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Like it or loathe it, there is no denying that Silent Hill raised the bar when it came translating games to the silver screen. And now that a second film has finally been officially confirmed, the rumour mill cranks into overdrive as speculation about the plot of the second film spreads across the SH community.

Davis Films, responsible (ahem) for other game-to-screen adaptations such as Resident Evil: Afterlife and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, have confirmed plans for Silent Hill 2. And whilst we know that original screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samual Hadida are back on board for the sequel (and that Rhada Mitchell will not be involved this time around) what’s less clear is what this second film will be about. A sequel to the de Silva’s tale, a brand new story or – SHOCKGASPHORROR! – an adaptation of the second, and arguably the fan-favourite, game in the series?

I buck the trend insofar that I actually liked the movie. Whilst I found the wooden, stilted presentation disappointing and Avary’s screenplay distinctly lacking, director Christophe Gans nailed what Silent Hill was about. From the perfection of the grossly-beautiful environs to the sprinkling of in-game references throughout the movie, Gans’ inner fanboy was all over that film. Senseless (and pointless) Pyramid Head fan-service aside, the thought of a second film without Gans – perhaps someone who hasn’t played the games at night, someone who doesn’t love and know the Silent Hill universe like Gans does – worries me. The thought of that person turning Silent Hill 2, my favourite game of all time, into a movie … well, that worries me even more.

How about you? If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think – a notable example of a solid game-to-movie port, or a complete waste of time? How do you feel about a sequel?

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