Henry Townshend

Information: The protagonist. Rather quiet and introverted, not much is known about Henry’s life – he seems only to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s visited Silent Hill at least once.



Eileen Galvin

Information: Henry’s next-door neighbor. Intended to be Walter’s 20th victim, her murder is interrupted by the child Walter. Henry finds her wounded in the hospital and the two stay together for the remainder of the game. She, too, has visited Silent Hill at least once in her life.



Walter Sullivan

Information: A man with many secrets, He is a character you learn more and more about through the game. He once lived at South Ashfield Heights and finds it hard to leave. He helps Henry realize just what he is here for. He isn’t willing to give Henry all the information, but he will make or break Henry, and anyone else who crosses his path …


Young Boy

Young Boy

Information: Henry runs into this little boy several times during the game. Not much in known about him, other than he is searching for something he just can’t seem to find. But is he as innocent as he looks … ?



Cynthia Velasquez

Information: A young woman Henry first meets in the subway. She believes everything is just a dream, but is it? She shares little information as to what is going on “in this place”, but she does show you what could happen to a innocent victim. Though, Cynthia’s appearance may seem brief, it’s really not. She’s a character that just won’t go away.



Jasper Gein

Information: Henry first meets this strange guy in the forest. Little is known about Jasper but we are informed that he is a troubled man. He finds himself mixed up with the Order and crosses paths with a not-so-friendly being. Jasper’s fate is already set, without the help of Henry.



Andrew DeSalvo

Information: Henry finds this overweight middle aged man in a sticky situation in the Water Prison. But, is he innocent? Andrew, as Henry finds out, has an interesting occupation … which explains why he is in so much trouble. Through all the problems Andrew faces, he still finds time to “sing”.



Richard Braintree

Information: He’s not the friendliest man, but he has a story to tell. He lives in room 207 of South Ashfield Heights. Henry meets Richard at the apartments, in a interesting way. A paranoid Richard has had enough, but enough of what? As Henry ventures through the story he learns Richards story. Does he get what’s coming to him?



Joseph Schrieber

Information: Joseph, a journalist, once lived in Henry’s apartment. No one knows what has happened to him. As Henry learns more about the happenings of The Room Henry finds Joseph in a very unexpected place. Joseph may just have the answers to the questions of The Room …



Frank Sunderland

Information: The superintendent “South Ashfield Heights”. His name may look seem similar to an earlier protagonist named James Sunderland. That’s not just a coincidence, Frank is the father of James Sunderland of Silent Hill 2. Frank is very suspicious of why Henry has not been seen outside of his room for so long. Knocking on the door over and over again to no avail, Frank seems to believe “it’s” happening again. Frank himself knows this apartment is not just any old apartment.


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