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Silent Hill 3 Endings

Good Ending

What happens? Heather defeats the monster and goes to see Douglas. Heather teases Douglas for a moment before deciding to go by the name “Cheryl”.
How do I get it? Complete the game for the first time. On subsequent plays, don’t kill too many enemies, don’t take too much damage, and say nothing to the person in the confession booth.

Possessed Ending

What happens? Heather is seen holding a knife that is dripping with blood. Then a shot of Douglas is shown, laying dead on the ground.
How do I get it? Kill lots of enemies, take lots of damage, and forgive the person in the confession booth.

Revenge Ending

What happens? Heather comes home to her apartment and talks with her dad, who is having a cup of tea with the aliens. After telling her story, the aliens go to Silent Hill and destroy it.
How do I get it? Earn the Heather Beam by killing at least 333 enemies (this can be done over the course of multiple playthroughs) Then, before you reach Heather’s apartment, kill at least 30 enemies with the Heather Beam or, if Princess Heart is unlocked, the Sexy Beam.

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