First of all, some of this was very difficult to translate. Some of the translations are dead on, some are what was said in English instead of the subtitling in Japanese, and some may be off. However, we’ve done our best to keep flavor and meaning of the story is kept intact.

Secondly, many thanks goes out to BahaKitty for her video walkthrough, as it was far and beyond the primary source of information concerning the game! Please visit her channel to be able to see the Silent Hill Arcade version actually being played!

The opening cutscene shows Eric sleeping fitfully in bed. Sepia images are shown, presumably what he is dreaming about. A shot of the Little Baroness is shown, then the captain with a hand up to his forehead. Next is an older woman standing behind a younger girl. Two quick shots of the girl looking downward and the captain reaching out are displayed before the girl is shown plummeting towards the water. As she is swallowed by the water, a plethora of hands reach up towards the screen. It then shows Eric sleeping in bed, water surrounding him and the hands grabbing at his shoulder, forehead, and mouth and dragging him under. Eric wakes up, shooting up from the bed.

Eric: What? ( goes outside and looks around) Fog?
Tina: Eric! Have you seen Jessie?
Eric: Tina… I haven’t seen Bill either.
Tina: What’s up with this? This fog, too.
Eric: Ssh! What’s that sound? (He waves at the fog, and squinting, spots a man laying on the ground). Bill!
(A close-up is shown of a man lying on the ground, two guns and a radio thrown at his side. He groans as if in pain. Eric and Tina run up to him.)
Bill: Eric?
Tina: What happened?
Bill: Jessie.. they took her away. (Bill looks beyond Eric and Tina and suddenly sits up. Eric and Tina glance behind themselves. Tina screams.)
Bill: Shoot! Shoot it!
(A gray creature, the Gum Head, approaches the three. There is a battle as other creatures appear.)
Eric: What? What are these guys?!
Tina: No! Get away from me!
Eric: (as a monster appears) Go away!
(They fight the monsters)
Tina: Bill! You look terrible!!
Bill (on all fours, weakly) I’m all right alone. You two, go find Jessie.
Eric: All right!



(More creatures appear. They battle one).
Eric: How many of these are there? If these things take over the city we’re toast!
(Eric and Tina continue to a gap in the road and glance at it before turning around to find more creatures. Once they’re dead, Eric and Tina turn back to the pit and peer down into it.
Tina: I can’t see the bottom…
(Tiny black flying creatures will come out of it en masse. Tina screams.)
Eric: Is that a bat?! No way, it can’t be!
(After killing them Eric and Tina will quickly turn around and head down the street. They fight more creatures)
Eric: Give me a break!
(They continue a little farther before being ambushed by more Doubleheads.)
Tina: Watch out!

Eric: Jessie?
(He and Tina walk and turn a corner to find a big building with a red medical cross over the door.)
Tina: Brookhaven Hospital. Let’s try getting in!
(The screen goes dark).



Eric and Tina enter slowly, holding their guns out in front of them cautiously. A young girl with blonde hair ducks around the corner.
Eric: Wait!
Tina: What.. hey, what happened? (A low sound is heard in the distance) A boat whistle?
(Eric instantly groans in pain and puts his hands over his ears. Tina follows suit. Both hunch over)
Eric: My head..
(The screen goes dark.)
Tina: It’s so dark… what’s going on?
Eric: Tina, watch your feet
(The screen fades back in, showing the Otherworld. Tina instantly screams, assaulted by a new enemy, Nurses. They shoot.)
Tina: What’s wrong with this thing!
Eric: It’s another creature! This town is full of them!
{They finish the battle with the nurses)
Tina: I wonder if everyone is all right?
Eric: Is this a bad dream?
(They continue down the corridor until they reach a door on the right.)
Tina: What should we do? Should we go in? Or should we keep going?

If the player chooses to enters the room …
Tina: Eric, do you want to go in first?”
Eric: Umm.. sure.
(They enter).
Tina: Jessie?  Are you here?
(The door slams shut behind them.)
Eric: What! The door! It closed!
Tina: They aren’t alive! They’re monsters!
Eric: What happened to them?
(A nurse appears)
Tina: Nooo!
(More nurses appear)
Tina: There are still more?
(After battling the nurses, more demons appear)
Eric: Give me a break!
(A large group of Nurses arrive. Eric and Tina shoot, eliminating them all)
Tina: No more! They won’t stop coming!
(A battle)
Tina: Toward the left! They’re relentless!
Eric: What in the world is this? All of these creatures…
(more fighting)
Eric: Oh, give me a break! (A nurse lurches from behind a closed door) Oh my God! These shouldn’t be here.
Tina: Don’t come near me you monster! I hate them! We can’t get a break!
(A battle)
Tina: Hey, are you thinking about running away?
Eric: No way. I won’t go.
( At this point, the two paths converge)

If you choose to pass the room …
Eric and Tina enter a battle with Gumheads and a flock of Nurses. After they’re dead, they find a new weapon, a Shotgun. They head forward.
Tina: Hey, these aren’t human people, are they?
Eric: Cut it out. I don’t even want to talk about it.
(They continue down the hallway until a door opens and a Doublehead attacks. A battle ensues. They go down the hall and turn right into a doorway. In this corridor, you will be ambushed by a number of Nurses. Soon, leech-like enemies attack.)
Tina: Eric! Above you! (they look up) No! There’s so many of them!
Eric: We need to run to some place with stairs!
Tina: It’s on the right! Let’s just run through them!
Eric: What?
Tina: You know we can’t go back!
(At this point, the two paths converge.)

A low siren is heard.
Eric: What? (The walls begin to ripple as the Otherworld turns back into the normal world)
Tina: Is this for real?
Eric: I think so, but I’m not positive. I don’t think I’m hallucinating.
(They proceed down a corridor)
Tina: Hey. Did you just hear that weird noise?
Eric: No. I think.. you just imagined it.
(There is a crash of doors breaking and a nurse beyond them.)
Eric: It’s behind! (Tina screams) Dang it, will it never end?!
(A battle)
Eric: Again?!
Tina: Don’t come this way!
(Another battle. After, there is a scream from within the hospital.)
Tina: Eric? What’s wrong?
Eric: I heard a scream from somewhere…now.
Tina: Stop it.
(The screen fades to black as it loads. Another cutscene ensues.  As the foghorn blares, Eric and Tina put their hands to their heads.)
Tina: Again…!
(Brookhaven transitions to the Otherworld again. The walls change, a set of doors open to show a fan. Screams are heard from inside.)
Eric: Who’s that?
Tina: Jessie!
(They rush into the room. The camera pans to Pyramid Head, wielding his Great Knife, standing in front of a fan. It zooms in on Pyramid Head, panning up from about his stomach to his helmet. He walks towards them, dragging his Great Knife.)
Eric: What.. what is this thing!!
(They shoot frantically at Pyramid Head)
Tina: We can’t run!
Eric: Go away!
(The battle continues. Finally, the monster retreats.)
Tina: Now! Let’s run! (They back away, still shooting at Pyramid Head) This is bad! Let’s go!
(They continue to edge away, and approach a door. It slams closed)
Eric: Not that way! Hurry!!
(Pyramid Head’s knife shoots through the door. The monster then follows suit)
Eric: It can’t be! He’s not affected at all! Pull away, pull away! Tina, get that! Tina!
Tina: It’s no use, I can’t do anything.
(They continue to fire at the cockroaches and Pyramid Head. A girl, Jessie, runs up to them)
Jessie: Tina! Eric! I’m so glad! You’ve saved me! At any rate, we need to get out!
Eric: I.. I know!
(A huge swarm of bugs emerges. They shoot frantically)
Girl: No!  What are those things??
Eric: Run away, run away! It’s no use! They keep coming! But! We can’t! It’s no use…
(It is chaotic)
Tina: Jessie! This is awful…!
(Pyramid Head leans over, picks up Jessie. She screams)
Jessie: No!! Let me go, let me go..
Tina: He’s so cruel! Jessie! (She screams)
(They continue to shoot at Pyramid Head.)
Eric: Demon, get away! It’s no use! Let’s run! Come on! Let’s go! This isn’t safe! (They run through a door) Which way?
Tina: Hey, what’ll you think will happen to us?
(Roaches fall from the ceiling. They battle)
Eric: When do you think it’ll go back? This place. (More bugs suddenly appear) They’re back! Noo, we can’t kill all of them!
(They fight furiously with Pyramid Head. Suddenly, his knife stops inches from Eric and Tina and everything starts to disintegrate back into the Foggy World. Eric and Tina are left in front of a large fan.)
Tina: What the heck?
(There is a loading screen.)
Eric: For now, we should head back to the hotel.
Tina: Yeah. (there is a sound) Emilie?
(They head towards a door and find a monster attacking a small girl)
Girl: Noo!
Eric: Oh no!
Tina: Wait! It’s me! Emilie?!
(They give chase, ascending stairs, all the while shooting the monster)
Tina: Wait! Emilie!
(After the battle, they notice some more stairs)
Eric: No! We can’t get through here!
Tina: Let’s try and find another way.
(A corridor. Suddenly, they are attacked by a flock of Nurses)
Eric: They’re here!
Tina: It’s over here! They’re over here too!
Eric: Why you-!
(The battle continues)
Eric: We need to keep going!
(When they are all dead, they find a door.)
Eric: What’s in there?
Tina: We can’t be bothered. Let’s go!
(A further battle with nurses ensues)
Tina: Don’t they end? They never cease…
(The battle ends and they continue looking for Emilie)
Tina: Hurry up! Emilie is in grave danger!
(Suddenly, the boat siren goes off. The screen goes dark. When it lights up again, the Otherworld appears. They head through a pair of doors. A long battle with Nurses, Bats and other demons ensues. After the long fight, they reach the end of the hallway)
Eric: She’s waiting for us, come on!
(The boat siren fills the air and the screen goes dark, then light again.)
Tina: Nothing surprises me now.
Eric: Yeah, but I don’t really want anything to happen either.



Tina: I can still hear that noise. (Moves further) Emilie! Where are you?! We’ve come to save you!
Eric: Emilie!
(The battle fiercely with a multitude of enemies. After stepping into the Day Room, the room shakes violently. They hear a young girl screams from somewhere in the hospital. They rush to a door. Cut-scene. Tina and Eric rush up the stairs, but their progress is halted by the siren blast. The hospital shifts into the Otherworld. Another scream. Eric and Tina look at each other, and run up the stairs. On the roof, they see a young blond girl sitting with her back to them.)
Tina: Emilie!
( She and Eric rush over. However, they stop short and slowly turn around. There is a monster of epic proportions sitting on the roof, staring at the protagonists.)
Eric: This is a nightmare! What the hell is it?!
(A massive battle ensues with this grotesque demon)
Eric: It can fly?! A huge thing like that?!
Tina: Watch out!
(The monster drops near them, then attempt to get close)
Tina: Eric! There’s no way out!
Eric: This way! (he climbs some debris)
Tina: No!
Eric: Which way did it go?
(The demon reappears. They battle on until it falls, skidding across the ground and eventually falling off the roof. The world switches back to the foggy world.)
Tina: Emilie!
Emilie: Tina! (they embrace)
Tina: I’m so glad you’re okay.
Eric: Where did all of the people go?
Emilie: I don’t know.
Tina: You’re safe now. Let’s go search together. Emilie? Where should we go?
(Emilie tells them to head for the Silent Hill Historical Society).



Silent Hill Historical Society.
Emilie: Daddy?Are you okay?
Eric: Huh?
Tina: Emilie’s father works here.
(They walk through the society building. The siren blares. When the Otherworld completes its transition, they are face-to-face with a demon. A battle ensues, with more creatures. They work their way forward, through the twists and turns, fighting as they go. Eventually, they enter the Director’s office. Eric pauses and looks at the wall. He sees pictures of the Little Baroness and its captain, the same pictures that he has in his scrapbook. Tina and Eric discuss the Little Baroness, Eric explaining that his grandfather was the captain of the ship, which went missing. While he does this, Emilie looks at a picture of herself and her father, Frank.)
Tina: It went missing here?
Eric: (tracing his hand over the name of the ship. He reads it) Little Baroness.
(The boat siren. As they exit, things seem … different. They are in Toluca Prison)
Tina: We just need to get to the entrance, right?
Eric: I hope it doesn’t take too long.
(As they slowly turn the corner, they encounter more creatures. They come from different directions but, once they are all dead, they proceed. Eventually they reach the door at the end of the cell block, then the kitchen. Here they encounter a new, but rather insignificant, enemy. Once defeated they move forward a bit and the prison doors open, bombarding then with enemies. They fight, moving on, and find a massive, encaged worm. It breaks free; they duck through a nearby doorway into another cell block. The worm follows. They hear a noise and Eric realises that it’s Ryan’s voice.)



Cut-scene. Eric, Tina, and Emilie rush into a room where they see a strange body in a light.
Tina: Ryan?
(Something picks up the body. Emilie clings to Tina. The boat siren wails and the Otherworld manifests. They battle fiercely with the worm.)
Emilie: Save me! Mommy!
Tina: I’ll protect you!
(It finally dies. Eric, Tina, and Emilie stand for a moment in the normal world.)
Tina: We’re safe now.
Eric: Let’s go.
(They find Ryan)
Eric: Ryan!
Ryan: Tina? What.. are you doing here? Which one is the exit?
(They are faced with three paths. The boat siren goes off; the world once again melts away into a nightmare. They battle the monsters. Eventually, they move through a doorway. There are monsters behind bars.)
Emilie: Tina, they’re –
Tina: It’s all right. I won’t let them hurt you.
(A long battle. Finally, when all the creatures are dead, they go through the door at the end of the hall.)
Tina: What … ?
Voice: Help me!
Tina: Look, the path splits here. Which way should we go?
(They are faced with the choice of going left, forward, or right. Choose to go straight ahead, and they enter a door where they encounter creatures. After they are dead, they head to the shelf jutting out of the wall and pick up a key. They retreat the way they come and turn right. They travel down a hallway that is mercifully eventless. A locked door, then another fork. They choose left. Immediately, they are attacked. A corpse is in the hallway, holding a rifle that may be picked up. They retreat. They find the locked door again and use the key. After everything is dead, they proceed forward. More fighting. All move down some stairs; the area is tiled. Another room; dirty, with a soiled gurney. There are holes in the walls with corpses. Erics wonders what happened to these people before proceeding through yet another set of double-doors. They enter an elevator).



The elevator takes them all the way down. The door it opens; it’s a graveyard.
Tina: (covering her nose) It smells moldy.
Eric: And the smell of blood.
(Something comes up from behind the gravestone. Eric points his gun at it.)
Voice: Eric?
Eric: George?
George: Eric! I’m so glad! Please save-
(He is suddenly he thrown back.)
Eric: George!!
(A creature with four legs that walks like a spider advances.)
Tina: Emilie! Get back!
(They battle. When it finally dies, it explodes into pieces and collapses)
Tina: Let’s hurry and keep going.
Eric: …
George: Eric!
(They move to the hole in the ground)
Eric: George?
George: Oh boy, I thought I was gonna die!
Eric: Can you get up?
George: Of course! (He gives a thumbs-up.) If you give me a hand!



Emilie, Eric, and Tina come to a boat dock. “Mommmyyy!” Emilie calls out. There are strange callings coming from the boat. With a smile, Emilie runs down the gangplank towards the ship, calling for her mother. Tina calls as she runs after her, asking her to wait, and suddenly a boat siren blares. It is the same sound as the siren that heeded the Otherworld. They stare at the ship in wonder. Eric reads the name – “The Little Baroness” – from the sign on the second deck. Emilie runs onto the ship. Eric and Tina follow.

The interior doesn’t look like the inside of a ship. There’s a fountain in the middle; stores surround them.
Eric: It’s not inside the ship
Tina: Whatever, we need to find Emilie!
Eric: They’re here!
(Enemies attack. They swarm around them. Eventually, they move forward; turn left. More enemies pounce. Once the threats have been eliminated, they will descend stairs. Then find themselves in a moving subway train. More attacks. They exit the car and once the last enemy has been eliminated, there is a screeching; the windows turn orange. The light burns brightly. when it clears, they find themselves somewhere new.)
Eric: What kind of world is this?
Tina: Are we inside Emilie’s memory?
(They are attacked by blood-soaked rabbits, armed and dangerous. They hear a voice: Mommy! A reply: Emilie, don’t run too much! More crazed rabbits and they eventually exit through a green door. They move forward, towards an old-fashioned amusement ride. There is a gate; they proceed. More memories from Emilie. Another gate, and this one opens mysteriously by itself. They find another shotgun and then another battle ensues. Once all the enemies are dead, they head towards a carousel. Cut-scene. The carousel lights up. There is carnival music; the horses start moving. Eric and Tina will then slowly look behind them . . . more creatures launch towards them.)
Tina: We’re surrounded.
Eric: We need to find an escape route somehow.
(Cue another whiteout. This one features Emilie, sitting in what looks like a hospital. Her father, Frank, is behind her. Frank asks Emilie what things her mother was telling her in her dreams.)
Emilie: It’s not a dream. Mommy told me to go to the lake.
Frank: But Emilie, your mommy is-
Emilie (interrupts): That’s not true.
Frank: Wait, no, I understand. Let me ask you again. Who’s your mother?
Emilie: Hannah.
(The screen whites out).



Tina: Hey, what do you think that meant?
Eric: Uhh.. I have no idea.
(The siren fills the air)
Tina: Not again.
(The world shifts again, and as Tina and Eric turn around, there is a familiar face: Pyramid Head.  He once again attacks. As he swings his knife, they are thrown into a flashback, presumably aboard the Little Baroness.)
Eric: What is going on here? I just don’t understand it at all.
Tina: Me neither. We need to get to the bottom of this.
(Enemies attack in droves. Once they are all dead, they turn to find Pyramid Head behind them once more. Eric screams at them to run. Another flackback-esque scene.)
Tina: Maybe.. we’re already dead and we have gone to another life…
Eric: You’re going to make me start thinking like that. Stop it.
(They pass corpses and head down a caged hallway as the Otherworld appears again. More fighting. Eric and Tina comment on the horrors as more creatures advance towards them. Pyramid Head returns. They shoot him some more and are thrown back into another foggy flashback. Tina cries out for Emilie.)
Tina: Emilie, Emilie, where are you?
Emilie: I’m over here!
(Something blocks her way. They shoot at Pyramid Head, waiting for him to fall back. Another flashback. A young blonde-haired girl sits on a bed. Her eyes are dark; she seems somehow sickly.)
Girl: (smiles) Mama!
Mother: Hannah, I got you a present.
(She passes the girl a small teddy bear)
Girl: Aah! Thank you! (Looks affectionately at her mother) But –
Mother: It’s all right.
Girl: Okay.. thank you!
Mother: But Hannah..
Hannah: What is it?
Mother: Don’t you want to go out once in a while? How about tomorrow we go to Toluca Lake?
(The flashback ends.)



A long stairway spirals downward. They battle ferociously with a host of different demons. Eventually they reach a door to the right. Cut to the Little Baroness. Frank is on the boat, looking around in confusion.

Mother (sweetly): Hannah?  Hannah? Where are you?
Hannah: Mommy! (they embrace)
Mother: I’ve been looking for you.
Hannah:I’ve been looking for you too!
Voice: Wait!
(Hannah’s mother looks over her shoulder. The girl in her arms is no longer Hannah; it is Emilie. She too looks over. Tina and Eric rush towards them.)
Tina: Emilie’s father?
Frank: (angry) Who are you? What have you done to my daughter?? What is your purpose?! (Hannah’s mother stares at Frank) Emilie, get away from her! She’s not your mother! Have you forgotten?? Your mommy is already dead!!
(Hannah’s mother looks coldly at Emilie and reaches out towards her.)
Emilie: (worried) Mommy?
Frank: Hey, you!
(Frank is thrown to the ground. Hannah’s mother lowers her hand; it is cold and blue, quite unhuman. Emilie backs up in fear.)
Emilie: Noooo!!!!
(Flashback. Hannah is standing at the railing of the boat, her mother behind her. It switches back to the present, and Hannah’s mother picks up Emilie. Emilie screams; she is thrown overboard. In the past, the captain of the Little Baroness reaches out helplessly towards the water.)
Tina: Emilie!
(Eric reaches out helplessly, much the same way his grandfather, the captain, did. Emilie screams as she falls. They are switched back to the past; Hannah is shown meeting the same fate. When she hits the water, a myriad of hands reach up. Hannah is drowning, the hands clutching at her face and throat. There is a large plume of water next to the Little Baroness that hits the ship and topples it onto its side. It is swallowed in the waves.)
(Back in the present, Eric and Tina stare at the sight, Eric’s hand still outstretched. Eric starts towards the water, but Tina reaches out and stops him.)
Tina: Wait! What are you trying to do??
Eric: I’m going down!
Tina: But –
Eric: If we run away here, the nightmare won’t end!
Tina: All right, let’s go.
(They jump off the ship.)

A blonde girl wearing black is facing away from Tina and Eric. Where is Emilie? asks Tina. The girl turns around, head bowed. She looks up, reveals herself to be Hannah, glaring menacingly at the protagonists. She then transforms into a large head with long, menacing teeth and wild Medusa-like hair. A hand extends from her mouth …)

The full four endings of the games can be found on our Endings page.

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