How do I get past the fenced-off areas in the subway? I keep getting run over by the train when I try to run down the tracks.

Getting past the fences by walking/running on the subway tracks is normally impossible, so you must find another way around. With the exception of one area where you must walk on the tracks, you’ll be pulverized by the train.

How do I keep myself from getting killed by that underwater monster with the tentacle. Y’know, the one in the sewers?

Simply walking across the metal grating will always lead to a gruesome death. Be absolutely sure that you’ve checked everything on the side that you came into the room. Perhaps there’s something you could plug in…

What about the second floor storeroom in the alternate Brookhaven Hospital? I can’t leave the room, and if I stay in there too long…

Watch Heather’s reflection in the giant mirror. If you keep moving, and you notice that her reflection is not moving, run as fast as you can for the door. It’s better just to avoid this room altogether, though.

During the scene near the end when Claudia tries to ensure the birth of God, why do I keep getting a Game Over screen? I can’t figure out what to do otherwise…

Check your inventory thoroughly. There should be a memo you picked up earlier that hints at something “red” and “crystallized”. Do you have anything in your inventory that matches that description? Extra “aha!” moment if you’ve played the original Silent Hill…

How do I get the Unlimited SMG?

You must deal the final blow to the last boss of the game with a melee weapon. On your second playthrough (make sure you select the Extra New Game mode, otherwise this won’t work) the Unlimited SMG will be sitting on a pile of boxes in the alley after you climb out of the bathroom window to avoid Douglas. Turn left.

How do I get the Flamethrower/Beam Saber?

To acquire the Flamethrower and Beam Saber, you must fulfill a set of completely opposite requirements, making it impossible to unlock them both in one playthrough. The Flamethrower requires that you kill more enemies with ranged weapons/guns, while the Beam Saber requires that you kill more enemies with melee weapons. On your second playthrough (make sure you select Extra New Game) the Flamethrower will be in the normal Helen’s Bakery, and the Beam Saber will be stuck in the door at the end of the hall (where you find the MY BESTSELLERS key).

What the heck are all of these random passwords I keep picking up throughout the game. I can’t seem to use them during the game…

Those passwords you pick up throughout the game, once entered in the Extra Costume menu at the title, will allow you to unlock new costumes for Heather.  You must complete the game once before you’re allowed to input costume passwords, and you’ll receive your first password upon your first game completion!

Just how high can I increase the action difficulty of this game?

There are a total of 14 action difficulty levels in Silent Hill 3: Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme levels 1-10. The Extreme difficulties become insanely difficult as you progress higher, so consider yourself warned.

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