Heather smiled to herself. It was just a nice little chat on the phone. Just another everyday occurrence in her tranquil life. She was unaware that this tranquil world was about to be torn asunder.

It happened suddenly, without warning, and seemingly without reason. The simple happiness she had known was gone. Her entire world was transformed into a grotesque and bizarre nightmare…

She was caught in the middle.

The cheerful weekend bustle of the shopping mall was replaced by a deep, dank silence. The only sounds now were the footsteps of unspeakable creatures, lurking in the darkness.

What had happened? She needed to know. But there was no one left to tell her.

Heather was trapped alone in a deranged world, with nothing to do but escape. Not knowing where to turn, her only thought was of survival. She clutched her pistol tightly, ready to shoot anything that tried to attack…

“They’ve come to witness the beginning. The rebirth of paradise, despoiled by mankind”.

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