Nightmare Woods – Piano Puzzle

To shatter the ice blocking the exit you must repeat the sequence of notes played by the girl during the voice mail message:

“quack” “hoot” “squawk” “squawk” “cluck”

Take a look at the piano keys, each key has an animal head on it. Just hit the animal key that corresponds with the sound played.

The Solution:

Duck key (green)
Owl key (pink)
Parrot Key (yellow)
Parrot Key (yellow)
Chicken Key (blue)

Midwich: Art Studio Puzzle – Calling Shadows

To reveal the Calling Shadow’s phone number you need to arrange the objects in the still life display so the shadows cast will fill in the missing numbers. Luckily we have that charcoal drawing to work from so all we need to do is match the placement in the picture to see the numbers.

Once all the items are in their proper place the full phone number: 555-8465 is revealed on the wall. When the number is dialed on Harry’s phone the exit door will mysteriously unlock.

Now if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of solving the puzzle it’s possible to dial this number as soon as you enter the room and unlock the door.

Midwich: Planetarium Puzzle – Calling Big Bear

Walk to the right towards the projector and Harry should received a new voice mail containing a lecture from the past entitled “Big Bear.”

In the message a teacher lectures a class on the major constellation Ursa Minor or “Little Bear.” Depending on what your psych profile is up to this point this teacher will have a different reaction to the students laughter on seeing “Little Bear” traced on the ceiling. Since the exit door is firmly locked we only have this voice mail as a clue on how to exit the classroom.

First go up to the projector and turn it on so and stars will fill the ceiling of the room. Next check the constellation posters on the wall and find Ursa “Little Bear” Minor. With that constellation shape in mind walk down to the large sphere at the center of the room and move it around until you see a cluster of stars in a similar shape on the ceiling.

When you think you have the correct group of stars walk back over to the projector and turn on the trace laser switch which will not only traces Ursa Minor but reveals love declaration from a “Big Bear” to a student named Mandy asking her to give him a call:

Hey Mandy be my little bear
call me!
Big Bear: 555-2327

Call “Big Bear” and the exit door with mysteriously unlock. Now if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of solving the puzzle it’s possible to dial this number as soon as you enter the room and unlock the door.

Midwich: Locked Exit – Code to the Gymnasium

Take a look at the security keypad beside the door to see the numbers “1053? are scrawled on the side. These numbers won’t unlock the door unfortunately but they do correspond with the locker numbers in this hallway!

Head down to locker 1053 all the way back by the prom poster and open the door to reveal photo inside of the backs of two football players “10? and “31.” Looks like 1031 must be the door code!

Midwich: Principle Office – Hacking the computer

* Question: I said goodbye to bachelorhood, freedom and happiness, where?

Answer: Hawaii

Where?:Take a look at photo on bookshelf to the right of the couple kissing. Along the top it says “Married in Hawaii.”
* Question: My bitch of an ex-wife’s name

Answer: Valerie

Where?: Go back to the secretaries desk and take a look at the post it note on the screen it has the number to Herman’s ex-wife. Call the number (555-9433) to get the name from her voice mail.
* Question: I wasted three years in order to major in

Answer: Geology

Where?: Look at the school diploma hanging on the wall behind the desk.
* Question: What is Shakespeare’s greatest play?

Answer: Twelfth Night

Where?: Check the small bookshelf in the front right corner of the room. Several Shakespeare’s works line the shelves but Twelfth Night has been partially pulled out.
* Question: My only true (four-legged) friend?

Answer: Nicky

Where?: Check the dog collar on the coat rack.
* Question: What is my star sign? Not that I believe in any of that stuff

Answer: Scorpio

Where?: Back by the secretary’s desk is a wall calendar with November 12th marked as Herman’s 65th birthday. Check the star sign chart on the file cabinet behind the secretaries desk to figure out will sign his birthday falls under.
* Question: The greatest baseball team, without question?

Answer: Shiners

Where?: Check the baseball cap hanging off one of the chairs in front of the principal’s desk.
* Question: What is the name of my wayward, waste of space son?

Answer: Otto

Where?: Look at the child’s drawing to the left of the computer sitting on some file boxes.
* Question: The king of sports, a man’s game of squash?

Answer: Racquetball

Where?: Check the sporting trophy on the left side of the room.

After answering three security questions correctly the computer password is revealed to be: SUNDAY45. Unfortunately, unlike previous puzzle solutions you will have to answer three security questions correctly before the password will work.

Dixon Bridge – Lowering the Bridge

Head over to the maintenance cabinet to the left. Inside is a poster containing a number to bridge control. Call the number and have a short conversation with Jimmy Capra who is willing to walk you through the controls during this late hour. Your conversation with Jimmy is cut off but don’t fear Jimmy will call Harry back and leave a voice mail with detailed instructions:

Press the red bridge control button to the left of the console and the lights above the levers will light up. Depending on what color light is lit you must pull a certain lever.

Blue Light : Center Lever
Red Light : Left Lever
Green Light : Touch nothing
Yellow Light : Right Lever

After the correct sequence of levers are pulled the bridge will come down

Dixon Bridge Drowning – Escape the sinking car

Grab the flashlight floating in the back seat and turn it on. A creature appears outside the car window and writes some messages over the ice that forms along the doors and windows of the SUV and the car radio switches on.

To make an escape move back up to the front passenger seat and twist the glowing radio turner until the fuzzy song that’s playing gets a clear reception. As soon as you can hear “Always on my Mind” the ice around the passenger door and window will melt away. Unlock the door and Harry will escape to the surface and fall unconscious next to a building.

Alchemilla Hospital Nightmare – Radio Puzzle

Walk over to the radio and turn the dial to 101.6 (The Alchemilla Radio station number found on the poster outside) you should hear a DJ asking for song requests. Keep the radio on and turn around to face the other side of the room. On the wall ahead is another poster with 10 song choices. Request the right song and presto the door will unlock.

You are never given the song name the dad requested but based on the song titles of the requested songs it should be rather obvious! Dial 555-8814 for “Daddy’s Girl” and wait for the radio to play your selection. When the song finishes the ice will shatter on the door allowing Harry to leave.

Toluca Mall Nightmare – Gumball Machine Puzzle

Dispense the colors in the same order as Tookie’s Beak from the gumball machine. If the right color doesn’t appear in the door way of the gumball machine shake the top until the correct color appears and only then turn the handle:

The Solution:

Yellow, Red, Pink and finally Purple.

The ice surrounding the doors will now shatter and you can leave the room.

Toluca Mall – Celebrations Door Code

Walk towards the back yellow door next to the security keypad to receive a voicemail with a clue to figure out the code to the back door. The message is of a forgetful Celebrations employee who phones a co-worker for the store’s code. Instead of saying what the door code is the employee plays some strings and jazz music. This seems to make sense to the forgetful employee who ends the call…but how can music unlock a door?

The main shop floor is pretty barren except for some lone cards in various card sections. Walk up to the anniversary section and open up 20th anniversary card on display and hear some string music play.

Next go over to the birthday card section and open up the 50th birthday card to hear some jazz play.

According to the voice mail the code to the back door is strings and then jazz which means the code must be 2050.

Toluca Mall – New Looks Door Code

Head over to the set of three sinks on the back right wall. On the left most sink and turn the dial all the way to the left so that the water runs hot and then turn the faucet on by pulling the handle to the right. The mirror above the sink will steam up and the door code 1789 is revealed!

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