Now that Silent Hill Shattered Memories has hit most territories and many of us have had chance to spend some quality time with Konami’s latest installment, what questions do you have still lingering? What feedback would you like Konami to have? Are our theories about the game correct? What did we think of the story? What absolutely rocked … and what possibly did not?

Tomm, Producer of SHSM, has once again kindly agreed to exclusively take questions from you – yes, [b]YOU[/b] – the members of SHHF. So if your question has yet to be answered in the interviews you’ve read to date, or you’re desperate to know more about this that or the other now that you’re all finished up playing, please leave your question here or send me a PM and we’ll see that Tomm gets it.

[b]Please note:[/b] play nice. OMG UR GAME SUXX0RS is neither a question nor constructive, and as Tomm reserves the right to flatly ignore anything he doesn’t want to answer, it’s probably best that you frame questions politely if you wish to ensure a response. Therefore, please be respectful of this and think carefully about your questions!

All questions must be received by ]midnight 9 May (GMT).

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