Look, I get it. It’s been eight years since P.T.; ten(!!) years since we first met Murphy Pendleton in Silent Hill Downpour. The rumours have been swirling around for quite a while now, and with every Silent Hill-less PlayStation Showcase (some of which I’m convinced deliberately trolled Silent Hill fans), our hearts sunk a little deeper. Hurt a little harder. 

This time, though? This time, the rumours – well, some of them, anyway – are true. (Yes, maybe even the one about Kojima’s involvement. Who knows at this point; all bets are off).

I know some of you may be struggling to believe this and waiting for official confirmation, and that’s just fine. For now, though – whilst there’s still the hope that there’s up to 3.5(?!) new Silent Hill games in the works (including a rumoured soft reboot, plus a Silent Hill 2 remake) – we’re going to keep hope alive right here.

While I can’t confirm all the studios involved (although I have been informed by a trusted source that Bloober Team is at least one of them), the release date, how many games are in development, or how different the game may look today, I can confirm from personal sources that the leaked images below are 100% real and 100% taken from a pitch document for a new Silent Hill game. 

It’s possible we’ll learn more via an official reveal later this year, but for now, here’s all the images we’ve seen to date. A separate gallery, below the first, consists of useful images and infographics I’ve magpie’d from across the web that may also be of interest.

This should go without saying, but looking at any images ahead of playing a game may spoil the surprise for you, so please only scroll down if you’re comfortable with this. Otherwise, leave now!

For the very latest news and views about these exciting Silent Hill rumours – as well as fantastic discussion about what the images we’ve seen thus far may mean – come visit us at Silent Hill Forum. I can’t guarantee the rumours will turn out to be true, but I do guarantee you’ll have a bloody good time dissecting every teaser and hint we get anyway…

Last updated: 5 September, 2022

New content: Alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake concept images leaked | “Sakura”/SH5 teaser screens/documents

Leaked images: ordered from new-old by leak date (spoilers, ofc!)

Other images/documents of interest

New screenshots allegedly from Bloober Team’s Silent Hill Remake and pitch document

We do not own the copyright for any of these images and they are shared with Silent Hill fans under Fair Use. Thanks to members of the Silent Hill Forum and r/SilentHill and especially Dusk Golem for their tireless efforts in keeping Silent Hill alive!

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