1. 2nd floor. Room 205. Get ‘light’; Mary’s dress.
  2. 3rd floor. Try get key. Room 301. Get ‘handgun’; trolley.
  3. 2nd floor. “Scream”. Room 208. Get ‘Room 202 Key’; shelf.
  4. Room 202. Get ‘Clock Key’; hole.
  5. Room 208. Use Clock Key. Set time; 9:10
  6. Staircase. 3rd floor. Room 307. Get ‘Courtyard Key’; closet.
  7. Get ‘Fire Escape Key’; near bars.
  8. Other staircase. 1st floor. Take a left. Get ‘Canned Juice’; on ground.
  9. Exit main doors, run back to start. Enter courtyard. Get ‘Snake Coin’; in pool.
  10. Other door. Room 101. Meet Eddie. Back through courtyard. Other door.
  11. 2nd floor. Use Canned Juice; Trash chute.
  12. Get ‘Old Man Coin’ from garbage bin outside.
  13. 2nd floor. Left. Fire escape door. (Safe Puzzle)
  14. “Exit” door. Get map next to door in stairwell. 1st floor. Left. Room 109. Visit Angela.
  15. Get ‘Prisoner Coin’; table. Room 105. Solve puzzle.
  16. Get ‘Lynn House Key’. 2nd floor. Enter door with note, room 209.
  17. Get ‘Apartment Stairway Key’. Enter blue door.
  18. Fight Pyramid Head. Exit.


  1. Get map next to door. Reception office. Enter document room. Get ‘Purple Bull Key’; desk.
  2. Staircase. 2nd floor. Woman’s locker room. Get ‘Bent Needle’; teddy bear + ‘Shotgun’; locker.
  3. Hallway. Examining room 3. Typewriter; 4 number code.
  4. Room M2. Get ‘Lapis Eye Key’.
  5. Staircase. 3rd floor. Door code; 7335.
  6. Room S3. Maria rest. Get ‘Roof Key’.
  7. Roof. Pyramid Head smash you. Enter 3rd door; 4 number code.
  8. Hallway. Room S14. Use Lapis Eye Key, Purple Bull Key, and the two 4-digit codes. Get ‘Piece Of Hair’.
  9. Shower Room. Combine ‘Needle & hair’. Get ‘Elevator Key’.
  10. Elevator. 1st floor. Room C2. Talk with Laura.
  11. Kill boss(s). Elevator. 2nd floor.
  12. Room M6. Get ‘Dry Cell Battery + Basement Storeroom Key’.
  13. Elevator. 3rd floor. Staircase. Basement.
  14. Get ‘Copper Ring’. 3rd floor. Elevator.
  15. 2nd floor. Day Room. Get ‘Lead Ring’.
  16. Elevator. 3rd floor. Use rings on door. Downstairs through door. Run to elevator.
  17. Out of elevator. Director’s room.
  18. Get ‘Hospital Lobby Key’. Exit.
  19. Saul Street. Enter fencing. Run through tunnel.
  20. Lindsey Street. Get ‘Wrench & Letter’.
  21. Katz Street. Enter fencing. Run through tunnel.
  22. Up Manson Street. To Rosewater Park.
  23. Go to Statue. Examine earth behind. Use ‘Wrench’. Get ‘Old Bronze Key.
  24. Head to ‘Historical Society’. Enter. Down long passage.
  25. Jump down hole. Use Plank on wall. Enter door.
  26. Go into room. Get ‘Spiral Writing’ key. Use ‘Dry Battery Cell’.
  27. Enter code on keypad. (3 lit up keys)
  28. Use key on gate. Jump down hole.


  1. Tablet Of Gluttonous Pig: Room where you meet Eddie again; table.
  2. Tablet Of The Seductress: Out of ‘Eddie Room’. Left enter 2nd door on the right. Head up, in end shower.
  3. Tablet Of The Oppression: top prison hallway. 7th prison cell.
  4. Get ‘Wax Doll’; bottom prison hallway. Prison cell.
  5. Biggest ‘room’ on map. Use tablets. Obtain horseshoe.
  6. Far left hallway. Second room on right from the top. Get ‘Lighter’.
  7. Last room on right, before metal gate. Go through next door. Obtain the ‘Rifle’.
  8. Back to hallway. Go through metal gate. Combine Wax Doll, Lighter & Horseshoe on ground door. Exit (Prison).
  9. Jump down holes. Go into elevator.


  1. Turn left, second right. Down ladder. Follow path in water. Up ladder. Do ‘Face Box’ puzzle. ‘Maria’ scene.
  2. Get ‘Wire cutters’ in control panel.
  3. Back to start. Use cutters on door opposite starting door.
  4. Down ladder. Follow path in water. First right. Up ladders.
  5. First right. Follow path. Down ladder.
  6. Follow path in water to left. First left. Up ladder.
  7. Follow path, turn right. Round metal fence. Down ladder.
  8. Follow path in water. First left. Up ladders.
  9. Straight ahead. Down ladders.
  10. Follow path in water. First left. Up ladder.
  11. Through door. Straight ahead. ‘Angela’ scene.
  12. Exit room. Through door to right. Do ‘Hangman puzzle’.
  13. Get ‘Key of Persecuted’. Go through door.
  14. Use ‘key’ on handcuffs. Down ladder.
  15. Straight ahead. Through door. ‘Maria’ scene.
  16. Leave room. Through gate. Up ladder.
  17. Enter James’ grave.
  18. Fight ‘Eddie’. Exit. Get in boat. Head toward ‘light’.


  1. Get ‘Little Mermaid Music Box’ from the outside left fountain.
  2. Get map, right of entrance.
  3. Lake Shore Restaurant. Chat with Laura. Get ‘Fish Key’; plate.
  4. Downstairs. Get ‘Thinner’; elevator.
  5. 2nd floor. Cloak room. Use Fish Key; suitcase.
  6. Get ‘Room 204 Key’. Room 204. Get ‘Employee Elevator Key’.
  7. Through hole in wall. Use Thinner; bed. Get 4-digit code. Use 4-digit code; briefcase. Get ‘Cinderella Music Box’.
  8. Go to employee elevator. Examine button pad. Put all items on shelf. Elevator. 1st floor.
  9. Get map next to elevator.
  10. Pantry. Get ‘Snow White Music Box’; fruit bench.
  11. Office. Get ‘Video Tape’ + ‘Can Opener’; safe.
  12. Down stairs. Boiler room. Get ‘Bar Key’; hanging on rope.
  13. Kitchen. Use Can Opener; can. Get ‘Light Bulb’.
  14. Bar. Use Lightbulb; torch.
  15. Use Bar Key; door. Head back to ‘stored items’ room.
  16. Obtain items. Downstairs to lobby.
  17. Reception office. Get ‘Room 312 Key’; shelf.
  18. Lobby. Place music boxes; Left-to-Right. – Cinderella – Snow White – Little Mermaid –
  19. Take ‘Hotel Stairway Key’.
  20. Upstairs. 3rd floor. Enter room 312.
  21. Use tape in video.
  22. Go through door ‘202’. Go to elevator; basement.
  23. Through water filled rooms.
  24. ‘Angela’ scene. Exit room.
  25. Upstairs, through rooms to Pyramid Heads. Get eggs.
  26. Use eggs in doors. Through rooms. Up stairs.
  27. Fight final boss.

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