Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head/Red Pyramid Thing

Location: Hospital and various
Attack Method: His Great Knife can block some of your firepower
Weakness: He has no specific weakness
Best Tactics: Shoot the bejesus out of him and run away


Night Flutter

Night Flutter

Location: Hospital
Attack Method: Hits you HARD. Can fly around the player and rush in towards them
Weakness: Aim for the head and inside the mouth
Best Tactics: Shoot like crazy when he’s roaring at the player and be quick with your reflexes




Location: Toluca Prison
Attack Method: Lunges at the player
Weakness: Vulnerable only when it opens it’s mouth
Best Tactics: Shoot when the mouth is open



“Spider Doll” / “KUMO GUUJIN”*

Location: Graveyard
Attack Method: This is the only boss with a time limit, but if you keep up the assault you should be okay
Kumo Guujin is vulnerable at all times, so continually shoot at it
Best Tactics: Keep shootin’, Tex, aiming for head shots



Hannah’s Agony* / Phantom

Location: Hannah’s Memory
Attack Method: She has lots of tentacle-like hair that will occasionally strike, but the hand that extends from her mouth is her primary attack weapon. She can also call hands to come up out of the ground and attack you
Weakness: Aim for her face and mouth-hand
Best Tactics:Aim for her the hand that comes from her mouth when it’s in shooting range for the best results


* denotes author’s own name for creatures

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