Although this is as spoiler-free guide to the puzzles and their solutions as we can manage, please know that reading this page before you’ve completed could well ruin the game for you. Do yourself a favour: only read this if you’re really stuck and even then, only when you’re desperate. Silent Hill’s not Silent Hill without these puzzles!

Clock Puzzle | Safe Puzzle | Cabinet Puzzle | Trick or Treat Puzzle | Roach Room Puzzle | Face Cube Puzzle | Hanged Man Puzzle | Music Box Puzzle

Clock Puzzle

The riddle on the side of the clock states:

The scars from the past shall remove the nail that stops Time
While the clue on the wall is a depiction of arrows in different positions with the names Henry, Mildred, and Scott carved next to them.

Easy: Three different sizes, time on the run. Three young men circlin’ round the sun. Henry is short and very, very slow, Scott can’t stop, he’s always on the go.

This is a roundabout way of telling you something you something that you may have learned in kindergarden. Henry = Hour, Scott = Second, Mildred = Minute. Look at the carving on the wall to find out the clock needle positions. The answer is always 9:10, and oddly enough, though Scott canít stop, the second hand in this puzzle cannot move.

Normal mode and beyond: Three needles stand of three different heights. The fat, the tall and the thin. From slow to fast they move to the right. Scott rests not on three, but fifteen.

Here is pretty much the same thing, the clue on the wall has the answer for the positions, and again the answer is always 9:10.

Safe Puzzle

Get the combination out of the toilet.

Easy and Normal: These are all randomly generated combinations. If you remember how the old high school locker combo locks work you should be set. The >> designates which direction to turn, and remember to make one full rotation past the first number (clockwise) before landing on it.

This is a roundabout way of telling you something you something that you may have learned in kindergarden. Henry = Hour, Scott = Second, Mildred = Minute. Look at the carving on the wall to find out the clock needle positions. The answer is always 9:10, and oddly enough, though Scott can’t stop, the second hand in this puzzle cannot move.

Hard: Just like Easy and normal, only with the inclusion of Roman Numerals and Partial Roman Numerals:

I = 1, V = 5, X = 10

In the event of a Partial Roman Numeral, add the numerals together, if any, then add them to the regular number.

Extra: This is probably easier than the Hard version. Letters A-K replace all of the double digit numbers in the combination (10-20).

Cabinet Puzzle

There are no random riddles here; each has a set answer depending on riddle difficulty. Overall this riddle is pretty straightforward so long as you examine the images on the coins beforehand: Old Man | Snake | Prisoner.

Easy: To the right is the lady / To the left is the old one / In the center draws the other / Now just two spaces remain / But fear not for now / The puzzle is done / The puzzle is done.

This is pretty straightforward. The first three lines show where to place whom. The fourth line tells you about the blank space, and the last three lines tell you thatís all to the puzzle. Therefore the order is Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, and Prisoner.

Normal: Three bright coins in five holes be
At one end sits / the Seducer of she / The wind from behind / the woman doth play / The Formless One / Null, lies furthest from they / The Old One beside / the Serpent sits not / Tis to the Prisoner’s left / that he doth rot

The first stanza refers to the Seducer of she, which taken biblically is the snake. It also states that he sits at one end, in this case, the end. The wind from behind is significant, it shows that there is a blank space between the snake and the woman doth play, the prisoner. The formless one lies furthest from they, which means the other blank space is as far away from the woman as possible. Not much choice as there are only two slots left. The last two stanzas state that the old man is to the left of the prisoner, therefore the order is: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake.

Hard: First lies the seat of / He who is Peerless
Silent and empty / heartless and fearless / Beside him sits one who knows / The place of the servant is / next to throne.

Dozens of feet / yet not a single toe / The One that is Hidden / beside him doth go / Seducer of dreams / creature of Hades
Lying further from / Man and closer to Lady

Man and Woman seeing all / Heedless to the Raven’s call / Silent and Hidden the two may be / They be not there for you to see / Return them to whence /they would be / And blessing shall /descend on thee

I speak thus with / the North Star behind me / The birth of the sun is / the start of the story

This first line is pretty straightforward. Probably the only one that doesn’t require too much thought – it’s empty.

The next line – “heartless and fearless / beside him sits one who knows / the place of the servant / is next to throne” – has a few allusions. This entity is sitting next to an empty space, and is fearless and heartless. This is a very Nietzschian reference about death. The stanza finishes up with an allegorical reference about a servant’s place is next to the throne, anyone familiar with certain Christian teachings will recognize this. While some can argue this point, the figure we have to work with that is most expectant of death is the Old Man.

This line – “Dozens of feet, yet not a single toe / The One that is Hidden / beside him doth go / Seducer of dreams, creature of Hades / Lying further from Man / and closer to Lady” – says a lot with very little. Dozens of feet, yet not a single Toe, is part of an old riddle about a snake, while creature of Hades is another reference to the serpent. The one that is Hidden, is that which we cannot see, and is therefore empty.

The Lady is the prisoner, and is the last mentioned, which denotes her position. This means that since the snake is closer to the Prisoner, then the empty space must be between the old man and snake.

The final order? Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner

Extra: Like coins in the hazy / aether tossed / Our souls must by / their sinful weight / Descend to earth / with lightness lost

To “right” the sins / that they hath laid / When thrice in falling they intone / The Happiness shall be thy own / The first note be not by / the Horned One rung / Though it be there that / all sins be sprung

The Bringer of Life and / the Bringer of Shame / The sins of the latter be / even more tame

Though coming / in the Aged One’s wake / The Formless One’s soul / in fear doth quake

The Needless One, silent, / with hungers all sated / Is least then in sin / with his lusts all abated

For the gravest of sinners / His place be appointed / And if he be lucky / May his soul be anointed

“Our souls must by their sinful weight; To ‘right’ the sins that they hath laid” – this sentence denotes order. Least to most sinful from left to right.

“The first note be not by the Horned One rung; though it be there that all sins be sprung” This passage describes the Devil, or rather, his depiction from biblical allegory. The Snake.

“The Bringer of Life and the Bringer of Shame; the sins of the latter be even more tame” This passage represents Woman, or rather the Prisoner, as bringer of life through pregnancy and birth. Bringer of shame comes from the biblical reference of original sin in which Eve gives Adam an apple from the tree of knowledge, thus dooming all people to be born with sin. It also suggests that she is the most sinful.

“Though coming in the Aged One’s wake; the Formless One’s soul in fear doth quake” – formless is again a reference to emptiness, Aged one is the Old Man. Emptiness is in the Old Man’s wake, and thus next to each other. “The Needless One, silent, with hungers all sated; Is least then in sin with his lusts all abated” is a vague reference to the old man and can be observed logically as a by-product of living life, ‘all lust’s abated’. We can thus place the Old Man at the far left.

Extrapolating off of what we know, we come up with: Old Man, Blank, Snake, Blank, Prisoner.

Trick or Treat Puzzle

This is less of a puzzle and more of a Silent Hill trivia, multiple-choice quiz. The questions are the same regardless of difficulty.

Merry-Go-Round, haunted house, roller coaster, ferris wheel and tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that both children and adults love. The question is: What is the name of this amusement park?

1) Fantasy Land; 2) Silent Hill Amusement Park or 3) Lakeside Amusement Park

Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. A brother and sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and chopped into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, smashed bones, splattered blood, and finally… What a terrible tragedy. What gruesome end to such innocent lives. What was the name of the murderer who committed this vile act?

1) Walter Sullivan; 2) Scott Fairbanks or 3) Eric Gein

South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale. From there to Paleville, the central resort area northwest of the lake, there’s only one road you can take. Just one road, no more. The third and final question is: What is the name of that road?

1) Bachman Road; 2) Rendell Street or 3) Nathan Avenue

The answers aren’t too difficult; each can be readily found exploring the town, looking at your map, and in one instance is uncovered while collecting the components for another puzzle:

Question 1: Lakeside Amusement Park (Found on Map)
Question 2: Walter Sullivan (Found in Article acquired while obtaining Old Man Coin)
Question 3: Nathan Avenue (Found on Map)

Roach Room Puzzle

This is an entirely random puzzle. On the keypad two or three numbers should be illuminated. Those numbers, and only those numbers are in the code to unlock the door, and each is used at least once. There isn’t any real strategy other than using the brute force method; try every combination!

Face Cube Puzzle

This is a quick little puzzle that quickly becomes complicated depending on difficulty. On each surface of the cube is a face that is either yellow, red, green, or blue eyes. The cube is situated on a fitting that allows it to rotate laterally or vertically on a pin. Thusly, there are four possible facial orientations, and four colors, only two of these can be of any facial orientation making for a total of 12 possible color and face position combinations.

Easy and Normal: First, center the red-eyed right-side up face, then rotate the cube laterally until the yellow-eyed upside-down face is centered. There should be a stairway behind James.

Hard and Extra: Now the solution is randomly generated. Again, there are only 12 possible combinations; the best method is to write those down and check them off as you try each.

Hanged Man Puzzle

Upon entering this area you should notice two signs, one of which, is larger than the other. This larger sign varies by difficulty, while the smaller is always the same.

Only the sinless one / can help you here / Mistakenly pull on / a criminal’s rope and / your reward will be returned / to you in a shape most / wondrously strange

The nooses correspond to the criminals (Murderer, Arsonist, Bodily Injurer, Counterfeiter, Thief, Embezzler, Kidnapper, and Swindler) described on the second sign, and their positions are randomly positioned, though the answer for each riddle is always the same. Please note: there are more criminals than nooses at any one time. Thus you can systematically eliminate the incorrect ones as they’re described.

As stated on the smaller sign, the object is to select the criminal wrongly executed.

He committed an evil crime / He turned a happy home /into a pile of ash / For that, he should die.

They also committed crimes / They tried to fraud /and trick others. / So their reward too is natural.

Even he cannot be forgiven / My friend without his left hand / And so his death bothers me not.

And what of him? / He also is not sinless. / There is only one here / who is innocent.

The missing child was / nowhere to be found, / And so there was / no proof of his guilt. / His death was a tragedy.

That is all I wish to say. / It was neither justice / nor retribution.

In this riddle, you only really need to observe the last two stanzas, as they tell you that the kidnapper is the innocent man, as there was no proof of his guilt.


Dead men, dead men / swinging in a tree / How many dead men / do you see? / Tongue turned blue and / face gone grey / Watch them as they / twist and sway

The first one killed / the butcher man / Then cooked him in / the frying pan / Served him to his hungry guests / And gave them seconds on request

The next one with his smile / and sweets / Stole poor children off the streets / To men who dressed unsavory / He sold them into slavery

Breaking into home at night / The thief he had a nasty fright / Filled his foolish head with ale / Woke in the morn
in the county jail

The artist with his daunting skill / Tried his hand at painting bills / But caught in rain he was undone / When the ink he’d use did / start to run

With promises of great return / Taking gold he did not earn / Bundled it up out of sight / Quietly slipped off into night

Three houses into ashes burned / The sheriff with no place to turn / Did spy a stranger to his town / Locked him up and beat him down

Dead men, dead men / swinging in a tree / How many dead men / do you see? / Six feet long and /six men wide / Round their necks / the noose be tied

Again, here you only need to pay attention to the second to last stanza, as it tells you the arsonist was little more than a patsy.


“I do not wish to die / But tomorrow I will climb / the thirteen steps.

Please someone – answer me / Why must I die come the morning?

The man imprisoned beside me / believed me. “Because they’re / all insane, that’s why,” he said / Of course I know his opinion / will change nothing. “Now you / know why I struck out at them,” / he muttered.

The man who was executed / yesterday, the one who had / said his job was to sell dreams / said that was not true.

But the man who is to be executed / the day after tomorrow for stealing / children shouted back that it was / true

The man who was hung today / did not answer. “They’ll kill me / either way,” he said. He was / caught embezzling public money / so he hasn’t any hope for mercy

The man who is always quietly / smiling to himself said “I am / happy for I will soon be with her.”

I do not wish to die / I long only to return home. / But I know it is not to be. / Though I have done nothing, this / crime has been thrust upon me.

Someone save me. This is not / judgment. They are bloodthirsty / and I am their sacrificial lamb!”

This one is a little more difficult as it’s clear that the author of this passage is the innocent man, though there are no real clues as to what he was accused of. Therefore the only way to identify him is to eliminate all other options.

The third stanza describes the bodily injurer clearly, as he admits that he struck out at them. In the fourth stanza the man says his job is to sell dreams, which clearly identifies him as the swindler. The fifth stanza indicates that this person stole children, and is thus the kidnapper. In the sixth stanza, the man is to be executed for embezzling public money. Itís pretty clear that this man is the embezzler.

The next one might be a little confusing at first, though it may strike a little close to home for some players. “I am happy for I will soon be with her.” Coming from a man to be executed is probably referring to someone already dead, like the person he killed, and for whom he now feels remorse.

The only person not mentioned is the counterfeiter, who therefore must be the innocent party.

We may visit death upon the head / of the sinner but to what avail?

In the name of retribution / we took part in a bitter / comedy this day

You, hanging as you do / by your neck / Unforgiven and cursed by all.

Five of them committed crimes, / six went out for a drink and / were captured there.

Only one of them was innocent, / but they knew not that.

The bloodstains remaining / are proof of their guilt. / Trodden upon and thus created, / they are paths to / Hell or the Void.

The white bandages stained / with crimson, / The remains upon the scorched / black earth, / The whispered cries of the maiden. / They are but meaningless / contract.

They are also signs of guilt.

But one of them was / done without reason. / It was done out of fear / and a ripe imagination.

Sinning alone at the / end of a rope / it is nothing less than / a disgrace to us all.”

This is another riddle that has to be solved by elimination, though thankfully all of the information needed is in two stanzas. “The white bandages stained with crimson” describes the bodily injurer, as there are bandages involved and “the remains upon the scorched black earth” is very descriptive, obviously describing the arsonist.

“The whispered cries of the maiden” is a little less obvious. There are four crimes left – murderer, swindler, thief, and kidnapper – and as this person is still alive to emit “whispered cries”, it could be deduced that her assailant can’t be the murderer. Those cries might not be as whispered if the criminal encountered was the swindler – and let’s not forget that a person who thieves/takes other people is called a kidnapper.

“They are but meaningless contract” generally describes a con, and thusly, the swindler. As for “It was done out of fear and a ripe imagination”; it is often described that murders are crimes of necessity or passion, with grave fear. Serialized or ritual killings often involve ripe imaginations, however.

This leaves only one not mentioned – the thief. Therefore, he is innocent.

Music Box Puzzle

Easy: When the Lost One is returned / the sour note shall turn sweet

This is written at each slot; the order of the boxes does not matter, so any box in any slot will complete this puzzle.

Normal: here different passages are inscribed at each slot:

Seat of the Princess / who fled at midnight: Cinderella fled from the ball at midnight leaving her glass slipper behind.

Seat of the Princess / who awoke from death: This passage describes Snow White, who after being poisoned and placed in a glass coffin by dwarves, awoke at the kiss of her one true love.

Seat of the Princess / who spoke no words: The bargain that the Little Mermaid struck that granted her human legs to walk upon the land with, also prohibited her from speaking.

Hard and Beyond:
Twas shameful greed did stain / her shoe with blood
: This one is pretty obvious. Cinderella was the only character mentioned that had shoes of note. The passage describes her step-mother’s greed at trying to trick the prince into marrying her birth daughter.

Beauty – Both a blessing / and a curse thou be: This describes Snow White, her beauty made her loved, or the object of jealousy, and is responsible for the events that define her story.

Even so, I still want to believe / that she was happy; This one describes the Little Mermaid. Again it’s a reference to her giving up the ability to speak for human legs. In the story, she struck a bargain, but there was no guarantee that it would result in her happiness, and she can’t tell anyone one way or another after the fact.

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