Silent Hill Movie

Movie Creatures

Grey Child: Deformed childlike monsters that have the appearance of being burnt and partly aflame with embers. Instead of knives, they use their claws to grab and drag their victims.

Creeper: Small beetle-like monsters that come in huge swarms.

Dark Nurse: Closely resemble the bubble-head nurses of Silent Hill 2. They are seen standing in a large group in the movie and react to light.

Lying Figure: An armless, stumbling monster that spits eroding acid.

Red Pyramid / Pyramid Head: A huge, muscular monster that wears a black tetrahedral helmet and wields the same “great knife” from Silent Hill 2.

The Janitor: A monster created specifically for the film. It looks to be a man encased in barbed wire and moves by dragging itself along the floor with its hands. The Janitor represents the school janitor, Colin, who is implied to have molested Alessa.

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