Released in 2006, the Silent Hill Experience UMD was released on the PSP. It contains music videos, trailers, marketing materials, art, music and renders from the first three games, including interactive graphic novels.
Publisher: Konami
Release date: April 2006 (Europe) / June 2006 (US)
Platform: PSP
Developer: Climax/Konami



Comics: Silent Hill: The Hunger / Silent Hill Dying Inside

Interviews: Akira Yamaoka interview / Christopher Gans & Akira Yamaoka interview (You can read these interviews in full at the awesome Silent Hill Memories site).

Music: A selection of tracks from the first four soundtracks, chosen personally by Akira Yamaoka as his favourites from the series.

Trailers: Silent Hill 1 / Silent Hill 2 / Silent Hill 3 / Silent Hill 4: The Room / Silent Hill The Movie / Usagi

Videos: SH1 UFO Ending / SH2 UFO Ending / SH2 Dog Ending / Fukuro / Ki-No-Ko (To access these, hit X button when you see a small symbol appeas in the corner of the screen)

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