Offering a huge array of sounds, from rock to classical and everything inbetween, the haunting, dark melancholy music of Silent Hill is as infamous as the games themselves.

Below are thirty seconds samples from the entire Silent Hill 3 original soundtrack for your delectation.

If you love these samples, please go out and buy the official soundtrack yourself. There are still plenty of places to find the original soundtrack, including good ‘ole eBay, so be a good panda and don’t download the full tracks online. Music piracy is bad, mmkay.

01. Lost Carol [audio: – Lost Carol.mp3]
02. You’re Not Here [audio: – You’re Not Here.mp3]
03. Float Up From Dream [audio: – Float Up from Dream.mp3]
04. End of Small Sanctuary [audio: – End of Small Sanctuary.mp3]
05. Breeze – in Monochome Night [audio: – Breeze – in Monochome Night.mp3]
05. Sickness Unto Foolish Death [audio: – Sickness Unto Foolish Death.mp3]
07. Clockwork Little Happiness [audio: – Clockwork Little Happiness.mp3]
08. Please Love Me… Once More [audio: – Please Love Me… Once More.mp3]
09. A Stray Child [audio: – A Stray Child.mp3]
10. Innocent Moon [audio: – Innocent Moon.mp3]
11. Maternal Heart [audio: – Maternal Heart.mp3]
12. Letter – from the Lost Days [audio: – Letter – from the Lost Days.mp3]
13. Dance With Night Wind [audio: – Dance With Night Wind.mp3]
14. Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me [audio: – Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me.mp3]
15. Prayer [audio: – Prayer.mp3]
16. Walk on Vanity Ruins [audio: – Walk on Vanity Ruins.mp3]
17. I Want Love [audio: – I Want Love.mp3]
18. Heads No. 2 [audio: – Heads No. 2.mp3]
19. Memory of the Waters [audio: – Memory of the Waters.mp3]
20. Rain of Brass Petals [audio: – Rain of Brass Petals.mp3]
21. Flower Crown of Poppy [audio: – Flower Crown of Poppy.mp3]
22. Sun [audio: – Sun.mp3]
23. Uneternal Sleep [audio: – Uneternal Sleep.mp3]
24. Hometown [audio: – Hometown.mp3]
25. I Want Love (Studio Mix) [audio: – I Want Love (Studio Mix).mp3]
Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit) [audio: – Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit).mp3]

You’re Not Here – DDR Video

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