Need a Save Point and fast? Here’s a comprehensive list, ordered according to their appearance in the game:

1. Wiltse Road: Well
2. Vachss Road: Backyard
3. Saul Street: Trailer (on the bed)
4. Woodside Apartment: Lobby
5. Woodside Apartment: Room 209
6. Bluecreek Apartment: Room 105
7. Bluecreek Apartment: Room 208
8. Brookhaven: Reception
9. Brookhaven: S11 (3rd Floor) (normal and Alternate)
10. Brookhaven: Near Garden (Alternate)
11. Brookhaven: 3rd Floor Stairs (Alternate)
12. Brookhaven: Near Lobby/Reception Door (Alternate)
13. Silent Hill Historical Society: Lobby
14. Toluca Prison: Cafeteria (on pillar)
15. Toluca Prison: Mens bathroom
16. Labyrinth: Before Entering Labyrinth
17. Labyrinth: On Exit
18. Catacombs: Gravestone
19. Shipping Dock: On barrel
20. Lakeview Hotel: Lobby (on a chair)
21. Lakeview Hotel: Employee Elevator Room (2nd Floor)
22. Lakeview Hotel: 313 (3rd Floor)
23. Lakeview Hotel: You can’t miss these ones!

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