Location: Grand Hotel

Attack Method:The Sepulcher will pulverise Alex with its massive fists

Best Tactics: Attack the meat extremities to make it fall to the floor. When it reaches the same plane as Alex, unleash damage against its body and eventually it will be defeated.




Location: Hell Descent

Attack Method: She’s quick and athletic – you have to be quick to avoid her attacks and wide-ranging blows

Best Tactics: Get in close and hack at her legs until they break, giving a better shot at her body. When she falls, bludgeon her body and break her arms, then smash her head. Sounds gross, but it does the job!




Location: Alternate Prison

Attack Method:Its projectile attack launches venom at its intended target, while the swinging tail can inflict serious damage if it catches you off-guard

Best Tactics: you can tell that an attack is coming due to the rather long wind-up that precedes it. Dodge the attack, then move in behind the creature and beat the crap out of the tip of its tail. Lather, rinse, repeat until you’re able to destroy it with a finishing move.




Location: Underground

Attack Method: She has four main attacks: a heavy attack, a fast attack, a toxic projectile and a devastating ground pound. Her second incarnation involves grabbing you and ripping Alex limb from limb. Nice.

Best Tactics: Equip a melee weapon and attack the body. Watch out for the wind-ups that signal an attack, dodge ’em, then attack with multiple combos. This will finish off one of her forms, but not kill her entirely. To do this, be timely with the quick-time prompts and keep an eye out for her strong attack. This’ll temporarily disable her, so run up to her belly and slice it open. I repeat: niiiiiiiice …




Location: Various

Attack Method: N/A

Best Tactics: N/A


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