor and others.

After doing this, go through the open door behind the desk to enter the reception room. You can find a save point in here, then leave via the main entrance in the reception room, and go into the courtyard.

Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be used in the courtyard of Haerbey Motel, to obtain the UFO Ending.

Go to Room 3 (each room has a number next to the door) and use the Kaufmann Key to unlock it and enter. Go to the bathroom and collect the Health Drink that is next to the sink, then examine the side of the chest of drawers in the main room and choose to push them. A small crack in the floorboards is now revealed, a key can be seen inside that is unreachable. So use the Magnet to obtain the Motorcycle Key. Now go back into the motel via the main entrance and this time go through the door next to the side entrance you previously came in. This will lead you into the garage. Pick up the Shotgun Shells on the shelves to the left of the screen and continue down and get the Health Drink. Use the Motorcycle Key on the motorcycle to get a small glass vial, at this point Dr. Kaufmann will enter and a short scene will commence, he then takes the vial from you. Leave Haerbey Motel and travel west along Sandford Street keeping to the left side near the lake. Just past where Sandford Street meets Bachman road will be a small enclosure, head there to find a set of stairs that are broken away, to the bottom of these will be a Health Drink and a Box of Rifle Shells. Continue west along Sandford Street and as you try to cross the bridge, the Normal world will turn into the Alternate world.

Items in area: x3 Health Drinks, Box of Shotgun Shells, Box of Rifle Shells, Magnet, Motorcycle Key

Alternative Resort Area

You will find yourself on the streets of Alternate Silent Hill Resort Area. Just after the bridge will be an alley heading north (can be seen on the map), go up here and get the Health Drink and the Shotgun Shells. Now make your journey toward the Light House (check map) as you go down the pier keep to the left and go down the steps and over the plank of wood and onto the boat. Enter and head up the corridor into the bridge of the boat. A very long scene involving Cybil and then Dahlia, when this has finished collect the Box of Handgun Bullets on the chair then get the Health Drink and the Box of Rifle Shells off the side. There will be a save point next to the door you came in.

Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be used in the bridge room of boat, to obtain the UFO Ending.

Items in area: x2 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Box of Rifle Shells

Light House

**Please note: Some of the following content will affect the outcome of your game ending rank. Depending on which way you choose to combat the Cybil section will help you achieve the ‘PLUS (+)’ or ‘MINUS (-)’ endings.**

Now exit the boat through the door that Dahlia left through, you will go up some stairs then head down the stairs at the opposite end of this walkway. Cross the plank of wood and continue toward the Light House, as you reach some more stairs go down the side of them to the dead end to get a First Aid Kit. Travel back and up those stairs across this walkway and down the next set of stairs. Journey along the path and up the next set of stairs, turn right at the top and go into the Light House.

As you enter the Light House there will be a save point on a barrel. Run up the spiral staircase to the roof. You will see a very large Mark Of Samael and a ghost-like image of a girl – the same girl from the Boiler Room in Midwich Elementary. She will then disappear.

Next Fear Mode: The Channelling Stone can be used on the roof of the Light House, to obtain the UFO Ending but only if it has been used in the four other places.

Go back down the spiral stairs and leave the Light House, as you head away from it you will be taken back to the bridge of the boat. After leaving the boat head back across the wooden plank, up the stairs and run up to Sandford Street. Travel west along Sandford Street and head for the sewer entrance – it will be a pink building on the map between the N and the D in W.Sandford Street.

Items in area: None

Sewer B

Go down the open manhole cover and once in the sewers examine the wall to get the Sewer B Map. Now run east down the tunnel and then take a right at the first junction, travel south down here to the dead end to get a Health Drink and the Box of Handgun Bullets. From here back track slightly and head east down the next tunnel, then north up the final tunnel at the next junction. You will reach some ladders eventually; climb these to get to the Alternate Amusement Park.

Items in area: Sewer B Map, Health Drink, Box of Handgun Bullets

Alternative Amusement Park

In the Amusement Park run forward and keep to the right hand side and follow the path to the right. Go forward along here but this time keep to the left, as you see the rocket ride spinning around to your right turn left and head forward. You will see a kiosk in yellow with Magic written on the top, walk around this to see a save point. From here journey forward but then go to the right slightly when you reach the ledge, in the distance you will see the ‘Merry Go Round’. As you approach this the camera view will change and the entrance to the ride will become clear. When you enter a possessed Cybil will attack you.

Boss: Cybil

Plus (+) Ending Strategy: Simply dodge as she tries to shoot you with her gun, then when she stops to reload use the Unknown Liquid on her and conclude the battle without killing Cybil.

Minus (-) Ending Strategy: Shoot at her with one of your stronger firearms from a distance, making use of your L1 and R1 buttons to avoid her fire. When she stops to reload, run forward and empty as many bullets into her as possible. Repeat this as many times as necessary, but keep a safe distance and try to manoeuvre out of the way when she tries to shoot you.

After this battle will be a very long scene with Alessa Gillespie and Dahlia Gillespie. Next you will awaken in what appears to be the Alternate Alchemilla Hospital with Lisa.

Items in area: x2 Health Drinks, First Aid Kit, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Box of Rifle Shells

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