Split Worm

Split Worm

Location: Central Square Mall (Alternate)

Attack Method: Split Worm has multiple methods of attack. He’ll use two different methods of biting you, and both do pretty large amounts of damage. He can slam the ground, which freezes you in your tracks if you were moving at that point in time. On Hard difficulty and above, Split Worm will employ and intant kill attack. He’ll let off a roar when he’s about to do this, so be on your guard.

Weakness: Use the Handgun, as it’s your only ranged weapon at this point in the game (unless you have a special item, of course).

Best Tactics: Split Worm will emerge from one of the six holes on either side of the room, so pay careful attention by pressing L2 to see where he’ll emerge next. Only attack when he opens his mouth, as that’s the only time damage can be dealt. Stay on your toes, since he’ll slither across the room to another hole once he closes his mouth. Just keep Split Worm’s attack methods in mind, watch where he emerges, and plug away with the Handgun when his mouth is open; he should fall relatively quickly.




Location: Daisy Villa Apartments – Rooftop

Attack Method: The Missionary has many different types of attacks, but they can be divided into three main categories: moving, stationary, and counter attacks.

Weakness: Shotgun, shotgun, shotgun. Not only does it drop him fairly quickly, but it’ll knock him back. Attack from the side or the back to avoid having your bullets deflected.

Best Tactics: Don’t stand still for too long, otherwise you’ll get pulverized. Strafing while using L2 to keep the Missionary in your sights is the best way to move around. After he does his running attack, you’ll probably be able to quickly move around him and let off an attack. If he’s knocked down, chances are he’s not dead, so fire at him on the ground a couple of times and back up. Just keep moving, don’t get too close to him, and attack from the side or the back. You’ll know he’s dead when you hear a deafening roar.


Leonard Wolf

Leonard Wolf

Location: Brookhaven Hospital (Alternate)

Attack Method: Leonard will only attack when you’re in close. He can attack while standing by swiping with his arms, attack while rising from under the water, and counterattack after being hit when you’re in close.

Weakness: Ranged attacks. Melee is difficult because of his swift counterattack.

Best Tactics: Just keep moving, and watch for him while he’s swimming underwater. Use the Handgun if you need to conserve ammo, but this may take a while, so use the shotgun if you can when you’re at medium range. Don’t get too close when attacking, or he’ll let off a counterattack (this is capable of hitting you easily even when attacking from behind, so watch for it).


Memory of Alessa

Memory of Alessa

Location: Lakeside Amusement Park

Attack Method: Memory of Alessa will attack according to the weapon she has equipped, using both melee and ranged attacks. The guns are capable of melee attacks, too. She cycles through her weapons in this order: Knife, Handgun, Steel Pipe, Submachine Gun.

Weakness: She’s very predictable, and she has a small variety of attacks. Probably the only boss fight where melee weapons are encouraged, just to save ammunition.

Best Tactics: You’ll be wanting to use the katana or steel pipe for the majority of this fight. She’s incredibly easy when she has the Knife, so just swing at her when she gets close enough to attack. Her Handgun form is a bit more difficult, but you can get around that by staying close enough for melee attacks. Her melee attacks are far less damaging than her ranged attacks, so stay in close. Her Steel Pipe form has a bit more reach on its attack than the Knife, but it’s not very damaging, so feel free to get in close for melee strikes. Her Submachine Gun form may be a bit more difficult. Use the same strategy as for her Handgun form, and make sure that she doesn’t hit you with ranged.




Location: Church (Alternate)

Attack Method: God uses three types of melee attacks: an arm swipe while standing (which does massive damage, by the way. be especially careful of this), an arm swipe while lying down, and a bite attack while lying down. She can also send out trails of fire throughout the battle, which will follow and attempt to hit you.

Weakness: Pretty predictable when attacking. It’s easy to judge the range of her attacks, with the possible exception of the fire trails.

Best Tactics: All of God’s attacks are extremely damaging, so you need to develop a pattern of attacking and dodging. Use ranged weapons until you run out of ammo, then switch to melee attacks (but only attack when she’s lowered to the ground). There should be a semi-circle shaped mark on the ground: that’s the range of God’s swipe attack when she’s on the ground. Only get 2-3 melee hits on her while she’s lying down, then quick turn and run out of there to avoid being hit. Watch the flames carefully and dodge them accordingly.


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