Harold “Harry” Mason

Age: 32
Background: Writer and Play Novel Protagonist
Information: Harry Mason brought his adopted daughter Cheryl to Silent Hill for a long overdue vacation and some sight-seeing. On the outskirts of town the Mason family was involved in a car accident. When Harry woke up he found Cheryl missing from the passenger seat and traveled into Silent Hill determined to find her.


Cheryl Mason

Age: 7
Background: Harry’s lost daughter.
Information:Harry Mason’s timid seven year old daughter who loves playing the piano and looked forward to riding the merry-go-round during the Mason family vacation in Silent Hill. Cheryl went missing after the Mason’s car accident on the outskirts of town and Harry is desperate to find her.


Cybil Bennett

Age: 28
Background: Brahms police officer and Play Novel Protagonist
Information: Cybil visits Silent Hill to investigate the sudden cessation of communication from the town. After she passed the Mason’s jeep on the road she was involved in a motorcycle accident, jerking her bike to the side to avoid a young girl in the road. Cybil woke on the cold, snowy streets and – after meeting and arming Harry in Café 5 to 2- is in search of an escape.


Dahlia Gillespie

Age: 46
Background: Antique Store Proprieter
Information: A sly looking women with cold eyes and an eerie grin who is a resident of Silent Hill and used gryomancy to predict Harry and Cybil’s arrival to town. Claims the mysterious woman Harry has seen throughout Silent Hill is trying to consume the whole town in darkness and asks for Harry’s help to stop her. But can Dahlia be trusted? Harry is not so sure and suspects Dahlia holds many secrets of her own…


Michael Kaufmann

Age: 50
Background: The Director and a doctor at Alchemilla Hospital.
Information: A plump man who took a nap in the hospital staff room and woke up to the deserted, snowy, and dangerous Silent Hill. He has a gruff demeanor a seems to know something about what’s going on in town but it too focused in his own escape to spare Harry any time for chit-chat or help in finding his missing daughter.


Lisa Garland

Age: 23
Background: Nurse
Information: A scared young woman Harry meets several times in the Alternate Alchemilla Hospital Examination room. Despite growing up in Silent Hill, Lisa seems just as baffled by the change in weather and disappearance of the population as Harry.


Alessa Gillespie

Age: 14
Background: unknown
A mysterious and silent young woman in dark blue clothing and neatly combed light brown hair that Harry and Cybil spot all over Silent Hill. Who is she? Does she have a connection to the condition of the town?



Age: 7
Background: The Mason’s neighbor
Information: A young boy with a secret crush on Cheryl Mason. After getting the courage to finally speak with her he hides in the back of the Mason’s jeep and is involved in their car accident in Silent Hill. When he finds Cheryl missing from the scene he goes into town to search for her.



Age: unknown
Background: A co-worker of Cybil’s in the Brahms police station
Information: Cybil’s friend and co-worker on duty the night she traveled into Silent Hill.

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