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Rose Da Silva

Played By: Radha Mitchell 
Background: Sharon’s mother and Protagonist 
Information: Sharon’s adoptive mother and wife of Christopher Da Silva. Desperate for answers to her daughter’s illness, Rose goes against her husband’s wishes and takes Sharon on a road trip to Silent Hill. On the way into town she is involved in a high speed chase up Route 13 with cop Cybil Bennett and has an accident on the outskirts of town. Rose wakes from her crash to find Sharon missing and ventures into Silent Hill to find her.

Sharon Da Silva

Played By: Jodelle Ferland 
Background: Rose’s missing daughter 
Information: Rose and Christopher’s artistic nine year old adopted daughter who hasn’t been well as of late. Plagued by reoccurring nightmares and sleepwalking into dangerous situations, the only clue to Sharon’s illness is her constant screams about the abandoned town of Silent Hill. Desperate for answers her mother takes Sharon on a road trip to to the town and they are involved in an accident on its outskirts. Shortly after the accident, Sharon goes missing and Rose ventures into town to find her.

Christopher Da Silva

Played By: Sean Bean 
Background: Sharon’s father and Rose’s husband 
Information: Sharon’s adoptive father and husband of Rose Da Silva. He comes home from work one day to find his daughter and wife missing from the house. Fearing the worst, he gets in touch with Rose and is unhappy to learn that they are on their way to Silent Hill. Determined to bring them back, Christopher follows their route to town only to find they’ve mysteriously disappeared.

Cybil Bennett

Played By: Laurie Holden 
Background: Brahams Police Officer 
Information: A young cop who received fame and a medal of honor three years ago after rescuing a kidnapped boy thrown into an open mine vent in Silent Hill. Cybil sees Rose and Sharon at Brahams gas on their way to Silent Hill and grows concerned when Sharon becomes upset over her ruined drawing. Thinking that Rose planned on repeating the events of three years before, Cybil attempts to pull her over in a high speed chase up Route 13 and disappears within the Silent Hill city limits. On entering Silent Hill she is surprised by the creatures she sees and teams up with Rose to find the missing Sharon and bring them out of the dangerous town alive.

Dahlia Gillespie

Played By: Deborah Kara Unger 
Background: Alessa’s mother and an outcast of the Silent Hill congregation 
Information: A young mother who was a devout follower in the Silent Hill congregation. An indiscretion resulted in the birth of Alessa and Dahlia’s unwillingness to name the father for nine years forced Christabella to take action. She convinced Dahlia to allow the congregation to purify Alessa in fire and save Dahlia and the whole town from further ruin. Before the ritual starts Dahlia has a change of heart and alerted the authorities to try and save her child. Help comes too late and the sight Alessa charred and barely alive caused Dahlia to have a complete mental breakdown.

After the underground fires killed and evacuated the population of Silent Hill, Dahlia, like the other congregation members, found herself trapped within the boundaries of misty town. Even after thirty years her betrayal in alerting the authorities has left her ostracized from the congregation and she wanders the streets of Silent Hill alone.

Alessa Gillespie

Played By: Jodelle Ferland 
Background: Dahlia’s daughter 
Information: A sweet little girl tormented by her classmates and looked on as a witch because Dahlia refused to name her father. Dahlia’s secrecy convinced Christabella and the rest of the Silent Hill congregation that Alessa resulted from sin and was a dark stain on the purity of their town. To restore the town’s and Dahlia’s innocence, the congregation attempted to purify Alessa in an unsuccessful ritual sacrifice that resulted in a large fire in the Grand Hotel and left Alessa horribly burned and barely alive. Twenty-one years after her ordeal the bedridden Alessa, consumed by loneliness and hatred for those that hut her, called forth a great evil within the town to help her exact her revenge.

Thomas Gucci

Played By: Kim Coates 
Background: Brahams Police Officer 
Information: A former resident of Silent Hill and one of the first officers on the scene in response to Dahlia’s pleas to help her daughter. After the coal fires spread in Silent Hill forcing the town to close, Gucci transferred to the Brahams police force and became involved in the investigation of Rose, Sharon, and Cybil’s disappearance into Silent Hill.


Played By: Tanya Allen 
Background: Silent Hill congregation member 
Information: A young member of the Silent Hill congregation trapped in the misty town of Silent Hill. She hates Dahlia for turning on her faith and likes to throw stones whenever she sees her. Rose and Cybil meet Anna in the Grand Hotel and she leads them both back to the safety of her church when the town starts to go to hell.


Played By: Alice Krige 
Background: Silent Hill congregation leader  
Information: The matriarch of the Silent Hill congregation. Under her orders Alessa was burned alive in sacrifice to purify Silent Hill from Dahlia’s indiscretion nine years before. Sometime later underground mine fires spread throughout Silent Hill that killed a number of Silent Hill’s population and caused the survivors to evacuate. As others were able to flee, Christabella and her congregation found themselves trapped within the city limits and were reduced to live as scavengers in the deserted town. Thirty years later, the congregation continue their unwavering belief in Christabella’s leadership and look to her for protection against the dark forces in Silent Hill waiting to kill them.

Dark Alessa

Played By: Jodelle Ferland 
Background: Dark evil of Silent Hill 
Information: A manifestation of the evil in Silent Hill that the congregation worked so hard to purify. This evil entity goes by many names and came to Alessa at the height of her pain and suffering twenty-one years after the botched sacrifice and agreed to help Alessa exact her revenge on those who hurt her. She removed any trace of goodness left in Alessa and changed it into a baby before leaving it safely on the outskirts of town.

Backed by Alessa’s complete hatred, Dark Alessa is still unable to touch the Silent Hill congregation while their faith remains strong and sheltered within the walls of their church. After nine years of unsuccessful attempts, Dark Alessa grows impatient and compells Alessa’s goodness to return to Silent Hill in a last ditch effort to reach the congregation.

Sister Margaret

Played By: Eve Crawford 
Background: Nun and proprietor of the Brahams Orphanage 
Information: A kind old nun who started the Brahams Orphanage after the Silent Hill mine fires left hundreds of evacuated children parentless and has run it for 30 years. The Brahams Orphanage has housed over four hundred orphans, including Sharon Da Silva, adopted by Rose and Christopher seven years ago. During his search for Rose, Christopher seeks Sister Margaret in hopes of finding out more about Sharon’s birth mother when he sees Sharon’s likeness in a thirty year old photo and police report in the Brahams Hall of Records. 

Gas Attendant/ Diner Cashier

Played By: Amanda Hiebert 
Background: Gas Attendent/ Diner Cashier and Daughter of the Old Mechanic at Brahams Gas 
Information: A young blonde attendent at Brahams Gas whom Rose meets on her way to Silent Hill while stopping for gas. This young lady informs Rose that the road no longer goes into Silent Hill and that her card was declined. Their conversation is cut off during the movie but it’s safe to assume Rose was forced to pay in cash and was able to get some vague direction to Silent Hill from the attendant.

Andy (Old Mechanic)

Played By: Ron Gabriel 
Background: Mechanic at Brahams Gas 
Information: An old pudgy man with glasses and stained blue coveralls who works as a mechanic at Brahams Gas. Christopher pumps him initially for information about Rose’s whereabouts, but after being directed to Andy’s daughter for information, who worked the night Rose came through, Christopher changes tactics and questions the old man about Silent Hill.  Upon hearing Christopher’s, queries Andy is quick to tell him that the town was closed due to dangerous conditions and health concerns resulting from the underground mine fires, but is happy to divulge the turn off to town after a money bribe from Christopher.


Played By: Roberto Campanella 
Background: Janitor at Midwich Elementary 
Information: A middle-aged janitor who molested a young Alessa in the girl’s bathroom after she locked herself inside to hide from her tormenting classmates. Colin is seen again by Rose in monster form as a barbed wire bound creature in the Midwich Elementary girl’s bathroom.

Red Nurse

Played By: Emily Lineham 
Background: Nurse at Alchemilla Hospital 
Information: A young nurse who took care of the severely burned Alessa. She became curious of her patient and took a quick peek inside Alessa’s bed enclosure and was scared away when Alessa lashed out somehow at her. The fate of the real nurse is unknown but a “ghost” nurse in her likeness who is disfigured, blind and perpetually cries blood has taken care of Alessa in the dark bowels of the Alternate Alchemilla Hospital.

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