Interior. Cafe in a Mall. Heather wakes up, lying over the table top.
Heather: (thinks) What a nightmare.
(She walks to the phone)
Heather: Dad, it’s me. Yeah, sorry I didn’t call sooner. Yeah, I guess I was. Anyway, I’m coming home now. Oh, I didn’t get that thing you asked me to. Okay. Okay, I will. I love you too, dad.
A man stands behind her. She offers him the phone. He shakes his head.
Man: Heather, I need to speak with you. My name is Douglas Cartland. I’m a detective.
Heather: A detective. Really? Well, nice talking to you.
Douglas: Hold on. There’s someone that wants to meet you. Just let me have an hour … no, a half-an-hour of your time.
Heather: (walking away) My daddy always told me not to talk to strangers.
Douglas: This is very important. It’s about your birth.
Heather: I’m not interested. (She turns to enter the Ladies restroom). Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?
Douglas: Sorry. I’ll wait here.

Interior. Mall. Heather is in a storeroom. A huge, hideous creatures is ripping another monster apart.
Heather: Stay back! Get the hell away from me! What the hell is this thing?!

Interior. Mall. Heather finds a woman standing at the end of a hallway. She calls to her.
Heather: Hey, wait! What’s going on?! Where is everybody?! Those weird monsters…
Woman: They have come to witness the beginning. The rebirth of paradise, despoiled by mankind.
Heather: What are you talking about?
Woman: Don’t you know? Your power is needed.
Heather: How should I know?
Woman: I am Claudia.
Heather: So what?!
Claudia: Remember me, and your true self as well. Also, that which you must become. The one who will lead us to paradise, with blood-stained hands.
Heather: Claudia, right? Did you do all this?
Claudia: It was the hand of god. (She turns to leave)
Heather: Wait! I don’t get it. What does she want me to remember?

Interior. An elevator? The room is rusted, walls made from blood and skin.
Heather: Ugh, is this a dream? It’s gotta be. Not even a kid could believe in this. Wh- where am I going?

Interior. Mall.
Heather: What? It’s the shopping mall just like before. Am I back?

Interior. Mall. Douglas has found her.
Douglas: Heather!
Heather: It’s you.
Douglas: What just happened?!
Heather: You must be one of them!
Douglas: What did I do? And what do you mean by one of them?
Heather: You’re in on this with that Claudia, aren’t you?
Douglas: Claudia? What about her? She asked me to find you, that’s all.
Heather: So you are one of them!
Douglas: Claudia did all that? Look, I was just hired to find you. I’m not on anybody’s side. I don’t know anything about this. Why don’t you start by telling me what happened here. And that monster… what the hell was that?
Heather: I don’t know any more than you do. All I know is that things are getting really screwy around here, and… I got a weird feeling it’s got something to do with me. Maybe I’m just an innocent bystander, but I can’t feel sorry for you ’cause you dragged me into this. Yknow, if you hadn’t found me…
Douglas: What are you talking about? What’s so special about you anyway?
Heather: If I knew that, I wouldn’t be so confused, would I? But I know there’s something… something I’ve been running from and forgot for a long time. But how did I remember that?
Douglas: What’s wrong?
Heather: Nothing.
Douglas: Where are you going?
Heather: I’m taking the subway home.
Douglas: What should I do?
Heather: Hell if I know.

Heather: Ugh… I knew it.
Man’s voice: It’s being invaded by the otherworld. A world of someone’s nightmarish delusions come to life.
Heather: Oh no, not again. Grr… did she do this, too?!

Vincent: Heather… that’s what you’re called now, isn’t it?
Heather: And who are you?
Vincent: The name’s Vincent. Don’t forget it, okay? I’m on your side.
Heather: So you say, but how do I know you’re not with her?
Vincent: Her? You mean Claudia? Please don’t lump me together with her! She was totally brainwashed by that crazy old hag! I guess ‘crazy old hag’ is a bit harsh. She is your mother after all.
Heather: My mother? What do you mean?
Vincent: You don’t remember? Ah, so Harry didn’t tell you anything. I guess he hid the truth to keep you on his side, eh? That figures. He’s a pretty sneaky guy.
Heather: Don’t talk about my dad like that!
Vincent: Sorry! I apologize. Please, calm down.
Heather: How do you know my father anyway?
Vincent: I know everything. I know about your past too.
Heather: Then tell me what’s going on.
Vincent: You don’t know even that?
Heather: That’s why I’m asking. If you know everything, then tell me how I can put an end to this!
Vincent: Not yet. Why not enjoy yourself a little bit longer?
Heather: Enjoy?! I feel like I’m going crazy! Does this place get to you at all?!
Vincent: Oh, it gets to me, all right. I find it… most fascinating. Wait! I’m not finished talking!
Heather: I knew you were on her side.
Vincent: How do you figure?
Heather: There’s something wrong with you, too.

Interior. Morris apartment. Her father is slumped in his seat.
Heather: Dad, I’m home. Listen, something really crazy’s going on. I think we should… dad? Dad? (gasps)… no… *cries*

Heather: Did you do this?!
Claudia: You’re late.
Heather: But why? Why?!
Claudia: Revenge for 17 years ago, for one thing. If not for him, our dream would have come true. And then, he took you away from us.
Heather: I’ll get you for this!
Claudia: There is another reason: to fill your heart with hatred. It must be this way. One day you’ll understand why.
Heather: No, I’ll never understand!
Claudia: You must try to remember me, and your true self as well. You will birth a god, and build an eternal paradise. He’s the one who killed your father. I merely gave the order. So, what will you do? I’ll be waiting where all begins: in the town of Silent Hill.

Douglas: I don’t know what to say.
Heather: Then don’t say anything. I’m fine, so… just get out of here and leave me alone already!
Douglas: Calm down, I just…
Heather: Calm down?! How am I supposed to do that?! My father is dead, he’s murdered! Get out! This is all your fault! If it weren’t for you…
Douglas: I’m sorry…
Heather: Then go!
Douglas: If it’ll make you feel better, I will.

Douglas: Is he okay like this?
Heather: What else can I do? There’s no one here to give him a decent burial. I’m sorry, dad.
Douglas: What’ll you do now?
Heather: I’m going to Silent Hill.
Douglas: What’s in Silent Hill?
Heather: I don’t know.
Douglas: You think it’s safe?
Heather: Of course it isn’t. I don’t know what kind of hell is waiting for me there, but I’ve got no other choice. I don’t care about god or paradise. If that’s what she believes, then fine. But she won’t get away with what she did. When I find her, I’ll kill her myself.
Douglas: Revenge doesn’t solve anything.
Heather: Maybe not, but that’s what I’m going to do.
Douglas: How are you going to get there?
Heather: None of your business.
Douglas: I’ll give you a ride.
Heather: I don’t need your help.
Douglas: Yeah, but it’s too far to walk. Besides, I’m partly responsible for this. I’ll bring the car ’round back. Come by when you’re finished saying goodbye.
Heather: You know, you might die too.
Douglas: That’s fine. Nobody’s going to cry over my grave anyway.

Douglas: I just met some guy named Vincent.
Heather: Vincent?
Douglas: He’s a friend of yours, right?
Heather: I’m not sure.
Douglas: He said when we get to Silent Hill to look for a guy named Leonard, and gave me this map. What do you want to do?
Heather: We can’t trust him, but we’ve got no other choice.
Douglas: Here, take this, too.
Heather: What’s this?
Douglas: Your father was holding it.

Interior. Douglas’ car. Heather sits quietly in the seat beside him. Rain hits the windscreen.
Douglas: It started raining… are you sleeping?
Heather: I’m awake.
Douglas: Are you cold? What’s the deal with Silent Hill, anyway? It used to be a nice quiet little town, but now…
Heather: You’ve been there?
Douglas: Once, on a missing persons case. Never did find him. But I’ll tell ya, that’s one screwed up town. My line of work, you hear a lot of nasty rumors.
Heather: I was born and raised there.
Douglas: Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.
Heather: No offense taken.
Douglas: Anyway, I thought you grew up in Portland. What’s wrong, feeling sick?
Heather: My head’s pounding… like the worst hangover ever.
Douglas: Maybe you’re carsick.
Heather: No, I’m just trying to remember. My childhood… something terrible happened in Silent Hill 17 years ago. A woman named Dahlia… she tried to summon the ancient god of the town. She offered up her very own daugher.
Douglas: That’s crazy.
Heather: Maybe so, but it worked. The girl gave birth to a god.
Douglas: What?
Heather: You see, that girl had special powers.
Douglas: Powers?
Heather: Her classmates called her a witch. She could make things happen with her mind. She could kill people just by wishing for it. But in the end, that god was killed by a single person: my father, Harry Mason. I guess it wasn’t much of a god if it could be killed by a human being. But I think Claudia is trying to do the same thing again, and I’ve been chosen as the sacrifice.
Douglas: You’ve got some kind of power in you, too?
Heather: After the god was killed, the girl reappeared. She was holding a baby in her arms. Before she died, she gave the baby to my father. He loved me just like I was his very own daughter, even though he didn’t know who or what I was. It was so sudden. I never had the chance to tell you… to tell you how happy you made me.

Douglas: I’m gonna head for that Leonard guy’s house. You check out the hospital. You got the map, right?
Heather: Yeah.
Douglas: You gonna be okay alone?
Heather: I’m not a child, you know. Are you sure it’s not you who’s afraid to be alone?
Douglas: You’re right, I am afraid. I’m fifty-somethin’ years old, and I never seen nothing like this. I still feel like I’m dreaming.
Heather: More like a nightmare, I’d say.
Douglas: Yeah, I wanna wake up and have a smoke already. Meet me back here when you’re finished looking around the hospital, okay?
Heather: Roger.

Interior. Hospital. The phone rings. She answers.
Heather: Hello?
Man: Claudia?
Heather: No, I’m not…
Man: Don’t lie to me, Claudia! You’re always trying to run from your responsibilities. Have you come to apologize? Or maybe you still don’t realize how foolish you’ve been. The salvation of all mankind was a ridiculous dream!
Heather: Wait, just listen to me for a second.
Man: I’ve heard enough from you already. How did you turn out this way? Where did I go wrong…
Heather: Listen to me already! I’m not Claudia.
Man: You’re not Claudia?
Heather: My name is Heather.
Leonard: Heather…
Heather: Who are you?
Man: Leonard Wolf. I’m sorry, I thought you were my daughter.
Heather: Claudia is your daughter?
Leonard: Oh, so you know her, do you? Are you one of her followers?
Heather: No, never. When I find her, I’m…
Leonard: I can feel the hatred.
Heather: What?
Leonard: Behind your words… the anger. You plan to kill her, don’t you?
Heather: I’m sorry, but she… she killed my father.
Leonard: She’s a fool, but she’s still my daughter. I was going to forgive her if she changed her ways, but I see it’s too late. Heather, will you help me?
Heather: Help you?
Leonard: I’m locked up in here, and I must stop Claudia.
Heather: Where are you now?
Leonard: I’m not sure myself, but the door is at the end of the hall on the second floor. I think I can be of help to you. I have a seal. Please!
Heather: A seal? At the end of the hall on the second floor?

Nurse: She has an abnormally high fever. Eyes don’t open. Getting a pulse, but just barely breathing. Why?! What is keeping that child alive?!

Interior. A phone rings.
Creepy voice: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear… oh, I forgot your name.
Heather: Who are you?
Creepy voice: Oh… okay, thanks. Happy birthday dear “Who-are-you.” Happy birthday to you. Happy 31st birthday!
Heather: Is this Leonard?
Creepy voice: That’s the murderer’s name, not my name. I’m not your beloved Stanley, either. He’s underground now. His new name is “Number Seven.” But don’t worry about that now. It’s time to celebrate your birthday.
Heather: You’ve got me mistaken for someone else. Today’s not my…
Creepy voice: I’m not mistaken! Today is your 24th birthday. And I have a present for you. Which do you prefer: to give pain, or to receive it? You can have the one you hate the most. Happy birthday to you!
Heather: But you’re wrong… it’s not my birthday.

Leonard: Heather?
Heather: Yeah? Leonard, where are you?
Leonard: Thank you. Now I can finally leave here. Now Claudia’s ridiculous dream is over. Well, I guess it’s time to dispose of her. The “salvation of all mankind.” Ha! Why must we reward even the unbelievers?
Heather: What are you talking about?
Leonard: About our plans, of course. It’s true that God is merciful. But first one must be chosen. Only we who hearken to the voice of God will be given the keys to Paradise! Don’t you think so, Heather?
Heather: Yeah, sure. Go ahead and think whatever you want.
Leonard: What do you mean by that?
Heather: I mean that I don’t think the way you guys do. I don’t want any part of that kinda paradise.
Leonard: You’re an unbeliever? You deceived me?!
Heather: I didn’t deceive you. We were both just wrong about each other. I thought you were a normal person.
Leonard: So you tried to trick me so you could run off with my seal, eh? Heretic! You plan to destroy God!
Heather: I told you, I wasn’t trying to trick anyone. What is this seal thing, anyway?
Leonard: Don’t play innocent. You can’t fool me anymore. The seal is mine. I was appointed by God to be its guardian. The only thing you’ll get from me is a gruesome death!
Heather: Is that you?!
Leonard: Death to all who turn their backs on God!
Heather: Is every person here a mental case? Well, I guess you’re not a person anyway.

Heather: Leonard’s not here anymore. I guess I should head back to the motel now. I hope Douglas is okay. Huh? What’s this?

Claudia: Why did you send her to my father?
Vincent: Was that wrong?
Claudia: It’s your fault that he…
Vincent: But surely it’s a good thing. It means he was one of God’s beloved, no?
Claudia: Those who mock God will never receive salvation. You’ll go to Hell, Vincent! You’ll never feel the joy of God’s everlasting paradise.
Vincent: And you think God is going to save you? Ha!
Claudia: What do you know, anyway!?
Vincent: I know about the pleasures of this world. And I want to find my happiness while I’m still here. You hated your father, didn’t you? I saw the way he hit you, kicked you, and made you cry. The memory of his cruelty is forever burned into my mind.
Claudia: Yes, yes! And that’s why we need God.
Vincent: What you call ‘faith’ is nothing more than a child crying out for love. That’s why you’re all alone.
Claudia: You don’t understand. None of you do.

Heather: Where’s Douglas?
Vincent: He went out. But he left a message for you.
Heather: Was there someone else here just now?
Vincent: No, no, just me. Don’t you want to know what the message is?
Heather: Yeah, what did he say?
Vincent: “The church is on the other side of the lake.”
Heather: Church? I wonder what he meant by that.
Vincent: You don’t understand? That’s where Claudia is. Across the lake, on the North side. If you’re going, you’d better go through the amusement park. It’s probably the only way in now. Go Northwest on Nathan avenue. It’s a bit far, but closer than Heaven.
Heather: Is that it for the message?
Vincent: Uh huh.
Heather: Thanks. Douglas really said that?
Vincent: What’s wrong, you don’t trust me?

Heather: Oh, hell…

Claudia: I hired you to find the girl and you performed serviceably. What is it now?
Douglas: You lied to me about Heather, lady. I don’t like being used.
Claudia: Lie? What lie?
Douglas: That Heather was kidnapped from you.
Claudia: But it’s true. She was originally one of us. That man, Harry Mason, stole her away and kept her hidden from us.
Douglas: Yeah, but she says she was happy.
Claudia: She was brainwashed by him, deceived. Because her true self had not yet awoken. She carries God within her. But when Alessa, Mother of God, truly awakens…
Douglas: Yeah, what’s gonna happen?
Claudia: She will usher in the Eternal Paradise.
Douglas: What kind of place is that?
Claudia: A place with no pain. No hunger, no sickness, no old age. There will be no greed or war, and all will live by God’s grace alone.
Douglas: No this, no that, no nothin’. A paradise for castrated sheep, maybe. Sound’s pretty boring.
Claudia: I pity you. You still don’t understand. You’re going to kill me? Is it really so easy for you?
Douglas: I’ve done it before.
Claudia: Then I truly do pity you.

Interior. Borley Mansion, Lakeside Amusement Park.
Mysterious voice: Welcome to the Borley Haunted Mansion! We’re so glad you came. Please come inside and look around. When you feel you’re ready, then go through the door.

Mysterious voice: Help… Help! Do you hear those voices? A family of four was sliced into bloody pieces in this room. Ah, the cries of the children. The murderer was caught. Do you know why he said he killed his family? “Because I felt I had to!” Anyway, I’m lying. It’s all just a joke. I wanted to scare you, that’s all. The truth is, only one person died… by suicide.

Mysterious voice: That’s Danny. A quiet young man, but quite friendly, as you can see. He was so eager to meet you. His hometown is New Orleans, but he came here after first losing his way. Oh, maybe you might know? Where is the path to Heaven?

Mysterious voice: This mansion is quite old, so please watch your step. Sometimes the floor suddenly gives way, and beneath the floor… there’s nothing.

Mysterious voice: I’m so sorry. This place is just falling apart. The mechanism is broken, you see. It wasn’t supposed to stop there, I assure you.

Mysterious voice: There’s the exit. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Please come back anytime. Or, if you’d prefer, we could come visit you instead.

Mysterious voice: That was supposed to be the exit, but it seems that no one wants you to leave. Everyone really likes you. They want you to stay with them forever. I have to agree with them. Don’t be afraid. Dying is much easier than living.

Exterior. Lakeside Amusement Park. Douglas is on the ground, slumped against a bench.
Heather: Douglas?
Douglas: You’re late.
Heather: Are you hurt?
Douglas: I can’t move my right leg. I think it’s broken.
Heather: I’ll call an ambulance.
Douglas: Wait. I don’t think one’ll come. Don’t worry, I’m used to it.
Heather: You… you old fool! Getting yourself hurt like that…
Douglas: Sorry.
Heather: Why did you have to do that for me? What’ll I do if you die?
Douglas: What’ll we do if this god thing gets born?
Heather: C’mon, how powerful could a god from a dump like this be? I’m sure it’ll be no big deal.
Douglas: But anyway, something’s gonna happen.
Heather: Who knows? Maybe we’d all be better off if it did.
Douglas: But if this is how a god of mercy acts, I don’t wanna see any more of him. That’s a pretty good reason to risk my life, don’t you think? Plus, I’m just an old fool, right?
Heather: You think you’re Superman or something?
Douglas: Y’know, I always wanted to be him. Besides…
Heather: Yeah?
Douglas: I want to help you out.
Heather: You don’t have to feel responsible. I know it’s not your fault.
Douglas: You… you remind me of my son.
Heather: You said nobody was going to cry for you.
Douglas: Dead people don’t cry. Stupid kid got himself shot robbing a bank.
Heather: But why?
Douglas: Maybe ’cause his pop was a penniless good-for-nothing. Who knows? Anyway, now I guess I’ll never find out. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said you reminded me of a guy like him.
Heather: Well, maybe if you had compared me to your daughter… listen, i’ll take care of the rest. You stay here, and I’ll be back when its over.
Douglas: You’ll be okay by yourself?
Heather: Hey, no problem. Besides, my dad’s not around anymore, so only I can do this. What are you doing?
Douglas: Maybe killing you here is the only way to end this nightmare.
Heather: Yeah, you might be right.

Douglas: What is it?
Heather: I just came by to make sure you were still alive.
Douglas: Sorry, I’d come with you if I wasn’t hurt.
Heather: Yeah, well, I guess that’s the problem with older guys, huh? I’ll handle things. You just rest. Don’t die on me, okay?

Claudia: How did you get here? It was Vincent, wasn’t it? He led you here. When will he cease his meddling? But it’s just as well. Luring you here also serves my purposes.
Heather: Checkmate.
Claudia: Not yet. The time is not yet at hand. The time when all will be forgiven their sins. When the Paradise we have long dreamed for will arrive. After the Jugdment and Atonement, an eternity of bliss. Oh, Alessa, the world you wanted is nearly here.
Heather: That’s not what I want.
Claudia: Not you. Alessa, your true self.
Heather: But I am Alessa. My little Claudia. My dear, sweet sister.
Claudia: Alessa, is it you? Oh, how I’ve missed you.
Heather: I don’t need another world. It’s fine the way it is.
Claudia: But you said it yourself. The world must first be cleased with fire.
Heather: But that’s not what I want now.
Claudia: Alessa, don’t you want happiness? Have you become blind to all the hopeless suffering in the world. We need… we all need God’s salvation!
Heather: Listen. Suffereing is a fact of life. Either you learn how to deal with that, or you go under. You can stay in your own little dream world, but you can’t keep hurting other people. Besides, I’ll never forgive you for hurting my father.
Claudia: I wish only for the salvaion of mankind. But for that to happen, the world must first be remade. And for that, we need God.
Heather: You self-righteous witch! No one asked you to help!
Claudia: God is growing within you. You despise me, don’t you?
Heather: You’re damned right, I do.
Claudia: That’s good.

Interior. Confession booth. A voice comes from the other side of the screen.
Praying woman: Dear God, please forgive me. I know I’ll be put to death for the sins I’ve committed. And I’ll go to my death gladly and with a peaceful heart. But please grant me just a small piece of your everlasting mercy. Let me see my child once within your Golden Gates. Deliver me not to Hell, but to Purgatory. Allow me to atone for my sins there. I’ll stand within the very Flames of Redemption, no matter how they burn me. Forgive me for my wicked act of revenge. And deliver the soul of my poor murdered daughter. Please also care for the soul of the girl whose life I have taken. God, I am a child, trembling with fear as I stare at death. Soothe my tortured soul with your infinite mercy. Please forgive me.

Vincent: Hiya, Heather.
Heather: You show up everywhere, don’t you?
Vincent: You make me sound like some kind of unwanted pest.
Heather: Well who are you anyway?
Vincent: Haven’t you realized that yet?
Heather: Yeah, you’re on Claudia’s side.
Vincent: I told you not to put me in the same category as that madwoman.
Heather: Well, you’re pretty loony yourself.
Vincent: It’s true we believe in the same god, but I’m quite sane.
Heather: So why did you help me out then? Was that also part of trying to resurrect god?
Vincent: It’s not uncommon for people to worship the same god and still disagree.
Heather: “God”? You sure you don’t mean “Devil”?
Vincent: Whichever you like. The point is that now I really am on your side. I don’t want God to be born. It wouldn’t be convenient. Much too unpredictable.
Heather: So you’ve been using me to stop Claudia, is that it? Do your own dirty work!
Vincent: My dirty work? I think we both had our own interests in mind. You hate her too, don’t you? You’re the only one who can get it done. I don’t have powers like you two. Besides, I always hated geting all hot and sweaty.
Heather: Oh, really?
Vincent: I’m just looking out for myself. Everyone does it. Don’t stand there looking so smug. You’re the worst person in this room. You come here and enjoy spilling their blood and listening to them cry out. You feel excited when you step on them and snuff out their lives.
Heather: Are you talking about the monsters?
Vincent: Monsters? They look like monsters to you?
Heather: Oh, no…
Vincent: Don’t worry, it’s just a joke. By the way, I forgot to ask you. Did you get the Seal of Metatron?
Heather: What’s that?
Vincent: You don’t have it? Leonard was carrying it.
Heather: You mean this thing?
Vincent: Yes, that’s it. As long as we have that, we’re fine. Here, take this.

Vincent: Do you know about what happened here 17 years ago? You’ve been here a long time. You must have heard some details.
Unknown woman: A group of pagans, blinded by earthly desires, spit in the very face of God. They tried to use the Seal of Metatron to prevent God’s awakening. But God drove the unbelievers away and threw them into the Abyss. But due to their wickedness, God was unable to be born properly. And so she has slumbered ever since in the womb of the Holy Mother. Until the time of the Awakening… that’s all that I know.
Vincent: That’s it, huh… well, thanks.
Unknown woman: Father Vincent. I heard that the Holy Mother has been found. Is it true?
Vincent: Alessa has been found? Did Claudia say that?
Unknown woman: Yes.
Vincent: Then it must be true. Her Sight rarely fails her.
Unknown woman: Bless the Lord!
Vincent: Maybe it’s because of her great faith. But I could never be like her. I wouldn’t want to.
Unknown woman: Nor I. The truth is Sister Claudia frightens me a little.
Vincent: Well now, lets both show out faith by forgetting about this little talk. Okay?
Unknown woman: Yes. But does that mean this land will finally be the Home of Eternal Paradise?
Vincent: If God wills it, my sister. If God wills it.

Vincent: What do I want? Well, for the two of you to die. That would be nice. Then I could relax.
Claudia: When did you stop believing in God? God lives. Just look around you.
Vincent: But I do believe in Her. In my own way. I fear Her and I adore Her. But I haven’t lost my mind like you. You think that this is the work of God? Isn’t this all nothing more than your own personal nightmare, just like Alessa 17 years ago? If this really is the work of God, then I’d say She has lousy taste.
Claudia: You mock God!? Traitor. You will go to Hell!
Vincent: Not that again! Who do you think you are, claiming to know God’s will!?
Claudia: Go home, Vincent.
Vincent: Home? This church is my home. I built it with my power. The power of money that you view with such scorn. Although, I admit that this atrocious scenery is all yours.
Claudia: If you continue to get in my way…
Vincent: Then you’ll kill me? Well, the guest of honor has arrived. Let’s get this party started. Heather, go ahead and kill this crazy bitch! This demon who claims to speak for God. The time has come. You can kill her now.
Claudia: You’ll go to Hell!
Heather: What did you do?
Claudia: Oh, nothing important.
Heather: You’re not going to run? I guess this is the end.
Claudia: No, the beginning. As Vincent said: the time has come. Alessa, I’m saddened that you didn’t agree to this on your own. But I thank you for nurturing God with all the hate in your heart. It’s time for mankind to be released from the shackles of sin which bind them.
Heather: But a god born from hatred could never create a perfect paradise.
Claudia: Happy people can be so cruel. Is it so hard to believe that sypathy can be born out of pain and suffering? Why to you reject God’s mercy? Why do you cling to this corrupt world? You know that only God can save us.
Heather: And save you too? Happy ending? I’d rather go to Hell.
Claudia: No, I don’t expect to be saved. That’s fine. Alessa, my dearest. For the pain that I’ve caused you, I deserve no mercy. Even if it was to save mankind, it was too deep a sin. It was hubris for me to try to hasten the day of Her arrival. Sacrifices were made, and those are my sins.
Vincent: If you feel so guilty about it, why don’t you go to Hell? Heather, use the seal!
Claudia: Vincent? The Seal of Metatron?
Vincent: Now your stupid dream is over!
Claudia: Oh, thats just a piece of junk. What do you think you can do with that? Do you really think that it can kill God? I’m sorry to see that you fell for my father’s foolishness.
Vincent: What?
Claudia: You’re pathetic. But God loves even you. Now Alessa, there’s nowhere else to run. Just accept it, Alessa. The pain will disappear. Oh, I’ve been waiting so long for this. Even as a child, I knew I would see the coming of this day. I knew I would be a witness to it. Judgment Day! Alessa?
Heather: Shut your stinking mouth, bitch!

Claudia: What are you doing?
Heather: Dad…
Claudia: She is nearly here. What is it? Alessa, what have you done? What did you swallow? What is this!?
Heather: Looks like God didn’t make it.
Claudia: Stop! God is…
Heather: Claudia…
Claudia: Alessa, you cannot kill God. I will.. I will birth God… if you can’t to it, Alessa, I will!
Heather: Claudia? Claudia!?

Heather: You can’t be dead. I was going to kill you! This is God… ?

Heather: Is that the end? I guess its time to roll the credits. Dad… *cries*

Douglas: Heather! Is it really over?
Heather: Not yet… you’re still alive. Boo! Just a joke.
Douglas: You’ve got terrible taste
Heather: I’m sorry.
Douglas: Heather, did you…
Heather: You don’t have to call me that. I’m not hiding anymore.
Douglas: You want me to use you real name? What was it again…
Heather: Cheryl. The name my father gave me.
Douglas: You gonna let your hair color go back, too?
Cheryl Mason: I dunno. Don’t you think that blondes have more fun?

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