Throughout the game Harry will come across 25 objects that are significant in some way to his journey through Silent Hill. Collecting these mementos isn’t necessary but how many you find has an effect on the game’s ending.

Memento #1 – A Winter Beacon:

Location: Diner 52, in a lower cupboard behind the counter near the back of the restaurant Tavern: front door and check the dartboard to the right.

Description: A snow globe showing a scene with a lighthouse and a girl in a red dress.

Other Markings: Has a $9.93 price tag and a gold foil sticker on the bottom. The gold sticker has Psalm 104:2 “Covering Himself with light as with a cloak. Stretching out the heavens as a curtain” written on it.

Memento #2 – Hidden Fire:

Location: Inside Cybil’s police car, in the glove compartment.

Description: A pack of “Hemingway” (Ultra Lights) 14 class A cigarettes.

Other Markings: None

Memento #3 – Frozen Waters:

Location: The Woods at the base of the water tower inside the metal hatch.

Description: A small marble with blue swirls and rings.

Other Markings: None

Memento #4 – A Broken Ward:

Location: Orion Hunting lodge inside the drawer in the living room connected to the kitchen.

Description: A broken pink flashlight

Other Markings: “Safety Flashlight” is written on the side.

Memento #5 – A Moveable Feast

Location: Orion Hunting lodge inside the wall cabinet in the bedroom.

Description: A rusty hunting knife

Other Markings: “All stories end in Death” is engraved in the handle.

Memento #6 – Pinned Beauty:

Location: Bryant Overlook, inside the trunk of the parked red car.

Description: A pinned and labeled butterfly

Other Markings: Label says “Xerces Blue” which is an extinct species of butterfly from San Francisco, California.

Memento #7 – Suffocated Forever:

Location: Inside the heart shaped jewelry box on the dresser by the second floor exit of the Cat House/Honey Trap Brothel.

Description: An insect (an ant?) trapped in amber.

Other Markings: none

Memento #8 – My Plastic Perfect Girl:

Location: Inside the fridge/freezer in Wonderland Burger’s kitchen.

Description: A naked fashion doll in Pigtails.

Other Markings: “Teenie” is written on its back

Memento #9 – Heavenly Protection

Location: Midwich High School in the wall cabinet in the storage room.

Description: A medallion with the image of Saint Christopher crossing a river with a child.

Other Markings: “St. Christopher protect us” is engraved on the back side of the medallion.

Connection to Cheryl: Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. Medallions like this are often displayed in automobiles so the driver and passengers are less likely to die in a car accident.

Memento #10 – A Frigid Jewel:

Location: Midwich High School Biology Lab inside the frog.

Description: A gold ring with a blue/green gem

Other Markings: “Ice Queen” is engraved on the inside of the band.

Memento#11 – An Eternal Rose:

Location: Inside locker 1037 at Midwich High in the corridor with a keypad door.

Description: A rose paperweight.

Other Markings: “Eternal Love” in gold is printed on its side.

Memento #12 – Infinite Jest:

Location: Lisa’s Apartment, in the angel music box in the bathroom

Description: A skull ring decorated with gems.

Other Markings: “Ophelia” is engraved in two places on the inside of the band.

Memento #13 – Synthetic Femur:

Location: Inside the copier under the truck photo in the Goldenleaf Warehouse office.

Description: A dog toy

Other Markings: “Not Real Bone” is printed on it.

Memento #14 – Memories Undeveloped:

Location: Inside the cage with the dead hamster inside The Family Pet store in Toluca Mall

Description: “Doda” 35 mm film for color prints, 27 exposures.

Other Markings: None

Memento #15 – My Flying Lizard:

Location: Inside the small safe at the Fun & Games Toy shop in Toluca Mall (to get the safe open turn the handle slowly under you hear a click and then try and open the safe).

Description: A stuffed green dinosaur.

Other Markings: “Lost World Terry” is printed on its label.

Memento #16 – The Modern Prometheus:

Location: Location: The lobby of Cinereal inside the Toy Zone crane game in Toluca Mall

Description: Frankenstein monster figure.

Other Markings: none

Memento #17 – We, Ouroboros:

Location: Inside the Green Lion Pawn Shop security cage in the blue box.

Description: A serpent ring. “Love is a hungry drug” is engraved on its band.

Other Markings: “Love is a hungry drug” is engraved on its inner band.

Memento #18 – Poetry as Precise as Geometry:

Location: Inside John’s car, in the glove compartment.

Description: A gold fountain pen.

Other Markings: “Everything one invents is true” is engraved on its side.

Memento #19 – A Happy Bond:

Location: In the sewers inside the fish in the open pipe at end of the side path.

Description: A woven bracelet

Other Markings: “Sweetie” is engraved the bead.

Memento #20 – Memories Untaken:

Location: Inside the cigar box the wooden statue of an Indian is holding outside The Indian Runner shop.

Description: A pink kiddy camera with a picture of a castle on front.

Other Markings: “Lakeside Amusement Park” is printed on its top with “Capture the fun! Memories to keep forever” on the back.

Memento #21 – A Beacon, A Key:

Location: Lakefront Souvenirs shop inside a glass counter.

Description: Gold lighthouse shaped key chain.

Other Markings: None

Memento #22 – Your Diamond Heart:

Location:Inside the telescope near Annie’s Bar at the end of in Sanford Street.

Description: A diamond ring.

Other Markings: “Journeys end in lovers meeting” is engraved on its band.

Memento #23 – The Dragon:

Location: In a cardboard box on the bench in front of the Lakeside Amusement Park’s main entrance.

Description: A stuffed red dragon.

Other Markings: “Myths and Legends at Lakeside” is printed on its label.

Memento #24 – Eve:

Location: Inside the middle slot machine in Lakeside Amusement Park arcade. Pull the handle three times to receive the locket half.

Description: Half of a locket with picture of the real Dahlia inside.

Other Markings: “True Happiness” is written along the top of Dahlia’s head.

Memento #25 – Adam:

Location: Lighthouse Clinic, inside the bust’s head in the lobby.

Description: Half of a locket with the portrait of Harry.

Other Markings: “Never Forget” is written along the top of Harry’s head.

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