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Silent Hill 1: Walkthrough Guide (Part 7)

Nowhere (Part 1)

After the scene with Cybil there will be a save point on the desk, leave the Examination Room by the door that was facing you (it will be the only door that is unlocked). The next room will be a void that has a metal path leading across to another door, run over the path and into the elevator. This will then take you down the first floor of ‘Nowhere’. As you step out of the elevator turn to your right and go through the first door and into the Bird Cage Room. Collect the Box of Handgun Bullets off the gurney and leave. When you exit turn to your right again and you will see a ghostly image of Alessa running down the corridor and into a door. Enter the second door you see to the left of this one (it would have been facing you upon leaving the elevator). This room is the Green Lion Antiques, you will see a save point on the side and a First Aid Kit on a chair and some Shotgun Shells on the large box in the left corner. Exit the room and turn right, now go through the third door along against the wall. Head down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. You will now be in a classroom from Midwich Elementary, examine the desk in the centre of the room to read: “Go Home, Thief, Drop Dead”. Continue through this room and out via the door at the opposite end. In the next room check the items on the table to get the Pliers and the Screwdriver. Now head back through the classroom and up the stairs into the first floor of ‘Nowhere’. Once back go through the door directly opposite the Bird Cage Room, in here use the Pliers on the tap/faucet to release the Key of Ophiel. Head back to the corridor and use the key on the door of Ophiel (the door before the one leading to the classroom).

Items in area: First Aid Kit, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Pliers, Screwdriver, Key of Ophiel

Nowhere (Part 2)

In this corridor go through the second door on the left, this will take you to a puzzle. On each side of the walls there are pictures of the zodiac with numbers under each of them that say:

Right Side: Pisces (0) / Aries (4)
Left Side: Libra (2) / Cancer (10)

Then around the curved rear of the room are more with numbered keypads under each:

From left to right: Sagittarius (6) / Taurus (4) / Gemini (8)

The answer to working this puzzle out is the limbs for each zodiac sign. So, you will need to enter the numbers into the keypads under the three at the rear. From left to right key in 6 – 4 – 8, the Stone of Time will then fall from the wall so collect it. Exit this room and turn left, walk to the end of the corridor and examine the large stone plaque on the wall (the far right red circle on our map), which will read:

Names engraved on a lithograph.
The Grim Reaper’s List.

Yes, the headcount is set
Young and old lined up
In order of age.

Then, the pathway opens
Awaiting them, the frenzied
Uproar, the feast of death!

After looking at this turn around and run back down the corridor and turn left, then examine the other stone plaque on the left-hand side, which will say:

35 Lydia Findly
60 Trevor F White
18 Albert Lords
45 Roberts T Morgan
38 Edward C Briggs

The clues to solve this riddle are “young and old line up” and “headcount is set”. So, young and old lined up means to sort the list into the order of each person’s age. Then the headcount means the first letter of each name, the first letter being the head (in theory). Therefore the correct answer would be;

A = 18 Albert Lords
L = 35 Lydia Findly
E = 38 Edwards C Briggs
R = 45 Roberta T Morgan
T = 60 Trevor F White

Now, turn to your right and check the keypad that can be seen next to the double doors. On the next screen input the answer you got from the puzzle – ALERT – to unlock the door. Go through this empty room and into the next, head straight to the back wall and get the Amulet of Solomon. Go back through to the empty room and a short scene with Lisa will start. When this is over Harry will have left the room, but go back into it to find and read Lisa’s diary:

Asked doctor to let me quit being in charge of that patient.
It’s too weird.

Still alive, but with wounds that won’t heal.

Told the doctor I quit.
Won’t work at that hospital anymore.

The room is filled with insects. Even with doors and windows shut they get in to spite me.
To the hospital…

Feeling bad.
Need to throw up.
But nothing comes out.
Vomiting only bile.

Blood and pus flow from the bathroom faucet. I try to stop it, but it won’t turn off.

Need drug.

Help me…

Journey back to the Antiques Shop Room (refer to our map) and put the Stone of Time into the clock face of the grandfather clock. The face glass will shatter before you revealing the Key of Hagith, so you can now get it. Go back into the main corridor and walk to the north end, use the Key of Hagith to unlock the door of Hagith and give you access to the elevator.

Items in area: Stone of Time, Amulet of Solomon, Key of Hagith

Nowhere (Part 3)

Choose the second floor in the elevator. When you exit, take the third door on the left (marked Kazanian Jewelry on our map), in here collect the Box of Rifle Shells off the side and the Crest of Mercury on the red cushion in the display. Then collect the Ring of Contract off the red cushion at the rear of the shop. Leave here and travel along the corridor through the double doors and into the next corridor. Walk through and turn right, then go into the first (and only) door on your right. Pick up the Shotgun Shells inside and the Camera on the desk at the back. Exit the room then head to the end of the corridor and go through the very last door on the left. On the back wall will be a metal plate, use the Screwdriver to unscrew it from the wall and reveal the Key of Aratron. You will not be able to get this yet as there is electricity passing through it. On your way back to the elevator, unlock the double doors on the opposite end of this corridor for later use (marked back to main hall on our map). In the elevator choose the third floor, this will have an altar at the rear and locked doors either side of it. As you leave the elevator you will see a ghostly image of a young Alessa praying at the altar. Examine the pictures to each side of the altar to see some clues on how to unlock the doors:

Left Picture: The light to the future
Right Picture: The light illuminating the darkness

Basically these clues should lead you to use the flash on the camera. So, use the camera on each picture to reveal the combinations to put in the keypads (see the puzzles section for the answer!)

Now input these combinations into the relevant doors to unlock them. Enter the left room first and obtain the Birdcage Key on the chair then leave. In the room to the right get the Health Drink off the side and read the book next to it to see:


Perennial herb found near water. Reaches height of 10 to 15 in. Oblong leaves, white blossoms.
Seeds contain hallucinogen. Ancient records show it was used for religious ceremonies. The hallucinogenic effect was key.

Next go to the desk at the back of the room and examine the open book to read:

Investigation stalled.
“PTV” dealers still at large.

Suspicious deaths continue. First the anti-drug Mayor, now a narcotics officer dies of a sudden heart failure of unknown cause.

Fire broken out in town.
6 homes destroyed.

Charred body of Alessa Gillespie (7) found in aftermath.

Cause of fire currently under investigation.

Investigations show source as basement of Gillespie home. Blaze now believed caused by malfunction of antiqued boiler.

Harry will note that the date of the blaze is the same day he found Cheryl. Once this has been done go back down to the first floor via the elevator and go to the Birdcage Room. Use the Birdcage Key to open the cage and acquire the Key of Phaleg. Leave the room then use the Key of Phaleg on the door to your immediate right (check our map).

Items in area: Health Drink, Box of Handgun Bullets, Box of Shotgun Shells, Box of Rifle Shells, Crest of Mercury, Ring of Contract, Camera, Birdcage Key, Key of Phaleg

Nowhere (Part 4)

Go into the first room on Harry’s right and you will be in the alternate kitchen from Alchemilla Hospital. In the centre of the room is a refrigerator with a dagger between the doors and a broken chain. If you examine the chain, Harry will see a close up of them, use the ring of Contract to link the chain together – this will allow you to remove the Dagger of Melchior. If you do not link the chain the Blood Sucker hidden inside the fridge will kill you instantly. Exit this room and enter the next door on the right side, pick up the Health Drink and the Box of Handgun Bullets on the shelves and then look at the packet of jelly beans. As Harry tries to open them, the contents of the packet fall on the floor, you will then find the Key of Bethor. Now use the other door in this room to find a TV and VCR, use the Video Tape here to watch what is on it. Leave the rooms and go through the middle door on the left side of the basement hall into the Graffiti Room. You will see a ghostly figure of Alessa crying under a table. After this is over collect the Ankh off the wall. Now go to the first door on the left and use the Key of Bethor to unlock it. In here is the generator room from Alchemilla Hospital, push the power button on the main panel to switch the generator off. Leave the basement by the main door and you will be back on the first floor, from here go through the second door on the right (you unlocked this earlier) to be warped to the second floor. On the second floor turn left and go into the last door on the left. Get the Key of Aratron from the wall that was behind the metal plate (you have now turned the power off so it will be safe). Follow your path back down to the basement and use the Key of Aratron on the on the third door to the right. A long scene will now commence with Alessa, Dahlia and some doctors. After this pick up the Disc of Ouroboros that is next to the picture of Alessa. Leave here and go into the bedroom which is the last door on the left (check our map). In this room will be a save point, when you have looked around the room go to the door at the back. If you examine the door before placing any items into it this can be seen:

thou passes them
to guard thy spirit
evoke five rites
unveil thy fate

You will now need to put the following items that you’ve collected into this door:

Amulet of Solomon
Crest of Mercury
Dagger of Melchior
Disc of Ouroboros

This door is now unlocked so go through it and watch the scene involving Alessa and Dahlia. When it’s over progress down the stairs and to the final battle…

Boss: Alessa / Winged Demon

Technique One: As soon as the battle begins, fire off as many Rifle rounds at the Winged Demon as you can before it starts warming up with its electrical blast. Then start running around in a big circle, remembering to keep moving and avoiding any strikes. As soon as it lets off a blast, stop, fire once or twice, then get running again.

Technique Two: Only try this if your ammo and health supplies are good. If you have lots of health, try the technique you used to dispense of the Moth. Use your Rifle or Shotgun and fire at close-range, remembering to knock back a health drink after each hit from the Winged Demon.

Technique Three: This is the non-violent solution to the battle;
Before you go through the door in the Child’s Room in Nowhere, get out your firearms and use up all your firearm ammunition. Enter the arena, and the battle will commence as usual. Select your Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle and fire once using each gun to show that you’re out of ammo. Then just keep running. If you avoid two consecutive hits from the Boss, the Winged Demon will collapse to the floor and the battle is over.

Items in area: Health Drink, Box of Handgun Bullets, Dagger of Melchior, Ankh, Disc of Ouroboros, Key of Bethor, Key of Aratron

Congratulations! You’ve DONE IT!

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