Offering a huge array of sounds, from rock to classical and everything inbetween, the haunting, dark melancholy music of Silent Hill is as infamous as the games themselves.

Below are thirty seconds samples from the entire Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack for your delectation.

If you love these samples, please go out and buy the official soundtrack yourself. There are still plenty of places to find the original soundtrack, including good ‘ole eBay, so be a good panda and don’t download the full tracks online. Music piracy is bad, mmkay.

01. Theme of Laura [audio: – Theme of Laura.mp3]
02. White Noiz [audio: – White Noiz.mp3]
03. Forest [audio: – Forest.mp3]
04. A World of Madness [audio: – A World of Madness.mp3]
05. Ordinary Vanity [audio: – Ordinary Vanity.mp3]
06. Promise (Reprise) [audio: – Promise (Reprise).mp3]
07. Ashes and Ghost [audio: – Ashes and Ghost.mp3]
08. Null Moon [audio: – Null Moon.mp3]
09. Heaven’s Night [audio: – Heaven’s Night.mp3]
10. Alone in the Town [audio: – Alone in the Town.mp3]
11. The Darkness That Lurks in Our Minds [audio: – The Darkness That Lurks in Our Minds.mp3]
12 – Angel’s Thanatos [audio: – Angel’s Thanatos.mp3]
13. The Day of Night [audio: – The Day of Night.mp3]
14. Block Mind [audio: – Block Mind.mp3]
15. Magdalene [audio: – Magdalene.mp3]
16 – Fermata in Mistic Air [audio: – Fermata in Mistic Air.mp3]
17. Prisonic Fairytale [audio: – Prisonic Fairytale.mp3]
18. Love Psalm [audio: – Love Psalm.mp3]
19. Silent Heaven [audio: – Silent Heaven.mp3]
20. None Love You [audio: – Noone Love You.mp3]
21. The Reverse Will [audio: – The Reverse Will.mp3]
22. Laura Plays the Piano [audio: – Laura Plays the Piano.mp3]
23. Terror in the Depths of the Fog [audio: – Terror in the Depths of the Fog.mp3]
24. True [audio: – True.mp3]
25. Betrayal [audio: – Betrayal.mp3]
26. Black Fairy [audio: – Black Fairy.mp3]
27. Theme of Laura (Reprise) [audio: – Theme of Laura (Reprise).mp3]
28. Overdose Delusion [audio: – Overdose Delusion.mp3]
29 – Pianissimo Epilogue [audio: – Pianissimo Epilogue.mp3]
30. Promise [audio: – Promise.mp3]

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