The One Truth

The One Truth

Location: Building World (second visit)

Attack Method: Massive versions of the “wallman” monster, these creatures slide up and down the walls of an enclosed room. The “true” boss surrounds itself with copies and the player must figure out which is the real one. They are larger and have a longer range than the Wallmen.

Best Tactics: Attack each monster until finding the one that causes every other Truth to react to the hit. Keep striking that one, as it is the “true” boss.



Walter Sullivan

Location: Outside Room 302, Ritual Area

Attack Method: He has possession of a steel pipe and a pistol and has the canny ability to teleport. You sustain similar damage as when Walter pursues Henry and Eileen through the second run of the levels.

Best Tactics: You must bring the Umbilical Cord to this battle or Walter cannot be defeated. Bring whatever weapon you feel most comfortable using, but firearms are not recommended due to space constraints. Use charged attacks. Focus on the large monster in the middle of the room; use the Umbilical Cord on it. After that, retrieve the 8 spears around the room – 4 at one time. Use each on the monster. Afterward, attack Walter until he dies.


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