How can I get the chainsaw?
You can only get the chainsaw from your second time through playing the game. You’ll find it right at the beginning; after running through the forest, you’ll hear a disquieting buzzing as you get closer to where you find the radio. It’s embedded
in some logs.

Where do I get the Great Knife?
It’s in the Labyrinth. Careful, though – Pyramid Head ain’t giving it up easily.

How do I get the Hyper Spray?
There are three ways to get the Hyperspray:

  • Complete once on Hard Action Mode;
  • Complete twice, at least once on Normal or;
  • Complete three times on any Action Level.

You’ll find it in the Motorhome on Saul Street on the table – you can’t miss it. How good your Hyper Spray is depends upon how many star points you received at the end of your previous game. Here’s how it works:

  • Below 16 stars: Lilac – Effective against: all opponents;
  • 16-79 stars: White – Effective against: Bubble Head Nurse, Creeper, Lying Figure, Mannequin;
  • 80-99 stars: Yellow – Effective against: Abstract Daddy, BH Nurse, Creeper, Eddie (1st battle), Lying figure, mannequin;
  • 100 stars: Green – Effective against: all opponents.

What does this tell you? That you have to be either superb or completely crap to get a spray worth getting.

I’ve completed three times but couldn’t get the Hyper Spray. What have I done wrong?
This may be because you’ve failed to load up your last game before starting on your new one. Whenever you start a new game, you must load the Game Result of your previous game first. Once you’ve done this and gone back to the Menu Screen, you should see that New Game has turned yellow. To find out if you did this, go to a save point in your new game and enter it. When the option to save comes up, move your right stick to the right a couple of times until you see some letters come up; L R M W and/or D – predictably, these tell you what endings you’ve already received e.g. L for Leave. If you’ve completed three times but only one or two letters are showing, it means you haven’t loaded properly and your previous results haven’t
registered. I’ve done this a couple of times myself.

Where can I find a Walkthrough?
Right here! Don’t go into the labyrinth without it!

How do I get all the endings?
Read this section for more information on the endings.

How do I get the Rebirth ending?
From your second time through, you’ll notice that there are extra items to be found – White Chrism (Blue Creek Apartment), Book of Lost Memories (Gas Station), Obsidian Goblet (Historical Society) and the Crimson Ceremony Book (Reading Room, Alternate Hotel). Collect all these and you’ll get the Rebirth ending – regardless of the other decisions you’ve made throughout the game.

Please note, though, that they’re not always easy to find. James doesn’t always give you the usual clue of turning his head.

What do the Star Points in my Game Result mean?

They tell you how well you’ve done in the game and contribute to what strength Hyperspray you receive.

  • Action Level: For Beginner you get 0 stars, Easy 1, Normal 3, Hard 5
  • Riddle Level: Beginner 1, Easy 3, Normal 5, Hard 5 (I’m assuming “Extra” Riddle is 5, too)
  • Ending: Three standard endings are white, two bonus are coloured yellow
  • Ending clear: The number of endings you’ve seen is multiplied by four: so you get 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 stars
  • Saves: 0-2 saves gets you 5 stars, 3-5 is 4, 6-10 is 3, 11-20 is 2, 21-30 is 1 and 31+ is zero
  • Total time: Under 3 hrs is 10 stars, Under 4 hrs 5, under 6 hrs 6, Under 8 hrs 2, under 16 hrs 1 and 16+ is zero
  • Walking Distance: Doesn’t affect score
  • Running Distance: Ditto above
  • Items: You get one star for every 20 items; one for each hidden item. There are 7 hidden items altogether
  • Enemies Defeated by Shooting: Every 5th opponent gives you 1 star
  • Enemies Defeated by Fighting: Ditto above
  • Boat Stage Time: Under 80 secs gives you 5 stars, under 160 = 4, under 240 = 3, under 480 = 2, under 960 = 1 and anything over that is a big fat zero
  • Boat Max Speed: No affect on final score
  • Total Damage: Under 500 points gives you 5 stars, under 1000 = 4, under 1500 = 3, under 2000 = 2, under 2500 = 1 and 2500 is zero

How do I get the Extra Riddle Mode?

You must have completed three times, having selected all three Riddle Modes – Easy, Normal and Hard. On your fourth attempt, pick Hard again at the start. When you go to save next time, you should see that it says ‘Extra’ on your Save Screen.

The opening movie shows scenes that I haven’t seen. Have I missed something?

No. The scenes with Maria in Heaven’s Night, James carrying Maria/Mary in the prison or Eddie and Laura by the Motorhome etc., were created for the introductory movie only or were deleted – so whatever their origin, they can’t be accessed in the game.

I’m stuck right at the beginning. I have to get into the Apartments but can’t find the key!

Take a good look around Silent Hill, including all alleyways. As well as goodies such as health drinks and ammo, you may find other essential items like keys and memos.

For the Woodside Apartment key, head up Martin Street and check that corpse out.

What’s the code for the door in the Bug Room/Historical Society?

As the code is random every time you play, we can’t give you an answer. However, inspect the keypad closely . . . You’ll notice that two or two of the buttons are lighter than the others, suggesting that they’ve been worn with use. Just keep tapping at em, changing the order until you stumble across the correct code – a lovely ‘ping’ sound will tell you that you got it right. This puzzle is trickier in Hard Mode as the buttons aren’t as bright and only two may be obvious. It’s all trial and error.

How can I kill Pyramid Head in the Apartments / Hospital / Labyrinth?

You can’t. Best advice is just shoot, shoot, shoot, and run, run, run – although it may help you to know that he’s most susceptible to the Rifle.

What’s Angela’s knife used for?

It’s not used at all during the game. But the number of times you check it in your inventory contributes to what ending you’ll receive.

I’ve been rowing for ages but can’t dock anywhere. Where should I go?

The secret here is to get your bearings before you get into the boat. See there’s a light in the distance? That’s where you need to head. So once you get into the boat, turn right until you see the light in front of you – you’ll be heading into the mist – and go from there. And no, you can’t dock on the island in the middle of the lake.

The Employees’ elevator won’t work and an alarm keeps going off. Help!

Look at the sign to the right of the door. See where it says there’s a maximum weight?

All that stuff James is dragging around with him is finally taking its toll. There’s a set of shelves to the right of the elevator before you go in. Inspect them and leave all James’ belongings there. Yep, all of them. All you can take with you are Mary’s letter and picture – which aren’t much use in a fight, are they?

I’m in the Hotel Lobby and the Pyramid Heads are dead. How do I open the door?

Inspect the Pyramid Heads. Are they holding something?

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