Silent Hill is full of goodies just littering the street. Below is a summary of what these items are, where you can find them and what is it you’re supposed to do with them.

We’ve split the items into three distinct sections, and items within these sections are listed alphabetically. Please note that, due to the number of images on this page, sometimes it can take a little time to load. Please be patient!

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Location: – Hospital World supply room / Outside Room 302 / Bathroom of Room 102
Description: ‘Restores a fairly large amount of health. Continues to restore
health for a time.’


Nutrition Drink

Location: Various
Description: ‘Heals your body with supplemental nutrition.’


Portable Medical Kit

Location: Various
Description: ‘Heals your body by repairing wounds.’


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Broken Golf Clubs

Location: Available the golf club weapons break
Description: ‘It’s broken and useless as a weapon.’


1Ø Coin

Location: – Wash Filthy Coin in the sink to obtain it.
Description: ‘Toy coin with “1Ø” written on it. Maybe someone meant to write “1$”?’


Billiard Ball

Location: Building World (second run)
Description: ‘It’s white with no number on it. That means it’s the cue ball.’



Blood-Inscribed Spade

Location: Forest World (second run), in the Wish House
Description: ‘Written in blood is: “Opposite where the lake and house meet,
inside the hand holding onto the ground”.’


Cake Candles

Location: Building World (second run), Albert’s Sports.
Description: ‘Colorful candles for putting on a birthday cake.’



Chaos Placard

Location: Building World, Winding Staircase.
Description: ‘Placard from Building World. It has an abstract picture and says, “Chaos”.’


Chocolate Milk

Location: Room 302, in the fridge.
Description: ‘Chocolate-flavored milk. Very sweet. It was in the refrigerator at home.’


Crested Medallion

Location: Forest World (second run), Toluca Lake.
Description: ‘Medallion with a disturbing emblem carved into it. It’s about 10 inches in diameter.’


Cynthia’s Commuter Ticket

Location: Subway World (second run), turnstiles.
Description: ‘Commuter ticket for the subway’s King Street and Lynch Street Lines. Can be used multiple times.’


Doll’s Head

Location: Forest World (second run), in the well.
Description: ‘A wooden doll’s head. It’s charred and blackened.’


Doll’s Left Arm

Location: Forest World (second run), in the well.
Description: ‘Left arm from a wooden doll. It’s charred and blackened.’



Doll’s Left Leg

Location: Forest World (second run), in the well at the southernmost path.
Description: ‘Left leg from a wooden doll. It’s charred and blackened.’



Doll’s Right Arm

Location: Forest World (second run), in the well in the northeast.
Description: ‘Right arm from a wooden doll. It’s charred and blackened.’


Doll’s Right Leg

Location: Forest World (second run), in the well outside the coal mine.
Description: ‘Right leg from a wooden doll. It’s charred and blackened.’


Filthy Coin

Location: Subway World (second run), Lynch Street Line, in the subway car containing a box.
Description: ‘Coin caked with dirt and grime. I bet I could clean it in the kitchen sink in my room.’



Holy Candle

Location: Various
Description: ‘Special candle with anti-spirit effects. Begins working shortly after being lit and placed down.’


Lynch Street Line Coin

Location: Subway World, women’s bathroom.
Description: ‘Train token for the subway’s Lynch Street Line. Can be used any
number of times.’


Nurse Uniform

Location: Outside Room 302, Room 303. Only available in Brand New Fear if unlocked.
Description: ‘Clothes found in Eileen’s room.’



Pickaxe of Hope

Location: Room 302 of the Past.
Description: ‘”Hope” is written on the handle. It doesn’t look like I can use it as a weapon.’


Prisoner’s Shirt

Location: Water Prison World (second run), Death Chamber.
Description: ‘Something is written on it in wax. Maybe if you soak it in some kind of colored liquid…’



Red Paper

Location: Apartment World, Room 301; Room 105.
Description: ‘Just red paper with nothing written on it… I’ll stick it under Room 302’s door.’


Saint Medallion

Location: Various
Description: ‘Can be equipped along with a weapon. Anti-spirit effects while held, but will eventually break.’



Shabby Doll

Location: Apartment World, on the staircase, held by Walter Sullivan.
Description: Old doll given by the man sitting on the apartment’s stairway.’


“Skinned Mike” Cassette

Location: Apartment World, Room 205.
Description: ‘Audiocassette with “Skinned Mike” on the label.’


Source Placard

Location: Forest World, on the door in the Wish House.
Description: ‘Placard from Forest World. It shows a baby and says, “Source”.’


Spear of the Holy Mother

Location: Final Boss Battle.
Description: Spear with “Holy Mother” carved into it. The “Crimson Tome” says that I have to stick eight of these spears into Walter’s body.’


Stuffed Cat

Location: Building World (second run), Eric Walsh’s house.
Description: ‘Stuffed cat with droopy ears.’


Succubus Talisman

Location: Room 302, after the completion of the Apartment World.
Description: ‘Card with some kind of frightening demon on it.’


Sword of Obedience

Location: Building World, Subway World (second run), Water Prison (second run), Outside Room 302.
Description: ‘Extremely rare sword. When used against downed ghosts, it stops them in place. When pulled out, the ghost is revived.’



Temptation Placard

Location: Subway World, turnstiles.
Description: ‘Placard from Subway World. It shows a woman and says, “Temptation”.’


Torn Red Paper

Locations: Apartment World, Room 105, Room 102, Room 203.
Description: ‘Just torn red paper with nothing written on it… I’ll stick it under Room 302’s door.’



Train Handle

Locations: Subway World (second run), office.
Description: ‘Handle from the King Street Line train. It’s like a key needed
to run the train.’


Umbilical Cord

Locations: Outside Room 302, Superintendent’s Room
Description: ‘Walter Sullivan umbilical cord. The superintendent has kept it for years.’



Locations: Building World (second run), near the water tower.
Description: ‘Looks like a plain volleyball.’


Watchfulness Placard

Locations: Water Prison World, after aligning the bloody beds.
Description: ‘Placard from Water Prison World. It shows an eye and says,


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Albert’s Sports Key

Location: – On a shelf in Garland’s Pet Shop
Description: ‘Found in the pet shop. It has “Albert’s Sports” written on it’.


Apartment Keys

Location: Apartment World, Room 105
Description: ‘Keys to each apartment in the building. Actually, it looks like
#303 is missing.’


Doll Key

Location: Room 302, beside the bed.
Description: ‘Key with a girl’s doll keychain attached. “303” is engraved on it.’


Ghost’s Key

Location: Building World, held by Victim 10.
Description: ‘The key that the ghost was holding.’


Hospital Room Key

Location: Hospital World, second-floor room.
Description: ‘Key found in hospital. It’s probably the key to Eileen’s hospital room.’


Keys of Liberation

Location: In the pocket of Walter Sullivan’s coat in the hidden room.
Description: ‘Extremely evil-looking keys held by the corpse of Walter.’


Locker Key #106

Location: Apartment World, Room 106.
Description: ‘It looks like a locker key. “106” is written on it.’


Murder Scene Key

Location: Subway World (second run), obtained from the vending machine with the “1Ø” written on it.
Description: ‘Key from the vending machine. The tag on it says, “Murder Scene”.’


Rusted Bloody Key

Location: Forest World, use Blood-Inscribed Spade on tree with “hands.”
Description: ‘Rusted and bloody key. Inscribed on it is: “The holder of this key will wander for eternity”.’


Small Key

Location: Room 302, main room area, after getting Eileen to enter the apartment.
Description: ‘Small but ordinary key found in the red envelope.’


Toy Key

Locations: Room 302, with the “Kid’s Letter” memo.
Description: ‘A key-shaped plastic kids’ toy.’


Water Prison Exit Key

Locations: Water Prison World, Waterwheel Room.
Description: ‘Key found in the waterwheel room (2F basement). “Up” is carved into it.’


Water Prison Generator Room Key

Locations: Water Prison World (second run), held by Andrew DeSalvo
Description: ‘Key held by the ghost of Andrew. It opens the door on B2.’


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